Nevada Cities With The Largest Native American Population For 2020

We used data and science to determine the cities in Nevada with the largest Native American population.

Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2020. This is our sixth time ranking the cities in Nevada with the largest Native American population.

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There are three major races in America that come to most of our minds right away:

  1. White
  2. Hispanic
  3. African American

But those are only the major races, there’s a whole bunch of other races people are interested in knowing about.

And today, we are going to look at the percent of the population in Nevada that are Native American.

Native Americans are not a major portion of the current American Population, but they are still very important.

There are now over 2 million people who identify as Native American living in America, making up .65% of the total population. According to the most recent American Community Survey, the Native American population in nevada is 26,355 – at 0.9% of the total population of nevada.

So, what how does the Native American population stratify across nevada? Which cities and towns in nevada have seen the greatest increase in their Native American population?

Here are the 10 cities in nevada with the largest Native American population in 2020:

  1. Yerington (Photos)
  2. Ely (Photos)
  3. Carlin (Photos)
  4. Battle Mountain
  5. Winnemucca (Photos)
  6. Spring Creek
  7. Elko (Photos)
  8. Carson City (Photos)
  9. Gardnerville Ranchos
  10. Indian Hills

Which city in nevada had the largest Native American population?

Yerington took the number one over all spot for the largest Native American population in nevada for 2020. 8.58% of Yerington identify as Native American.

Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your town ranked.

To see where nevada ranked as a state on diversity, we have a ranking of the most diverse states in America.

And if you already knew these places were Native American, check out the best places to live in nevada or the most diverse places in nevada.

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Cities In Nevada With The Largest Native American Population For 2020

Yerington, NV

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Population: 3,077
% Native American: 8.58%
# Of Native American Residents: 264
Percent Change Since 2010: 106.25%
More on Yerington: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Yerington is a city in Lyon County, Nevada, United States. The population was 3,048 at the 2010 census. It is named after Henry M. Yerington, Superintendent of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad from 1868 to 1910. The city incorporated in 1907. It is the current county seat of Lyon County, the first county seat being established at Dayton on November 29, 1861. After the Dayton Court House burned down in 1909, the seat was moved to Yerington in 1911.

Ely, NV

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Population: 4,124
% Native American: 8.24%
# Of Native American Residents: 340
Percent Change Since 2010: 142.86%
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Carlin, NV

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Population: 2,361
% Native American: 3.98%
# Of Native American Residents: 94
Percent Change Since 2010: 100.0%
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Carlin is a small city located near the western border of Elko County in northeast Nevada, 23 miles west of the city of Elko. It is part of the Elko Micropolitan Statistical Area. Carlin sits along Interstate 80 at an elevation of approximately 4,900 feet. As of the 2010 census, its population was 2,368, up from 2,161 at the 2000 census. The city was named for Civil War general William Passmore Carlin. Its slogan is “Where the Train Stops…And the Gold Rush Begins”.

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Population: 3,113
% Native American: 2.28%
# Of Native American Residents: 71
Percent Change Since 2010: -53.9%
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Winnemucca, NV

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Population: 7,870
% Native American: 2.26%
# Of Native American Residents: 178
Percent Change Since 2010: 24.48%
More on Winnemucca: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Winnemucca ) is the only incorporated city in and is the county seat of Humboldt County, Nevada, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 7,396, up 3.1 percent from the 2000 census figure of 7,174. Interstate 80 passes through the city, where it meets U.S. Route 95.

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Population: 13,482
% Native American: 2.24%
# Of Native American Residents: 302
Percent Change Since 2010: 19.84%
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Elko, NV

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Population: 20,225
% Native American: 2.11%
# Of Native American Residents: 427
Percent Change Since 2010: 7.02%
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Coordinates: 4050N 11546W 40.833; -115.767 Elko is the largest city and county seat of Elko County, Nevada, United States. The population was 18,297 at the 2010 census. The city straddles the Humboldt River.

