Case Study: The State of Connecticut

The state of Connecticut is a beautiful place, and we wanted to create a study that would get a lot of positive press.

Challenge: Create research about the state of Connecticut that would be positive and impactful.

What we did: The HomeSnacks team spent some time researching what made Connecticut great. Our challenge was finding some research that a) was original, b) would be impactful and c) had current information.

The HomeSnacks team decided to write about the best places you could live in Connecticut that met the criteria and we created a landing page on our site.

The Execution: Our team created 9 different Facebook ads highlighting the study, and encouraged people to share it within the Connecticut community. It was very popular, and by 2 p.m., the post had more than 130 concurrent visits. When we combined outreach efforts with Facebook pages about Connecticut, local media and radio stations, it helped propel the study to the top of several newscasts that day.


The Results: The post not only got a ton of exposure for the communities involved, but continues to get a lot of traction, 4 months later, as people discover it, and then share it on social media. It was a smashing success. As it stands, the post has more than 13,000 Facebook shares.



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