How Much Is A Dozen Eggs In Each State?

A dozen eggs costs $1.41 in the United States based on September 2023 prices.

How much is a dozen eggs in each state research summary. We found the cost of a dozen eggs in each state using data from Walmart. Specifically, we measured the average cost of a “Great Value Large White Eggs, 12 Count” from three random locations in each state to find the average price of a dozen eggs in that state. Here are the results.

  • Arizona has the most expensive dozen eggs, where a dozen eggs cost $2.02.

  • Pennsylvania has the cheapest eggs, where a dozen eggs cost only $0.94.

  • The average cost of eggs across the United States is $1.41.

  • The difference in price from the most expensive state to the least expensive state was $1.08 which is 114.89%.

How Much Does A Dozen Eggs Cost In Each State

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Dozen Eggs Price In Each State

Highest And Lowest Average Dozen Egg Price By State

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The price of eggs can vary by state and region for several reasons:

  • Cost of Production. The cost of producing eggs can vary from one state to another due to differences in labor costs, rent, and utility expenses. States with higher costs of living tend to have higher production costs, which can impact the price of eggs.

  • Transportation Costs. The cost of transporting eggs to stores can vary based on the distance between production facilities, distribution centers, and retail locations. States with higher transportation costs may see higher egg prices.

  • Supply Chain Differences. The availability and efficiency of the supply chain can differ by state. States with more efficient supply chains may have lower egg prices because products can move more easily from producers to consumers.

  • Local Competition. The level of competition in the egg market can vary by state. In areas with many egg producers, prices may be more competitive, leading to lower egg prices. Conversely, in areas with limited competition, prices may be higher.

Overall, the price of eggs in a particular state is influenced by a combination of these factors, and it can vary significantly from one location to another.

States With The Highest Price Of Eggs

The most expensive eggs are found in Arizona and Nevada. Idaho and Massachusetts have significantly higher than average egg prices too.

  1. Arizona – $2.02 /dozen
  2. Nevada – $1.95 /dozen
  3. Idaho – $1.84 /dozen
  4. Massachusetts – $1.81 /dozen
  5. Utah – $1.78 /dozen
  6. Colorado – $1.74 /dozen
  7. Hawaii – $1.74 /dozen
  8. California – $1.71 /dozen
  9. Texas – $1.65 /dozen
  10. Washington – $1.64 /dozen

States With The Cheapest Price Of Eggs

The lowest price for a dozen eggs can be found in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

  1. Pennsylvania – $0.94 /dozen
  2. New Jersey – $0.97 /dozen
  3. Maryland – $1.02 /dozen
  4. Alabama – $1.06 /dozen
  5. Illinois – $1.07 /dozen
  6. Alaska – $1.17 /dozen
  7. Florida – $1.21 /dozen
  8. Michigan – $1.23 /dozen
  9. Minnesota – $1.23 /dozen
  10. Ohio – $1.24 /dozen

Average Dozen Eggs Price In Each State

Rank State Price
1 Arizona $2.02
2 Nevada $1.95
3 Idaho $1.84
4 Massachusetts $1.81
5 Utah $1.78
6 Colorado $1.74
6 Hawaii $1.74
8 California $1.71
9 Texas $1.65
11 West Virginia $1.64
11 Washington $1.64
11 Vermont $1.64
11 Oregon $1.64
14 Virginia $1.63
15 Montana $1.61
16 Mississippi $1.59
17 New Mexico $1.58
18 Louisiana $1.56
20 Wisconsin $1.54
20 Wyoming $1.54
20 Delaware $1.54
22 Arkansas $1.51
22 Maine $1.51
24 Indiana $1.50
25 Nebraska $1.47
26 New York $1.43
27 South Carolina $1.40
28 Rhode Island $1.39
28 North Carolina $1.39
30 North Dakota $1.38
30 Kansas $1.38
32 Missouri $1.37
33 Georgia $1.35
33 Tennessee $1.35
35 Oklahoma $1.32
35 South Dakota $1.32
37 Iowa $1.31
38 New Hampshire $1.30
38 Kentucky $1.30
40 Connecticut $1.27
41 Ohio $1.24
42 Minnesota $1.23
42 Michigan $1.23
44 Florida $1.21
45 Alaska $1.17
46 Illinois $1.07
47 Alabama $1.06
48 Maryland $1.02
49 New Jersey $0.97
50 Pennsylvania $0.94

Methodology: How We Calculated The Cost Of A Dozen Eggs In Each State

To find the cost of a dozen eggs in each state, we retrieved data on the sale price of one “Great Value Large White Eggs, 12 Count” from three random Walmart locations in each state in the United States on 9/6/2023.

We then averaged those three prices in each state to determine a state average for the price of a dozen eggs in each state.

Finally, we ranked those state average egg prices from highest to lowest.


The price of eggs varies dramatically across the United States.

Arizona holds the distinction of having the most expensive Eggs, commanding a price of $2.02.

Conversely, Pennsylvania emerged as the state with the most budget-friendly eggs, offering a dozen at a mere $0.94.

The national average for a dozen eggs in the United States stood at $1.41.

A complex interplay of regional dynamics, economic factors, and consumer preferences drives the variations in egg prices across the United States.


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