Carson City, NV

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Population: 54,219
% Native American: 1.96%
# Of Native American Residents: 1,063
Percent Change Since 2010: -1.57%
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Carson City, officially the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City, is an independent city and the capital of the US state of Nevada, named after the mountain man Kit Carson. As of the 2010 census, the population was 55,274. The majority of the population of the town lives in Eagle Valley, on the eastern edge of the Carson Range, a branch of the Sierra Nevada, about 30 miles south of Reno. The town originated as a stopover for California bound emigrants, but developed into a city with the Comstock Lode, a silver strike in the mountains to the northeast. The city has served as the capital of Nevada since statehood in 1864 and for much of its history was a hub for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, although the tracks were removed in the 1950s. Prior to 1969, Carson City was the county seat of Ormsby County. In 1969, the county was abolished, and its territory merged with Carson City to form the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City. With the consolidation, the city limits today extend west across the Sierra Nevada to the California state line in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Like other independent cities in the United States, it is treated as a county-equivalent for census purposes.

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Population: 11,103
% Native American: 1.87%
# Of Native American Residents: 208
Percent Change Since 2010: 6.67%
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Population: 5,911
% Native American: 1.51%
# Of Native American Residents: 89
Percent Change Since 2010: -20.54%
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How We Determined The Cities In nevada With The Largest Native American Population For 2020

We still believe in the accuracy of data — especially from the census. So that’s where we went to get the breakdown of race across nevada.

That lead us to the Census’s most recently available data, the 2014-2018 American Community Survey data from the US Census.

Specifically, we looked at table B03002: Hispanic OR LATINO ORIGIN BY RACE. Here are the category names as defined by the Census:

  • Hispanic or Latino
  • White alone*
  • Black or African American alone*
  • American Indian and Alaska Native alone*
  • Asian alone*
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone*
  • Some other race alone*
  • Two or more races*
* Not Hispanic or latino

Our particular column of interest here was the number of people who identified as American Indian and Alaska Native alone.

We limited our analysis to places with a population greater than 2,000 people. That left us with 45 cities.

We then calculated the percent of residents that are American Indian and Alaska Native. The percentages ranked from 8.58% to 0.0%.

Finally, we ranked each city based on the percent of American Indian and Alaska Native population with a higher score being more American Indian and Alaska Native than a lower score. Yerington took the distinction of being the most American Indian and Alaska Native, while Gardnerville was the least Native American city.

Read on for more information on how the cities in nevada ranked by population of American Indian and Alaska Native residents or, for a more general take on diversity in America, head over to our ranking of the most diverse cities in America.

There You Have It – Native American Populations Across Nevada

If you’re looking for a breakdown of Native American populations across Nevada according to the most recent data, this is an accurate list.

If you’re curious enough, here are the least Native American places in Nevada:

  1. Gardnerville
  2. West Wendover
  3. Summerlin South

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What Are The Most Native American Places In Nevada?

Rank City % Native American Population
1 Yerington 8.58% 3,077
2 Ely 8.24% 4,124
3 Carlin 3.98% 2,361
4 Battle Mountain 2.28% 3,113
5 Winnemucca 2.26% 7,870
6 Spring Creek 2.24% 13,482
7 Elko 2.11% 20,225
8 Carson City 1.96% 54,219
9 Gardnerville Ranchos 1.87% 11,103
10 Indian Hills 1.51% 5,911
11 Fallon 1.45% 8,325
12 Hawthorne 1.45% 2,689
13 Dayton 1.38% 9,305
14 Kingsbury 1.22% 2,303
15 Incline Village 1.19% 8,795
16 Boulder City 1.07% 15,648
17 Sparks 1.05% 96,786
18 Reno 0.89% 239,732
19 Whitney 0.81% 43,955
20 Fernley 0.78% 19,261
21 Silver Springs 0.77% 4,786
22 Cold Springs 0.75% 9,184
23 Moapa Valley 0.72% 6,840
24 Spanish Springs 0.66% 16,458
25 Johnson Lane 0.62% 6,134
26 Washoe Valley 0.61% 2,628
27 Tonopah 0.59% 2,355
28 Sun Valley 0.49% 21,101
29 Pahrump 0.48% 35,812
30 Laughlin 0.46% 7,758
31 Lemmon Valley 0.44% 4,975
32 Sunrise Manor 0.44% 193,854
33 Paradise 0.42% 231,858
34 North Las Vegas 0.41% 234,389
35 Las Vegas 0.39% 621,662
36 Mesquite 0.38% 17,467
37 Enterprise 0.3% 155,773
38 Henderson 0.3% 284,817
39 Spring Valley 0.29% 195,646
40 Minden 0.19% 3,185
41 Nellis Afb 0.18% 3,248
42 Winchester 0.15% 28,130
43 Summerlin South 0.12% 26,059
44 West Wendover 0.0% 4,371
45 Gardnerville 0.0% 6,034

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