HomeSnacks Case Study: Florida State University

We hadn’t seen anyone take advantage of the number of amazing drone videos of college campuses, so the HomeSnacks team wanted to make a university video go viral.

Challenge: See how many views we could get for a video about a university in one week.

What we did: The HomeSnacks team spent a day looking for a great drone video about a college campus. Our challenge was finding a video that would resonate with residents that a) had great music, b) a video that hadn’t already been seen by a wide majority of the population and c) a video from a campus that was large enough to support a wide audience.

The HomeSnacks team found a video of Florida State University that met the criteria and we created a landing page on our site.

The Execution: Our team created 8 different Facebook ads highlighting how awesome the video was, and encouraged people to share it within the Tallahassee community. By 3 p.m., our landing page only had 20 visits, so we wondered if the interest level was there. However, by the next morning, the video had picked up steam, based on our outreach efforts to local radio stations and forums.

By 8 p.m. the following day, the HomeSnacks landing page had more than 200 current visitors, and we estimated the video would garner about 100,000 impressions. As it stands, it beat even that conservative number.


The Results: The video about FSU not only got more than 100,000 views in a week, it got more than 5,000 Facebook shares and a ton of positive Tweets about how current students were proud, former students were glad they went there, and potential students saying they were excited to visit campus.




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