States With The Most Counties In The US

The states with the most counties in the United states are Texas and Georgia.

Number of counties by state research summary. The number of counties in the United States has changed dramatically over the last 250+ years. The addition of new states brought new counties in the past, and the boundaries of counties continue to morph over time.

We used data from the most recent American Community Survey by the US Census to determine the number of counties in each state. Below, we analyze the number of counties in each state in the United States.

  • The state with the most counties is Texas with 254 counties.

  • The state with the fewest counties is Delaware with 3 counties.

  • The average state in the United States has 62 counties.

  • The longest county name in the United States is Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area which is 33 characters long.

  • The most common county name in the United States is Washington County with 31 instances.

Number Of Counties In Each State

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Number Of Counties By State In The United States

States With The Most Counties In The United States

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Every state in the United States is divided into counties or equivalent entities designed to provide a localized government structure. This division helps manage local affairs and law enforcement effectively, and each county often has distinct attributes that mirror regional variations. For instance, Texas stands out partly due to its considerable size and diversity, from its coastal areas to its arid deserts.

Texas, which leads the pack with 254 counties, was quite methodical in its county creation, considering size and population to infrastructure needs during its early state formation period. We will also look at Georgia, with its 159 counties, as it is a prime example of how political, economic, and social factors intertwine to shape its county map.

10 States With The Most Counties

First, we focus on the states that stand out for their abundance of counties.

  1. Texas – 254 Counties
  2. Georgia – 159 Counties
  3. Virginia – 133 Counties
  4. Kentucky – 120 Counties
  5. Missouri – 115 Counties
  6. Kansas – 105 Counties
  7. Illinois – 102 Counties
  8. North Carolina – 100 Counties
  9. Iowa – 99 Counties
  10. Tennessee – 95 Counties

10 States With The Least Counties

Next, we look at the ten states with the fewest number of counties.

  1. Delaware – 3 Counties
  2. Rhode Island – 5 Counties
  3. Hawaii – 5 Counties
  4. Connecticut – 8 Counties
  5. New Hampshire – 10 Counties
  6. Vermont – 14 Counties
  7. Massachusetts – 14 Counties
  8. Arizona – 15 Counties
  9. Maine – 16 Counties
  10. Nevada – 17 Counties

Rank Of States By The Number Of Counties

Rank State # of Counties
1 Texas 254
2 Georgia 159
3 Virginia 133
4 Kentucky 120
5 Missouri 115
6 Kansas 105
7 Illinois 102
8 North Carolina 100
9 Iowa 99
10 Tennessee 95
11 Nebraska 93
12 Indiana 92
13 Ohio 88
14 Minnesota 87
15 Michigan 83
16 Mississippi 82
17 Oklahoma 77
18 Arkansas 75
19 Wisconsin 72
21 Pennsylvania 67
21 Alabama 67
21 Florida 67
23 South Dakota 66
24 Louisiana 64
24 Colorado 64
26 New York 62
27 California 58
28 Montana 56
29 West Virginia 55
30 North Dakota 53
31 South Carolina 46
32 Idaho 44
33 Washington 39
34 Oregon 36
35 New Mexico 33
36 Alaska 30
37 Utah 29
38 Maryland 24
39 Wyoming 23
40 New Jersey 21
41 Nevada 17
42 Maine 16
43 Arizona 15
44 Massachusetts 14
44 Vermont 14
46 New Hampshire 10
47 Connecticut 8
48 Rhode Island 5
48 Hawaii 5
50 Delaware 3

Methodology: How We Identified The States With The Most Counties

The analysis was conducted using data extracted from the most recent American Community Survey by the US Census Bureau. To determine the number of counties in each state, relevant data was extracted from the ACS dataset.

States were ranked based on the calculated number of counties. The states with the highest and lowest number of counties were identified as the focus of this analysis.

We also had some fun with the county names along the way.


If you want a state with more counties than you can remember, check out Texas. If you want to know precisely what county you are in at all times, Delaware has the fewest counties.

And if you want to have the longest county on your address, then Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area is where you should look to relocate to.


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