It is the official policy of Chasing Chains to respect the copyright and intellectual property of others. Consequently, we give channels of redress to individuals who believe that there has been an infringement of the copyright rights of the material uploaded or embedded on our site. As soon as we receive a complete and valid DMCA notice, we will remove such materials from the system and contact the user who uploaded and embedded the materials.

In accordance with the terms contained in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), (the text which may be found in the U.S copyright office website) (1) and avails itself of the protections under DMCA.

Chasing Chains does not condone posting of copyrighted materials belonging to third parties. As a response, it has put in place a policy of addressing allegations of copyright infringement. In addition, it seeks to appropriately terminate the accounts of users who have been found to infringe on the copyright laws will therefore refrain from posting such content with immediate effect. The company reserves the right to discontinue, terminate, restrict, or suspend, the ability of a user to use our service. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to erase, disable or edit, or any user content on the HomeSnacks website which is an infringement on the copyright of others. Under the company’s policy, repeat offenders will have their accounts terminated.

Furthermore, Chasing Chains complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Any notices given pursuant to the DMCA shall be given to Chasing Chains, LLC’s designated agent via email at [email protected] or via registered US mail sent return receipt to: DMCA Compliance Agent, Chasing Chains LLC, 210 Strolling Way, Durham, NC 27707.