A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Alabama

A video summary of the places in Alabama that are perfect for a redneck to call home.

Is there anything really wrong with being called a redneck?
Typical redneck stereotypes includes uneducated people who live in the south. We also measured how many places in Alabama have the most gun stores, fishing shops, tobacco outlets, dive bars and Walmarts.
The result? The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Alabama. Enjoy.

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39 thoughts on “A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Alabama

  1. Russellville is country but not redneck. There is a difference. The real Speedy Pig (yes, it’s spelled correctly) is not the building you showed. Also, Florence is a nice college town and far from redneck. You should visit these places before labeling them.

    1. I lived in Florence for a while and loved it. If I ever move to another place in AL that is where I will go.

  2. The picture of speedy pig isnt the Russellville Speedy pig….and Hwy 24 runs east and west….Moulton is west of Decatur

  3. Hey there Mr. Nick Johnson, you realize that “rednecks” are not in fact exclusive to the South, right? The term is fair game for anyone in any state.
    I just wanted to point that out since you seem to be confused, or perhaps “uneducated,” on the matter.
    I take no offense to the premise of your little article here, but if you’re going to write a humerous insult piece for laughs, it’s best to avoid looking “uneducated” on the topic. LoL

    1. For someone who claims not to take offense you sure seem awfully butthurt 😂😂😂😂 poor southern snowflakes

  4. Dude it’s 2016, if you want a all white town go live in the woods! Who still even uses that word besides idiotic, uneducated, rednecks like you!

    1. Not saying I disagree or agree but…. Why is it o.k. for rascist black people to call white people rascist when the “culture” revolves around the repeated use of the N word. From my experiences hate speech is bombarded at white people constantly growing up in AL. Since I am not black I don’t know how this helps this “problem” that applies to them. Why do I have to prove myself, So tired of this.

      1. There is no such thing as a racist black person in north america? Please explain and give a history lesson….????

        1. NACP, , Democrats, then you also can blame GOD! !!!The Creator 😇😇😇. White did not make Black, but we the people, ,stood on the side lines, and allowed, our boys and girls, of Congress, to force feed us…and you say NO, ,,To term limited. .LW.F.DON

  5. Your racist butt needs to go find your own little island that hasn’t been populated yet and live there cause your not wanting anywhere in any state just to let you know.

    1. Not sure about your town/city but if it wasn’t for black on black crime the first ten minutes of our nightly newscast would not be needed. Every day and every night it’s the same “Breaking News”….. SMH

    1. Love drinking that fresh spring water and partied many nights out at the old steel bridge ….I know it like the back of my hand ! Cheers *holds up cup of Calais spring water *

  6. This is stupid and riddled with inaccuracies. Do not share this as that is how, these idiots make money. I live near Nick Johnsons number one city and they have a grand total of one walmart.

  7. A true Southerner’s favorite sight is a stinking Yankee heading back north. We have black people and love them like family unless their acting out. If you don’t like the way the South is keep your stinkin self out. And before you post I have a PhD and an IQ of 171, yes really.

    1. You have A PhD and an IQ of 171 and you do not know the difference between “their” and “they’re”?
      Alrighty then……

  8. Love Dans reply!😉 I’m a college graduate and everyone from the south aren’t racist! Matter of fact, we have friends and family and treat each other with love and respect! Until they start acting out and that goes both ways!

  9. There is a small town up in north all ama called New Hope lol(of all names for our subject) it has hardly any blacks at all !! And very few do you see in the conveint stores in town . Now it is a very small town but you are conveintly located between Huntsville and Guntersville. Guntersville has the lakes and water fun and a Nice State Park and Huntsville is the city and has alot to offer . I loved it up there . Went up for a job for 4-6weeks and stayed for 3years . Got a divorce and moved back to be closer to my child and my family . Good luck

    1. New Hope is my home town. You described it so nicely. It is right in the middle between so many nice things not too far away. It is generally a quiet place, but like any town, it has the occasional crime, usually minor.
      The population is mixed, but as you point out, it has a high percentage of whites. I am happy to know your experience made you want to stay longer. I am proud to be from there. That makes me realize it’s been a while since I have made my way up there for a visit. I’ll have to do that soon.

