If You're From Minneapolis, This Will Be The Highlight of Your Day. Guaranteed.

You probably haven’t seen a side of Minneapolis told like this before.

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I grew up in an area that wasn’t necessarily the most safe place to live. People worried about danger at times, but my thought always was, “There’s trouble and there’s good in every town. You just need to know where to look.”
That’s the sentiment that is expressed in this video about North Minneapolis. A town that’s often stereotyped as being ‘ghetto’ and dangerous, this part of Minneapolis is working toward focusing on positivity, and on the future.
I’ve heard a lot of communities that say, ‘Things aren’t that bad here. The media is wrong.’ But I really do believe people in North Minneapolis believe that, and are working for change. Here’s a town that’s diverse, and proud of it. Here are people working with one another, and in a time when cities unravel with each police brutality video, this is a ray of inspiration.
Filmmakers Josh and Morgan of Chitwood Media have told the story on North Minneapolis in a heartwarming way. If you have a few minutes today, it’ll be worth your time to give it your attention. ‘Cause, Mpls rocks!

Source: Northern from Chitwood Media.

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