The Hottest States In The US Ranked

Using data from NOAA, we found the hottest states in the US. Keep reading to see which states are sizzling.

Hottest states in the united states heat map


  • Florida is the hottest state in the USA with an average temperature of 71.5° Fahrenheit.
  • The average temperature in the United States is 52.7° annually.
  • Hawaii has temperate weather year round, with only slight variation from its average temperature of 70.2° even in the winter.
  • July is the hottest month of the year.
  • Alaska is the coldest state with an average temperature of 28.1°.

2022 is shaping up to have one of the hottest summer on record. However, depending on where in the US you live, your summer temperatures- and temperatures year round for that matter- may range from mildly uncomfortable to downright unbearably hot.

Using data from the National Center for Environmental Information (NOAA), we found the hottest states, where the summers are sizzling, and the states where wearing a light jacket in July wouldn’t look out of place. Keep reading to see where your state ranks, from hottest to coldest.

Hottest States In The US

  1. Florida
  2. Hawaii
  3. Louisiana
  4. Missisippi
  5. Alabama
  6. South Carolina
  7. Arizona
  8. Arkansas

Florida is the hottest state with an average temperature 71.5°, followed by Hawaii. 4 of the 10 hottest states are in the Southeast, surprising no one who has spent a July in them.

Coldest States In The US

  1. Alaska
  2. North Dakota
  3. Minnesota
  4. Maine
  5. Wyoming
  6. Montana
  7. Vermont
  8. Idaho
  9. Wisconsin
  10. New Hampshire

Alaska is the coldest state with a biter cold average temperature of 28.1°. Western states and Northeastern states make up the rest of the coldest states.


We found each state’s annual average temperature, using data from the National Center for Environmental Information (NOAA).

To determine each state’s average temperature, all 12 months were averaged together. This means that some states may experience a greater spread of temperatures throughout the year.

For example, Hawaii experiences temperate, fairly even, weather all year long. However, Southeastern states experience mildly chilly winters with summer temperatures reaching over 100° unpleasantly. Yet when all 12 months are averaged together, the Hawaii and Louisiana’s average temperatures are not too far apart– even though one has far hotter days.

The Hottest States, Ranked From Hottest To Coolest

Rank State Average Temperature °F
1 Florida 71.5
2 Hawaii 70.2
3 Louisiana 67.2
4 Texas 65.8
5 Georgia 64.3
5 Mississippi 64.3
7 Alabama 63.7
8 South Carolina 63.4
9 Arizona 61.1
9 Arkansas 61.1
11 Oklahoma 60.4
12 North Carolina 59.6
13 California 59.1
14 Tennessee 58.5
15 Kentucky 56.4
16 Delaware 56.3
17 Virginia 56.1
18 Maryland 55.5
19 Missouri 55.3
20 Kansas 55.1
21 New Mexico 54.5
22 New Jersey 53.6
23 Illinois 52.7
23 West Virginia 52.7
25 Indiana 52.5
26 Ohio 51.8
27 Nevada 51.1
28 Rhode Island 50.8
29 Connecticut 50
30 Pennsylvania 49.6
31 Nebraska 49.5
32 Utah 49.3
33 Massachusetts 48.9
34 Iowa 48.4
35 Oregon 48
36 Washington 47.4
37 Colorado 46.3
38 New York 46.1
39 South Dakota 45.8
40 Michigan 45.3
41 New Hampshire 44.2
42 Idaho 44
42 Wisconsin 44
44 Vermont 43.2
45 Montana 42.6
46 Wyoming 42.3
47 Maine 41.9
48 Minnesota 41.8
49 North Dakota 41.1
50 Alaska 28.1

Hottest States FAQ

What is the hottest state in the US?

Florida is the hottest state in the USA with an average temperature of 71.5° F.

Is Arizona the hottest state?

Arizona is only the 9th hottest state with an average temperature of 61.1°. However, Phoenix, Arizona is the hottest city with average highs of 104°-106°.

What is the warmest state in January?

Hawaii is the warmest state in January.

What states are the hottest all year round?

Both Florida and Hawaii have temperate weather, with both states experiencing warm, mild winters.

Where is it 70° year-round in the united states?

Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, and California all experience mild weather year round. While temperatures fluctuate enough that no state will have 70° weather all year, these states stay fairly warm year round.

Is 70 degrees hot?

70 degrees is room temperature and not considered hot.

Is Florida or Texas hotter?

While Texas has hotter summers than Florida, Florida hotter overall with an average annual temperature of 70.7° while Texas’ is only 64.8°.

Is Arizona or Texas hotter?

Texas is hotter than Arizona. Texas’s annual average temperature of 64.8° is higher than Arizona’s average of 60.3°.

What state has the hottest summers?

Texas has the hottest summers with an average temperature of 81.3 F.


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