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7 thoughts on “Contribute To HomeSnacks

  1. Your richest cities list for Illinois, putting Western Springs as number one over towns like Winnetka and Hinsdale is absurd. Really? You must know nothing about Chicago, honestly. Sorry.

  2. Bay city is great if you call your father uncle dad.and like drooling on yourself in bunny slippers.

  3. I know Hollis, Oklahoma should have made the top of the list for one of the poorest cities. I know it is one of the most being USED by its city management personnel. Only certain people get harassed by the police, the County commissioner seems to be one of the richest men in the county and even though accusations flying around about him nothing is ever done.
    We recently had a huge embezzlement from the City Treasury which nothing was done to the person doing the embezzling except losing her job because one brother is the chief of police and the other brother was the sheriff at that time.
    The people running this town are abusing its citizens by making a living off of our tax money and doing nothing more than cutting corners on everything possible to fatten their pockets and it has been going on for a very long time because no one wants to do anything about it out of fear.
    The City Water Dept has been raising our water fee for years telling us that the reason for the increase is they are going to put in a reverse osmosis system because the water here is poisoned by very high nitrate levels that children cannot drink. For at least 10 years now they have been raising our fee almost yearly with this same promise and yet nothing has happened to put this new system in and when you ask someone in charge. They tell you they don’t know anything about it.
    We are being scammed by our own city employees who are paid by our tax money. I believe there should be some type of Investigation over many things from the Judges to the Sheriff & Police Department down. Drugs flow freely in this town and no one ever seems to gets arrested. Don’t you think that’s strange? Many here do but don’t act out of fear.

  4. How do you make a list of the biggest cities in Georgia and somehow leave out Augusta, the second largest metro area after Atlanta?

  5. You ranked Montrose Colorado #3 on the best places to retire in Coloardo. But, the nearest airport is NOT 195 miles away. There are non-stop flights daily from major airports around the country. Fix your autobot or actually do your job and research BEFORE you post information about any State and City. A few of your rankings/comments can make or break a place that is really pleasureable to live into a desolate/ghost town to the masses. I do not trust HomeSnacks to be a reliable source after today.

  6. Your price list of housing in Chicago Lincoln Square Neighborhood is outdated. In LSQ you can’t find a house for $300’s, maybe a small condo?
    An old house that needs work goes for the $500’s, other than that, they sell for over $1,000.000 please check that out. Tks

  7. I live in Rhode Island and you listed the 10 best places to live and #1 was Cumberland Hill. Cumberland Hill is not a town or city in Rhode Island. It is a village in the town of Cumberland.
    You display a photo of Dormition Of The Virgin Mary Parish Cumberland Hill RI which is actually in the village of Manville, a part of Cumberland, RI

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