  10. Personally I have nothing against anyone’s race . I Got on this blog because I was looking for people that thought the same thing I did about redneck towns . I live in Vandiver Alabama it’s the most redneck town of ever seen. And Fourth of July memorial day and Labor Day or the worst days of the year here . All we have are drug attic’s drunks and rednecks of both men and women . they ride 4 wheelers down the highway at midnight . they start bonfires in their front yard at nine and 10 o’clock at night blasting the radios in their jacked up pick up trucks and they all like to wear ball catch with Oakley sunglasses and cowboy boots and bluejeans and I hoop and holler fat people they don’t even know riding a bicycle in their yard because they’re too drunk to do anything else . And all I want to do is get drunk and fight . I absolutely hate this stupid town . I would rather live in the city in an apartment where I do not know my neighbor . It’s so sad that people who don’t know you have more respect for you than people who do know you .

    1. Juju.
      You have drugs in your attic?I wouldn’t be telling that to nobody.What is a ball catch? What you have against fat people riding bicycles? You sound like a anal retentive SOB that needs a box of Tampax tampons,move into the big city and do not speak to your neighbor.I am sure they would appreciate not getting to know such a jerk as yourself.
      I would rather be in the company of a bunch of rednecks than a group of “better than thou” assholes who spend mom and dad’s money and have they mentality they are better than anyone else.Plain folks are much happier than you will ever be and sorry you do not like their ways but you can get over yourself and maybe one day you will get over being so crotchety.

  11. Vandiver Alabama has rednecks that all they want to do is get drunk and fight or get drunk and ride down the road and scream out the window at people in their own yard that I don’t even know. It’s so sad when you can live in the city in an apartment and your neighbor who you don’t even know has better respect for you than your neighbors in a country redneck hick town

  12. Racial Slurs is also a sign of ignorance and intolerance. I grew up hearing that kind of hatred from my parents and neighbors.

  13. Well I never! Florence? Number six? We have THREE Walmarts , into the double figures of Dollar Stores, Dollar Generals, and family Dollars. We have into the double digits of pharmacies to keep us all in prescribed opiates and I don’t know how many BBQ joints. We still have a Confederate Generals statue on the steps of the courthouse and the best burger in town is purchased from an ancient grocery store in the center of one of the poorest town districts that was voted an entertainment district but won’t issue a alcohol license to any thing that resembles a club! So lets get the facts straight…….. Florence has a very mixed racial population. All whom say hi hold doors for ladies and treat each other equally. We have a nice college and superior schools that ranked in the top 5% in the state and 9% in the nation. We have the best manufacturing facilities in the nation (perhaps the planet) and was one of the 1st cities to push racial boundaries aside and help make R&B a household name. We have a 5 star Marriott Hotel and Spa with a restaurant on top of a space needle that rotates over the scenic view of our town and the beautiful Tennessee River which sits right above the worlds largest single lift lock on the Wilson Dam. It was also ranked as one of the lowest cost or living, crime, education and tourism nationally. Yes we have Rednecks. Thousands of hard working, black, white, educated, gifted in the arts, polite Rednecks that will help a stranger change a tire (regardless of race or religion) while feeling safe when shopping at one of the many retailers and fine dining you’ll find on all major roads, and would get a good laugh at your article (I did) and welcome you in spite of your UN-researched opinion. Cheers…. I’ll take my #6 and enjoy the “secret”. 😉

  14. Just wanted to let you know Clanton does not have a Piggy Wiggly. They do however have a Dollar Tree and a WalMart but no Piggy Wiggly. Don’t know where you got your facts.

  15. I live in Dothan. We have 2 Walmarts not 5 and Dothan is a metropolis! Not even country anymore and certainly not redneck! Where in the hell is Eufaula in this!? These people have no idea what they’re talking about!

  16. April F. says:
    May 7, 2016 at 9:13 pm
    Amen. Sad people like him still exist. Grow up people.
    We just got 5 out of the White House. You can’t be more prejudice than Barack and Moochelle. She looks like she came from the Planet of the Apes!!!!

  17. Damn, you say something funny about rednecks and all the kit Kat foot rejects come out swinging for the only team that can’t technically kick them out. How sassy and whiny…The internet is such a playground.

  18. I am a US citizen living abroad. Hispanic is my ethnicity. I am relocating back to the US in January, 2018. I had considered Dothan as a place of residence. But after seeing that is the # 1most Red neck city in Alabama, I frankly became a bit concerned, particularly because my wife will be new in the country and is just now learning the language. Everything I read about Dothan I liked. Now I am thinking if moving there would be a good idea. We are both retired; keep to ourselves and just want a peaceful place to spend the rest of our lives.

  19. When did dothan get five Walmart’s 🤔?? Anyway dothan isn’t that bad of a place 2 live and u make it sound horrible 🤦🏾‍♂️

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