The 10 Safest Wichita, KS Neighborhoods To Live In For 2022

We used science and data to determine which neighborhoods in Wichita are the safest places to live.

We analyzed every possible crime metric to determine which neighborhoods in Wichita are the safest.

Every year, more than 30 million Americans move. Sometimes, its for a job, other times its to escape the big city. But no matter where you move, you want a neighborhood thats family friendly, clean, and most importantly, safe.

Weve analyzed the FBI crime reports data on violent and property crimes for every single neighborhood in Wichita. Then, we calculated your chances of being the victim of a crime in each one.

In which Wichita neighborhoods can you leave your doors unlocked at night? Heres the list. For a more detailed breakdown for each neighborhood, keep reading.

So, which neighborhood is the safest in Wichita in 2022? That would be Delano Township. Thats according to the most recent FBI crime data, which takes into account everything from thefts and robberies to assaults and murders.

If you want to dig down deeper into each neighborhood's statistics, as well as our methodology, take a look below. Some of these neighborhoods are the best places to live in Wichita.

If you dont see a neighborhood youre looking for in our top ten, scroll down to the bottom, where we have all Wichita neighborhoods listed in order from safest to most dangerous. Read on to see how we determined the places around Wichita that deserve a little bragging rights or maybe you're interested in the worst neighborhoods in Wichita.

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Safest Neighborhoods In Wichita

The 10 Safest Neighborhoods To Live In Wichita For 2022

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Population: 1,088
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 140
Property Crime Per 100k: 1,462
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Delano Township Wichita, KS

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Population: 1,574
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 603
Property Crime Per 100k: 2,921
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Overall SnackAbility


Population: 261
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 763
Property Crime Per 100k: 2,734
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Population: 1,213
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 560
Property Crime Per 100k: 4,363
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Population: 2,001
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 796
Property Crime Per 100k: 2,940
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Population: 833
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 236
Property Crime Per 100k: 5,205
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Population: 163
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 944
Property Crime Per 100k: 4,289
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Population: 824
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,133
Property Crime Per 100k: 4,036
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Overall SnackAbility


Population: 2,403
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,180
Property Crime Per 100k: 4,809
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Overall SnackAbility


Population: 1,960
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,053
Property Crime Per 100k: 4,923
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Methodology: How We Determined The Safest Wichita Hoods In 2022

You can ask people which neighborhoods are the safest, or you can just look at the unbiased raw data. So, instead of relying on speculation and opinion, we analyzed the hard numbers from the FBIs most recent crime report (published in September of 2019) for every neighborhood in Wichita.

To be more specific, we analyzed the FBIs Uniform Crime Report. We then ran an analysis to calculate each neighborhoods property and violent crimes based on the demographics of the area and reported crime. We used two key criteria:

  • Total Crimes Per Capita
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita
  • Property Crimes Per Capita

We then ranked each neighborhood with scores from 1 to 72 in each category, where 1 was the safest.

Next, we averaged the rankings for each neighborhood to create a safe neighborhood index.

And finally, we crowned the neighborhood with the lowest safest neighborhood index the "Safest City Neighborhood In Wichita." We're lookin' at you, Delano Township.

Read on below to learn more about what it's like to live in the safest places Wichita. Or skip to the end to see the list of all the neighborhoods in the city from safest to most expensive.

Summary: The Safest Places In Wichita

Looking at the data, you can tell that Delano Township is as safe as they come, according to science and data.

But as most Kansas residents would agree, almost every place here has its safe and not safe parts. So just make sure you're informed ahead of time.

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Detailed List Of The Safest Neighborhoods To Live In Wichita For 2022

Rank Neighborhood Crime Per 100K
1 Delano Township 1,562
2 Sherwood Glen 3,484
3 Lambsdale 3,497
4 Crown Heights 4,913
5 East Mt Vernon Na 3,726
6 Westlink 5,431
7 Park Meadows 5,213
8 Macdonald 5,159
9 Indian Hills Riverbend 6,009
10 Hilltop-Jefferson 5,977
11 Brookhollow 6,765
12 Benjamin Hills 6,798
13 Northeast Heights 6,155
14 Longview 6,095
15 College Hill 7,154
16 Northwest Big River 6,880
17 Chisholm Creek 7,159
18 Courtland 7,434
19 Uptown 7,437
20 Rockhurst 7,667
21 Comotara Mainsgate Villa 7,579
22 Village 7,859
23 Meadowlark 7,751
24 Orchard Park 7,697
25 Pleasant Valley 6,607
26 Southwest Village 8,244
27 Harrison Park Rk 8,303
28 Sleepy Hollow 8,475
29 Country Overlook 8,286
30 Schweiter East 8,368
31 Delano 8,378
32 La Placita Park 8,577
33 Historic Midtown 8,667
34 Orchard Breeze 8,716
35 Northeast Millair 7,910
36 Cottonwood Village 9,244
37 Sunnyside 9,135
38 North Riverside 8,910
39 Stanley-Aley 9,232
40 Kellogg School 9,328
41 Mccormick 9,383
42 Riverside 9,426
43 Ken-Mar 8,937
44 Crown Heights South 9,718
45 Fairmount 9,548
46 Indian Hills 9,557
47 Central 2000 9,849
48 Pueblo 9,681
49 South Central Improvemen 9,936
50 Jones Park 9,894
51 Linwood 10,014
52 North Central 10,070
53 East Front 10,509
54 New Salem 10,172
55 Mcadams 12,702
56 Power 10,321
57 Hilltop 10,320
58 The Elm 10,350
59 Fabrique 10,937
60 Oakview 10,360
61 Matlock Heights 11,281
62 Southwest 12,263
63 Planeview United 11,198
64 K-15 11,224
65 Grandview Heights 12,775
66 South City Community 11,663
67 Schweiter 12,084
68 Eastridge 11,806
69 Mead 12,442
70 Sunflower 14,519
71 South Area 14,862
72 Murdock 13,285

Editor's Note: We updated this article for 2022. This is our second time ranking the safest neighborhoods to live in Wichita.
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