Which States Play DnD The Most?

We analyzed Google Trends data to determine the states that play DnD disproportionately more than others.

DnD Players By State

DnD by state key takeaways:

  • Utah, Oregon, and Alaska play the most DnD in the United States, based on per capita search volume from Google Trends.

  • New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii play the least DnD in the United States.

  • Warlock is the most popular DnD class across the country, being the top DnD search term in 18 states.

  • Druids, Paladins, and Rangers are the least popular DnD class across the U.S., being the top DnD search term in just 1 state apiece.

It’s official: Dungeons and Dragons has moved out of the basement and into the mainstream. The success of the DnD movie has proven that nerdy is cool in 2023.

But that got us thinking: which states play the most DnD? Utah, Oregon, and Alaska play the most DnD per capita.

The ten states that play the most DnD:

  1. Utah

  2. Oregon

  3. Alaska

  4. Idaho

  5. Washington

  6. Vermont

  7. Wyoming

  8. Kansas

  9. Indiana

  10. Missouri

The ten states that play the least DnD:

  1. New York

  2. New Jersey

  3. Hawaii

  4. Florida

  5. California

  6. Delaware

  7. Mississippi

  8. Connecticut

  9. Georgia

  10. South Carolina

Interest in DnD by state

Rank State Relative DnD search interest per capita
1 Utah 100
2 Oregon 83
3 Alaska 80
4 Idaho 77
5 Washington 71
6 Vermont 65
7 Wyoming 62
8 Kansas 62
9 Indiana 61
10 Missouri 61
11 Colorado 61
12 Kentucky 60
13 Oklahoma 59
14 Maine 58
15 Nebraska 58
16 Iowa 57
17 Arkansas 57
18 North Dakota 56
19 Michigan 56
20 New Hampshire 56
21 Montana 56
22 Wisconsin 55

What is each state’s favorite DnD class?

Warlock is the most popular DnD class in the most states (18). Druids (Utah), Paladins (Idaho), and Rangers (Idaho – tie) are the least popular DnD classes, as the favorite of just one state apiece.

Note that some states had two- or three-way ties for their favorite DnD class, showing equal search interest in each as their top choice. For the sake of the map, only one class is shown for these states.

Favorite DnD Class By State

Favorite DnD class by state

State Class
Alabama Barbarian
Alaska Wizard
Arizona Fighter
Arkansas Artificer
California Bard
Colorado Monk
Connecticut Rogue
Delaware N/A
Florida Sorcerer
Georgia Warlock
Hawaii N/A
Idaho Ranger
Illinois Warlock
Indiana Warlock
Iowa Barbarian
Kansas Warlock
Kentucky Barbarian
Louisiana Artificer
Maine Cleric
Maryland Fighter
Massachusetts Warlock
Michigan Warlock
Minnesota Bard
Mississippi Rogue
Missouri Barbarian
Montana N/A
Nebraska Barbarian
Nevada Sorcerer
New Hampshire Monk
New Jersey Bard
New Mexico Rogue
New York Warlock
North Carolina Rogue
North Dakota N/A
Ohio Warlock
Oklahoma Artificer
Oregon Sorcerer
Pennsylvania Warlock
Rhode Island Cleric
South Carolina Warlock
South Dakota N/A
Tennessee Fighter
Texas Monk
Utah Druid
Vermont N/A
Virginia Warlock
Washington Warlock
West Virginia Rogue
Wisconsin Bard
Wyoming N/A

DnD classes’ most popular states

  1. Artificer: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas

  2. Barbarian: Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon

  3. Bard: California, Minnesota, New Jersey, , Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin

  4. Cleric: Maine, Rhode Island

  5. Druid: Utah

  6. Fighter: Arizona, Maine, Maryland, Tennessee

  7. Monk: Colorado, Idaho, New Hampshire, Texas

  8. Paladin: Idaho

  9. Ranger: Idaho

  10. Rogue: Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Utah, West Virginia

  11. Sorcerer: Florida, Nevada, Oregon

  12. Warlock: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

  13. Wizard: Alaska

Note that 7 states had insufficient search data for all DnD classes, so we could not determine their favorite DnD class.


We had Matt Zane’s, the expert behind DnD Lounge, research DnD popularity by state. We looked at Google Trends for DnD search terms on a score of 0 to 100, where 100 indicates the location with the most popularity as a percentage of the total searches in that location. A higher value means a higher proportion of all queries, not a higher absolute count.

For the nationwide comparison of which states play the most DnD, we looked at the search term “DnD.” For example, New York’s score of 28 for the search term “DnD” relative to Utah’s score of 100 means that people in New York search for DnD about 28% as much as Utah residents per capita.

For the relative comparison of which states favor each DnD class, we used the search term “DnD + [class name]” and then looked at each state’s highest-scoring class.

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