The 10 Most Diverse Colleges In Maine For 2020

Editor's Note: This article has been update for 2020. This is our third time rankings the most diverse colleges in Maine.
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Diversity is a hot topic right now. You can't watch the news or browse social media without hearing about equality.

And that's mostly because diversity's a good thing. You've heard the saying, "Diversity is the art of thinking independently together."

So we wanted to help prospective applicants understand what colleges in the will offer them a diverse experience.

A university campus is one of the most diverse places you'll find in Maine, as people of all religions, gender preferences and races come together from all over the world to enrich their minds.

But where would we find the most diverse colleges in Maine? After running the numbers on 17 colleges and universities, we landed on Bowdoin College as the most diverse college in Maine.

Here's the set of the top ten most diverse colleges in Maine for 2020.

The 10 Most Diverse Colleges In Maine For 2020

  1. Bowdoin College
  2. Colby College
  3. Bates College
  4. Thomas College
  5. University of Maine at Machias
  6. University of Southern Maine
  7. Maine College of Art
  8. College of the Atlantic
  9. University of Maine at Fort Kent
  10. University of Maine

If you're looking to meet people from all different backgrounds be sure to add Bowdoin College to your college visit road trip.

Read on for more about the colleges and the methodology behind the data.

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How We Determined The Most Diverse College Campuses In Maine For 2020

In order to run the only assessment on college diversity undertaken, we simply had to aggregate and then sort data on the racial profiles of each college and university in Maine.

We're lucky, since the U.S. Department of Education releases diversity studies every year. (The USDE has all sorts of other statistics on its annual College Scorecard as well.)

Here's what we looked at specifically in terms of the racial breakdown by percentage at each institution:

  • White
  • Black
  • Hispanic
  • Asian
  • American Indian
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Two Or More

For most colleges, a significant portion of the student body was listed as "Unknown Race". We removed that from the calculation and only focused on the known races of students from the College Scorecard data.

We then calculated an HHI-score for each of the 17 schools based on the available data -- a statistical representation of diversity. The lower the score, the more diverse the campus.


So it looks like if you want to get the most diverse student experience, you need to contact admissions at Bowdoin College or Colby College.

Bowdoin College

Location: Brunswick, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 1,609
Diversity Index (HHI): 4,728

Bowdoin College is a private liberal arts college located in Brunswick, Maine. At the time Bowdoin was chartered in 1794, Maine was still a part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The college offers 33 majors and four additional minors, as well as several joint engineering programs with Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Caltech and The University of Maine

Colby College
Source: Wikipedia

Location: Waterville, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 1,814
Diversity Index (HHI): 5,770

Colby College is a private liberal arts college in Waterville, Maine. Approximately 1,800 students from more than 60 countries are enrolled annually. The college offers 54 major fields of study and 30 minors. It was founded in 1813 as the Maine Literary and Theological Institution until it was renamed after the city it resides in with Waterville College. The donations of Christian philanthropist Gardner Colby saw the institution renamed again to Colby University before concluding on its final and current title, reflecting its liberal arts college curriculum.

Bates College

Location: Lewiston, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 1,694
Diversity Index (HHI): 6,102

Bates College, officially known as the President and Trustees of Bates College or simply as Bates, is a private liberal arts college in Lewiston, Maine. It is equidistantly south of state capital Augusta and north of cultural hub Portland. Anchored by the Historic Quad, the campus of Bates totals 813 acres with a small urban campus and 33 off-site Victorian Houses distributed throughout the city. It maintains 600 acres of nature preserve known as the \"Bates-Morse Mountain\" near Campbell Island and a coastal center on Atkins Bay. With an annual enrollment of approximately 1,800 students, it is the smallest college in its athletic conference. As a result of its small student body, Bates retains selective admit rates and little to no transfer percentages. The nominal cost of attendance is considered very high with tuition frequently among the most expensive in the United States.

Location: Waterville, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 549
Diversity Index (HHI): 6,890

Thomas College is a business college located in Waterville, Maine. Thomas College specializes in business, education, and technology. Thomas offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The school's sports management degree programs are accredited by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation.

Location: Machias, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 927
Diversity Index (HHI): 6,939

The University of Maine at Machias (UMM) is one of seven campuses in the University of Maine System. Located in Machias, Maine, United States, the seat of Washington County, the university was founded in 1909 as a normal school for educating teachers, and offers studies in recreation, English, education, social sciences, and physical sciences, including a recognized marine biology program. Enrollment is approximately 800 students.

University Of Southern Maine

Location: Portland, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 8,726
Diversity Index (HHI): 7,616

The University of Southern Maine is a multi-campus public comprehensive university and part of the University of Maine System. USM's three primary campuses are located in Portland, Gorham and Lewiston in the U.S. state of Maine. Many courses and degree programs are also offered online. It was founded as two separate state universities, Gorham Normal School and University of Maine at Portland. The two universities were combined in 1970 to help streamline the public university system in Maine and eventually expanded by adding the Lewiston campus in 1988.

Location: Portland, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 411
Diversity Index (HHI): 7,717

The Maine College of Art (MECA) is a fully accredited, degree-granting art college located in the Arts District of Portland, Maine. Founded in 1882, the Maine College of Art is the oldest arts educational institution in Maine. In addition to offering a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Masters of Arts in Teaching, Master of Fine Arts, and a Salt Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies, the school has a Continuing Studies Program for adults and youths. MECA is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), a consortium of thirty-six leading art schools in the United States, and is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NASAD).

In July 2017, MECA welcomed new president, Laura Freid Ed.D. President Freid previously led Yo Yo Ma's foundation, Silk Road Project and prior to that, served in senior leadership roles at Brown University and Harvard University.

Location: Bar Harbor, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 261
Diversity Index (HHI): 7,835

College of the Atlantic is a private, liberal-arts college in Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine, United States. Founded in 1969, it awards bachelors and masters degrees solely in the field of human ecology, an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Focus areas include arts and design, environmental sciences, humanities, international studies, sustainable food systems, and socially responsible business.

Location: Fort Kent, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 886
Diversity Index (HHI): 7,867

The University of Maine at Fort Kent is a public liberal arts university in the U.S. state of Maine near the Canada-US border with Qubec and New Brunswick. The university is an academic center for Acadian and French American culture and heritage, and French-speaking Mainers from throughout the state.

University Of Maine
Source: Wikipedia

Location: Orono, ME
# Of Undergraduates: 8,220
Diversity Index (HHI): 7,907

The University of Maine is a public research university in Orono, Maine, United States. The university was established in 1865 as a land grant college and is the flagship university of the University of Maine System. The University of Maine is one of only a few land, sea and space grant institutions in the nation.

There You Have It -- The Most Racially Diverse Colleges In The

If you're looking at universities in Maine with the most diverse student bodies, this is an accurate list. Below is a complete list of every college and university in Maine with their diversity index score.

Hopefully, this is helpful for you as you weigh in on all factors while you decide on which institution to attend.

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Most Diverse Colleges In Maine

Rank College Diversity Index
1 Bowdoin College 4,728
2 Colby College 5,770
3 Bates College 6,102
4 Thomas College 6,890
5 University of Maine at Machias 6,939
6 University of Southern Maine 7,616
7 Maine College of Art 7,717
8 College of the Atlantic 7,835
9 University of Maine at Fort Kent 7,867
10 University of Maine 7,907
11 University of Maine at Presque Isle 7,928
12 Saint Joseph's College of Maine 8,322
13 University of Maine at Augusta 8,370
14 Unity College 8,379
15 University of Maine at Farmington 8,543
16 University of New England 8,688
17 Maine Maritime Academy 9,118

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