How Much Is A Gallon Of Milk In Each State?

A gallon of milk costs 3.17 in the United States based on September 2023 prices.

How much is a gallon of milk in each state research summary. We found the cost of a gallon of milk in each state using data from Walmart. Specifically, we measured the average cost of a “Great Value Whole Vitamin D Milk, Gallon, 128 fl oz” from three random locations in each state to find the average price of a gallon of milk in that state. Here are the results.

  • Hawaii has the most expensive gallon of milk, where a gallon of milk costs $5.98.

  • Arizona has the cheapest milk, where a gallon of milk costs only $2.27.

  • The average cost of milk across the United States is $3.17.

  • The differnce in price from the most expensive state to the least expensive state was $3.71 which is 163.44%.

How Much Does A Gallon Of Milk Cost In Each State

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Ranking The Average Gallon Of Milk Price In Each State

Highest And Lowest Average Milk Price By State

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There are many reasons for the regional variance in milk prices. The reasons include:

  1. Regional Supply and Demand

    Milk prices vary based on the balance of milk supply and consumer demand in different regions.

  2. Transportation Costs

    The cost of moving milk from farms to stores impacts prices, with higher transportation costs leading to slightly higher prices.

  3. Dairy Farming Practices

    How milk is produced, including farm size and feeding methods, affects production costs and, consequently, milk prices.

  4. Dairy Industry Regulations

    Government rules, like price supports and subsidies, can influence milk pricing, varying by state.

  5. Seasonal Factors

    Weather-driven seasonal changes can affect milk production and, in turn, prices.

  6. Processing and Retail Markup

    Costs related to processing, packaging, and retail distribution, along with retailer markup strategies, play a role.

  7. Competition and Market Dynamics

    Local competition among dairy processors and retailers can lead to price variations.

  8. Consumer Preferences

    Regional preferences for milk types and packaging can impact pricing.

  9. Economic Factors

    General economic conditions and inflation can influence overall price levels, including milk.

  10. Dairy Industry Trends

    Changes in production methods, consumer demand, and technology advancements can also impact milk prices.

States With The Highest Price Of Milk

The most expensive gallon of milk is found in the isolated states of Hawaii and Alaska. In the contiguous United States, Pennsylvania and Maine have significantly higher than average prices.

  1. Hawaii – $5.98 per gallon
  2. Alaska – $4.44 per gallon
  3. Pennsylvania – $4.38 per gallon
  4. Maine – $4.13 per gallon
  5. Louisiana – $3.96 per gallon
  6. New Jersey – $3.89 per gallon
  7. Missouri – $3.75 per gallon
  8. Nevada – $3.57 per gallon
  9. Oregon – $3.54 per gallon
  10. Mississippi – $3.54 per gallon

States With The Cheapest Price Of Milk

The lowest price for a gallon of milk can be found in the Midwest and Texas.

  1. Arizona – $2.27 per gallon
  2. Utah – $2.47 per gallon
  3. Ohio – $2.55 per gallon
  4. Maryland – $2.58 per gallon
  5. Nebraska – $2.66 per gallon
  6. Minnesota – $2.67 per gallon
  7. Delaware – $2.69 per gallon
  8. Indiana – $2.69 per gallon
  9. Rhode Island – $2.72 per gallon
  10. South Carolina – $2.72 per gallon

Average Gallon Of Milk Price In Each State

Rank State Price
1 Hawaii $5.98
2 Alaska $4.44
3 Pennsylvania $4.38
4 Maine $4.13
5 Louisiana $3.96
6 New Jersey $3.89
7 Missouri $3.75
8 Nevada $3.57
9 Oregon $3.54
9 Mississippi $3.54
11 Tennessee $3.53
12 North Dakota $3.51
13 Arkansas $3.44
14 California $3.39
15 Texas $3.30
16 Oklahoma $3.29
17 Idaho $3.27
18 Georgia $3.25
19 Wyoming $3.22
20 Kansas $3.14
21 Colorado $3.10
22 Montana $3.09
23 Virginia $3.07
24 West Virginia $3.06
25 South Dakota $3.03
26 Washington $3.02
27 Alabama $3.00
28 North Carolina $2.94
29 Florida $2.93
30 Massachusetts $2.87
30 Kentucky $2.87
32 New Mexico $2.83
33 Vermont $2.82
35 Michigan $2.78
35 New York $2.78
35 Connecticut $2.78
37 Illinois $2.76
37 Wisconsin $2.76
39 New Hampshire $2.75
40 Iowa $2.73
41 South Carolina $2.72
41 Rhode Island $2.72
43 Indiana $2.69
43 Delaware $2.69
45 Minnesota $2.67
46 Nebraska $2.66
47 Maryland $2.58
48 Ohio $2.55
49 Utah $2.47
50 Arizona $2.27

Methodology: How We Calculated The Cost Of A Gallon Of Milk In Each State

To find the cost of a gallon of milk in each state, we retrieved data on the sale price of one “Great Value Whole Vitamin D Milk, Gallon, 128 fl oz” from three random Walmart locations in each state in the United States on 9/6/2023.

We then averaged those three prices in each state to determine a state average for the price of a gallon of milk in each state.

Finally, we ranked those state averages from highest to lowest.


The price of milk varies dramatically across the United States.

Hawaii holds the distinction of having the most expensive gallon of milk, commanding a price of $5.98.

Conversely, Arizona emerged as the state with the most budget-friendly milk, offering a gallon at a mere $2.27.

The national average for a gallon of milk in the United States stood at $3.17.

A complex interplay of regional dynamics, economic factors, and consumer preferences drives the variations in milk prices across the United States. This research provides valuable insights into the factors influencing these price differentials, shedding light on the country’s diverse and ever-changing landscape of milk pricing.


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