If You're From Minneapolis, This Will Be The Highlight of Your Day. Guaranteed.

You probably haven’t seen a side of Minneapolis told like this before.

I grew up in an area that wasn’t necessarily the most safe place to live. People worried about danger at times, but my thought always was, “There’s trouble and there’s good in every town. You just need to know where to look.”
That’s the sentiment that is expressed in this video about North Minneapolis. A town that’s often stereotyped as being ‘ghetto’ and dangerous, this part of Minneapolis is working toward focusing on positivity, and on the future.
I’ve heard a lot of communities that say, ‘Things aren’t that bad here. The media is wrong.’ But I really do believe people in North Minneapolis believe that, and are working for change. Here’s a town that’s diverse, and proud of it. Here are people working with one another, and in a time when cities unravel with each police brutality video, this is a ray of inspiration.
Filmmakers Josh and Morgan of Chitwood Media have told the story on North Minneapolis in a heartwarming way. If you have a few minutes today, it’ll be worth your time to give it your attention. ‘Cause, Mpls rocks!

Source: Northern from Chitwood Media.

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12 thoughts on “If You're From Minneapolis, This Will Be The Highlight of Your Day. Guaranteed.

  1. I currently live in Minneapolis and my home was just burglarized recently. People still throw trash in my neighborhood and disrespectful and rude. My window in my house is smashed. I don’t feel safe and neither does my kids. They’re staying with my parents cause it’s not safe.

  2. I’ve worked on the northside as a funeral director. I get an intimate look into the day to day because of the nature of my profession. This film is propaganda. It’s not getting better. The welfare system is abused by low lifes and drug dealers. Children are neglected. The so called leaders of that community satiate there selfishness and narcissism by pretending to care to get on the news everytime there’s a tragedy. The truth hurts….

  3. I would never love in North Minneapolis again if I had to. Every single day you hear about kids fighting, people getting jailed, and cars and houses being robbed. I myself nearly got mugged once. North Minneapolis is a terrible area and it’ll take a LONG time to change that.

  4. We as people need to realize that…our environment is what we make of it. Nothing will ever change , if change doesn’t start with “Self” North Mpls is not Ghetto nor hood…just in need of people strengthening their foundation. People stand up!!

  5. I lived in northeast for awhile and heard gunshots all the time coming from over there. All you ever see is cops and lights and gang bangers. Don’t tell me it’s getting better. It isn’t changing.

  6. I grew up over north lived there til i was 20 its not that bad as for the lil kids and wanna be bangers 90 percent of the time u dont bother them they wont bother u no matter where u go there is crime.. i was one of those kids that grew up selling drugs and runnin the street but i never messed with u if u didnt mess with me not condoning my actions but back when i was doing stupid stuff there was a level of respect to it some like myself do/did what they had to to feed their family i would still live north side and would rather raise my kids in divirsity that being around stuck up rich people

  7. Has the author of this article ever been to Minneapolis? There is no “town” of North Minneapolis, which is written twice. North Minneapolis is a relatively large collection of diverse and unique neighborhoods located in the north(west) area of the city of Minneapolis. Not a suburb, definitely not a town. Maybe I’m being nitpicky and distracted from the original message, but that’s a pretty significant distinction. A town has its own mayor and/or city council, police force, education system, and other local governmental rights and authorities.

  8. I grew up in N. Mpls. I went to Northstar elementary and finished at Henry high. I worked my butt off to get out of there and succeeded. My family stayed. Theyve been shot, robbed, and vandalized. Childhood friends have died, gone to prison, or became addicts. One commenter stated this film was proganda and I agree. Its a ploy to bring in new companies and reinvest in the area. I hope it works but doubt it will. With drug dealers and gang members to rule the street, there is no hope. I think community is the way to make it better, but that hasnt happened just yet and far from.

  9. i do think living over north is dangerous but only if you thinks its negative , but i also think its so dangerous because our community is living against reality. so therefore they do the things they do because thats how they make their living, and im not sayings it okay for them to do that it just all the emotions and anger that we face each and everyday.
    Thank you

  10. I live in North Minneapolis for a year in the vicinity of 23rd and Dupont and let me tell you that is a terribly unsafe part of town. Our house was burglarized twice. Every single day you hear gunshots. There is constant fighting and garbage all over the neighborhood. If you call the cops it may take them 2 to 3 hours to show up. I’ve had my life threatened 3 times just going to the gas station and grocery store. Little Caesars has a locked door that they have to buzz you into the store. I wouldn’t let my children outside. I’ve never seen such uncivilized people in my life. North Minneapolis is a nightmare that’s why no one will invest there and why the houses are dirt cheap. Stay away from this cesspool.

  11. I have lived in N Mpls a long time and my 4 children grew up here. We believe it is a great place to live. We live on 26th Ave N and sure it does have its share of crime but any place you live it has crime

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