The 10 Richest Neighborhoods In Dayton, OH For 2024

The richest Dayton neighborhoods are Pheasant Hill and Forest Ridge-Quail Hollow for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

Richest Neighborhoods In Dayton
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Welcome to the land of the 1%. Where you’ll find lawyers, and doctors, and business executives. And while they aren’t made of ticky-tacky, they are definitely made of money.

These are the wealthiest neighborhoods that Dayton has to offer. Where houses go for over 0.95x the national median and household incomes are 1.42x the national median.

But where exactly in Dayton do the richest of the rich people live? That would be Pheasant Hill where the median income is a cool $78,333.

Here’s a look at the top 10 wealthiest neighborhoods in Dayton out of 65 for 2024.

The Richest Neighborhoods In Dayton For 2024

  1. Pheasant Hill
  2. Forest Ridge-Quail Hollow
  3. Gateway
  4. Patterson Park
  5. Shroyer Park
  6. Eastmont
  7. Princeton Heights
  8. Hearthstone
  9. Dayton View Triangle
  10. University Park

What’s the richest neighborhood to live in Dayton for 2024? According to the most recent census data, Pheasant Hill looks to be the richest Dayton neighborhood to live in.

Summing up the median income of those 10 neighborhoods adds up to $569,324. And that, my friend, is more 0s than most of us will see in our bank account for a long, long time — if we ever get that lucky.

Find where your neighborhood ranks amongst the richest in Dayton.

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Richst Neighborhoods In Dayton For 2024 By Median Income

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income
1 Pheasant Hill $78,333
2 Forest Ridge-Quail Hollow $76,586
3 Gateway $67,218
4 Patterson Park $65,515
5 Shroyer Park $49,965
6 Eastmont $48,437
7 Princeton Heights $48,250
8 Hearthstone $46,116
9 Dayton View Triangle $44,876
10 University Park $44,028
11 Fairlane $43,509
12 University Row $41,071
13 Deweese $41,068
14 Linden Heights $40,758
15 Kittyhawk $40,654
16 Mcpherson $40,202
17 Germantown Meadows $39,874
18 Northridge Estates $38,384
19 Historic Inner East $37,476
20 Eastern Hills $35,794
21 College Hill $35,170
22 Belmont $34,948
23 Springfield $34,497
24 Walnut Hills $33,424
25 Northern Hills $33,292
26 Old Dayton View $31,540
27 Five Oaks $30,806
28 Wright View $30,502
29 Southern Dayton View $30,431
30 Carillon $30,000
31 Hillcrest $29,992
32 Old North Dayton $29,395
33 Philadelphia Woods $29,390
34 South Park $28,116
35 Little Richmond $27,813
36 Fairview $27,606
37 Madden Hills $26,487
38 Webster Station $26,157
39 Downtown $26,157
40 Mount Vernon $25,312
41 Arlington Heights $25,000
42 Grafton Hill $24,966
43 Mccook Field $24,773
44 Greenwich Village $24,679
45 Santa Clara $23,958
46 Cornell Heights $23,864
47 West Wood $23,023
48 Edgemont $22,528
49 Burkhardt $22,256
50 Residence Park $21,562
51 Pineview $21,512
52 Midtown $21,164
53 North Riverdale $20,826
54 Twin Towers $19,908
55 Wesleyan Hill $19,481
56 Riverdale $19,321
57 Miami Chapel $18,528
58 Wolf Creek $18,190
59 Five Points $18,190
60 Stoney Ridge $17,984
61 Highview Hills $17,984
62 Oregon $17,019
63 Roosevelt $17,014
64 Lakeview $16,990
65 Macfarlane $13,611

How We Determined The Wealthiest Neighborhoods In Dayton For 2024

Every city has its best neighborhoods — where everyone wants to live — and the worst neighborhoods — where no one wants to live. And then you have the wealthiest neighborhoods, where no one can afford to live.

And by no one, we mean you because there’s always someone richer than you.

How do you quantify richer than you? We looked at one simple criterion:

Which neighborhoods have the highest median income?

Using Saturday Night Science, we researched income data from the Census and BLS for every neighborhood in Dayton.

We ranked every neighborhood in Dayton by median income from highest to lowest. The neighborhood with the highest median income, Pheasant Hill, was named the wealthiest neighborhood in Dayton.

The richest neighborhoods in Dayton are Pheasant Hill, Forest Ridge-Quail Hollow, Gateway, Patterson Park, Shroyer Park, Eastmont, Princeton Heights, Hearthstone, Dayton View Triangle, and University Park.

The poorest neighborhood? That would be Macfarlane.

The poorest neighborhoods in Dayton are Macfarlane, Lakeview, Roosevelt, Oregon, and Highview Hills.

We updated this article for 2024. This is our tenth time ranking the most affluent neighborhoods to live in Dayton.

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