The 10 Richest Neighborhoods In Bellevue, WA For 2024

The richest Bellevue neighborhoods are Beaux Arts and Lakemont for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

Richest Neighborhoods In Bellevue
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Welcome to the land of the 1%. Where you’ll find lawyers, and doctors, and business executives. And while they aren’t made of ticky-tacky, they are definitely made of money.

These are the wealthiest neighborhoods that Bellevue has to offer. Where houses go for over 5.4x the national median and household incomes are 4.55x the national median.

But where exactly in Bellevue do the richest of the rich people live? That would be Beaux Arts where the median income is a cool $250,001.

Here’s a look at the top 10 wealthiest neighborhoods in Bellevue out of 24 for 2024.

What’s the richest neighborhood to live in Bellevue for 2024? According to the most recent census data, Beaux Arts looks to be the richest Bellevue neighborhood to live in.

Summing up the median income of those 10 neighborhoods adds up to $1,792,574. And that, my friend, is more 0s than most of us will see in our bank account for a long, long time — if we ever get that lucky.

Find where your neighborhood ranks amongst the richest in Bellevue.

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Richst Neighborhoods In Bellevue For 2024 By Median Income

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income
1 Beaux Arts $250,001
2 Lakemont $188,920
3 Somerset $176,447
4 Meydenbauer $175,880
5 Newport Shores $172,700
6 North Bellevue $171,457
7 Tam O’shanter $170,960
8 West Lake Sammamish $166,227
9 Phantom Lake $162,129
10 Eastgate $157,853
11 Vasa $152,235
12 Woodbridge $150,024
13 Hidden Valley $141,959
14 Downtown $140,470
15 Wilburton $135,466
16 Interlake $131,763
17 Bridle Trails $130,520
18 Newport Hills $124,331
19 Enatai $124,178
20 Factoria $124,062
21 Robinswood $119,899
22 Overlake $115,271
23 Lake Hills $110,634
24 Crossroads $108,135

How We Determined The Wealthiest Neighborhoods In Bellevue For 2024

Every city has its best neighborhoods — where everyone wants to live — and the worst neighborhoods — where no one wants to live. And then you have the wealthiest neighborhoods, where no one can afford to live.

And by no one, we mean you because there’s always someone richer than you.

How do you quantify richer than you? We looked at one simple criterion:

Which neighborhoods have the highest median income?

Using Saturday Night Science, we researched income data from the Census and BLS for every neighborhood in Bellevue.

We ranked every neighborhood in Bellevue by median income from highest to lowest. The neighborhood with the highest median income, Beaux Arts, was named the wealthiest neighborhood in Bellevue.

The richest neighborhoods in Bellevue are Beaux Arts, Lakemont, Somerset, Meydenbauer, Newport Shores, North Bellevue, Tam O’shanter, West Lake Sammamish, Phantom Lake, and Eastgate.

The poorest neighborhood? That would be Crossroads.

The poorest neighborhoods in Bellevue are Crossroads, Lake Hills, Overlake, Robinswood, and Factoria.

We updated this article for 2024. This is our tenth time ranking the most affluent neighborhoods to live in Bellevue.

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