If You Live In London, Canada, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today.

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it…

Every now and then, a video comes along of your home city that completely changes your perspective of where you call home. That’s exactly what we have here with this amazing video of London, Ontario.
Filmmakers spent weeks traveling throughout London to create this breathtaking footage of what happens after the sun goes down in this beautiful city. If you’re from London, get ready to swell with pride. If you’ve never been to London, this might just make you want to visit.

After Dark: A Time-Lapse of London, Ontario from James Williams.
After you watch this, check out a hilarious parody commercial about Ontario. It’ll be the funniest 30 seconds of your day. Click here to see that video.

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0 thoughts on “If You Live In London, Canada, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today.

  1. are you kidding me London sucks , there is nothing here , downtown is so small , there so behind on everything here , all the roads in London are really bad , there’s not even one road that is smooth , its so bad that you cant even keep a car for a few years because it gets destroyed from all the pot holes and sewers in the road , London looks gross in every way ,

      1. Sadly, there are too many Amandas in Canada. People just complain and and start comparing themselves to others. They have the foggiest of what really goes on elsewhere and yet have a lot to say about them. It’s the Canadian way.

    1. Maybe so, but name one city that doesn’t have an infrastructure problem? It’s the same bloody thing all over, sweetheart. Our Darling Prime Minister Selfie emphasized infrastructure spending during his election campaign. But now the whole thing is just one big mess in terms of commitment, and organization, and meeting deadlines. Why don’t you just wake up from your daze and identify the real root of the problem instead?

    2. Lady you are nuts, I have been here all my life and the way you are describing London as if it is s hole in the ground. I try think you need a head shake and go look again. As far as the roads go it is like that over Ontario including Toronto.

      1. It is a hole in the ground. From fluoride in the cites water to getting the skies over this butt covered in oxide nano particle sprays, yes this place is heck! Anyone living here their entire lives kinda explains a lot about things and the comments that defend this butt of a city.

  2. You people make me laugh I have lived in London since 1975, and I have seen things as well but you know what there isnt no city or country in this world that doesnt have needles, or garbage in the streets, I have been downtown when they have young people walking along the streets picking up garbage all the time, The hookers used to be really bad up Dundas east till they started arresting them and stopping them, As for line ups for welfare maybe u better go check it out cause as much as I have been downtown there arent, line-ups as bad as u say and did u ever stop to think that they are sometimes line- ups because they have to pick up their cheques at a certain time and that causes line-ups, and of course the fact that most of them have lost their jobs and so have to go there espicially when factories or business go out, I have yet to see a needle on the street, as London now has needle buckets in washrooms so they dont need them to be put out on the street , at least not Dundas and Richmond areas, as well as the homeless dont hang around Dundas and Richmond all day and night for all the shelters, as theirs only one good shelter that is on Wellington, they arent on Richmond Street anymore, I really wish that people didnt condemn the homeless or disabled as you have no idea why they are homeless, try showing compassion instead. And we would have more cops on the street helping more if the city hadnt cut their budget back by three million dollars which is why cops cant respond as quickly as they should, as for drugs like Meth Get a Grip People ITS EVERYWHERE not just in London, its in every city, town and country so really do some thinking before u judge cause no where or no-one is perfect in this world.

  3. love London but couldnt you have done this with any city? Doesnt seem newsworthy or worth your time to be writing about it . . . Shouldve shared the vid on your facebook and found something to actually write about imo.

  4. London is not a beautiful city nor a well planned out city. I’ll use our core as an example. Our downtown core, which is where I lived, is nothing more than a random hodgepodge of dilapidated buildings and grimy parking lots that shouldn’t exist and are in violation of city bylaws that are just ignored year after year when their temporary permit to circumvent said bylaw expires. Take a walk downtown and you’ll see partially torn down brick walls with a tiny portion that for some reason was left standing and mall that failed so hard it’s now 2/3rds office space and military recruitment center. A downtown that is so hopeless that an Electronique Boutique and various other popular franchises never open up anywhere near it, despite the fact that it’s flooded with youth! But that brings me to the next point: A downtown that is so hopeless, surrounded by homeless shelters, drug dealers and people that just hang out because it’s the food trough for the latest dramatic ghetto fill, that the only thing worth visiting it for is the endless strip of bars so that you can drink yourself to the point where you forget you live in London, Ontario.

  5. I lived in London for 34 years and I loved it there. I moved there in 1963 and moved back to Cape Breton 20 years ago, but I still miss the Forest City. It is no different than any other city. It is a very conservative place but so are many other places.

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