Which State Would I Hate?

Every year, 35 million Americans move to a new home. Sometimes, it's right down the street. But as America's demographics have shifted, we're all looking to move to big cities, or into the suburbs - or to completely different states - more often than ever.

And while finding a good place to live is important, it's probably more important to avoid certain states. Sometimes, you don't have a choice; you move for a job. But if you DO have a choice on where to move, this helpful interactive calculator should be a huge guide to not making you miserable.

Answer the questions in the calculator and see what the WORST state for YOU. Because everyone has their own preferences!

How We Calculated Your WORST State

We spend a lot of time trying to help people find the best place and best states to live around the country. A lot of our advice takes into account research, which measures a variety of factors. But we realized that sometimes, YOU need to pick your perfect home. So, instead of answering emails every day from people asking us for advice on where they should live, we thought - why not make an interactive calculator to help you decide!

Research has shown that people are most interested in weather, jobs, affordability, schools, and things to do. To make it even more personal, we added in politics and your tolerance for crowds.

We then flipped the script to point out the states that lack everything you want. Essentially, the states thats are the worst for you.

Our Sources


For each category, we determined which states fell into each group. For example, "hot" states included Florida and California. Every time a state met a criteria it got a point.

We then limited the possible results based on which climate you choose -- cold/mild/hot -- and politics. We only keeping the opposite, since we want you to hate it :)

Of the remaining states, the state with the LEAST amount of points was the "wfinner".

Hopefully, this calculator helps add a personal touch to figuring out which states to avoid like they are coronavirus.

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