Here's Some Internet Stuff About Portland, Oregon That's Pretty Awesome

Portland is crazy and cool. Even local people might not have seen some of this stuff.

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This is the way Portland talks trash

No one is an environmentally-aware as Oregonians.

Here’s a couple who got engaged at Munra Point down the river from Portland. Nice pic!

Full on. The only other spot cooler than this is the Gorge.

The Grilled Cheese Grill found a loophole to allow for sales of water during the MusicFestNW

Oh, Portland. Always finding a way around the man.

…And Speaking of Music Fest…

Source: Flickr user
How many stoned people can you count?

Typical Portland. Taken at Laurelhurst Park.

And this probably wasn’t even the weirdest thing at the park that day.

Typical Portland cookie.

Is there pot in it though?

Typical Portland statue. Taken during the holidays.

Why oh why do people have to knit things all the time downtown?

Typical Antique Shop. Taken in Multnomah Village.

Yeah, but are they vegan?

Typical Portland Protester.

Maybe they were American Spirits.

Typical Portland lawn sign battle.

Portland may have more lawn signs per capita than any other U.S. city.

Typical Portland Craigslist Post? Hope not.

Someone got stuck on the lower level of the Steel Bridge to let a boat pass 🙁

Hey, at least it was a sunny day.

Nice encouragement on Salmon Street from a fellow Portland person.

Such helpful people in Portland.

Someone posted this on Reddit after a ‘snow storm’ last year.

That’s a stereotype. Portland knows how to handle snow.

Great view from above.

That’s why we live here, people.

Photos taken 10 minutes apart from one another downtown.

Again, that’s why we live here.

Timbers fans are pretty awesome.

They have to be the best fans in the MLS.

Tillamook Cheese sold in…the Middle East?!

Is it vegan?

Looks like someone new to Portland has just about given in.

Go back to California.

Maybe they regretted it later?

…or maybe we’ll let you stay.

Chicken Diapers post on Craigslist Portland

Funny inner-Portland stereotypes

Getting to work can be such a pain sometimes

Especially when people saw through the bike racks. This is a thing in Portland?

More bikes stolen per capita than any other city.

Where else in the U.S. do you have such beautifully crafted…soap box derby cars? Only in Portland.

The End.

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