15 Undeniable Reasons Why UNC Is Better Than Duke

There’s no competition when it comes to the UNC vs. Duke Rivalry. It’s UNC in a landslide.

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Co-Written by John McLean, HomeSnacks

1. The title is THE University of North Carolina, as in the MAIN one.

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2. UNC was founded decades before Duke. It’s like a bigger, smarter, more loved big brother.

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3. UNC has one of the highest female to male student ratios in state.

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4. UNC is the oldest public university in the U.S. (1789).

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5. Duke’s mascot is a devil…as in Satan. That’s never a good thing.

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6. UNC has He’s Not Here, the best bar ever, which is home to the legendary 32 oz. Blue Cup. It’s featured in a country song now.

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7. UNC costs less money. Obvious benefit.

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8. UNC made Michael Jordan, arguably basketball’s greatest player of all time and all around swell guy.


9. Everyone hates Christian Laettner right? Well Duke produced Christian Laettner. Everyone hates Duke.


10. UNC is one of the most recognizable universities in the nation with its business school ranking amongst the best entire world.

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11. Ever look up at the sky? Notice anything about the color? That’s UNC blue baby.


12. UNC is home to Top of the Hill restaurant and brewery, a nationally known and beloved bar with a legendary reputation.

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13. UNC was home to a number of important figures from all walks of life like Andy Griffith, Chase Rice, Lewis Black, Charles Kuralt, James K. Polk, Stuart Scott, Larry Brown, and many more.

UNC archives.

14. UNC has been referred to as the “Southern part of Heaven.”

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15. UNC is home to one of the best basketball legacies in the U.S.

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