A Man Spent A Year Traveling Through San Francisco. What He Captured Will Blow Your Mind.

I don’t have words for how awesome this is.

There are certain videos that just reach out and grab you. It’s not too often that you say ‘Wow’ over and over again to yourself.
This video of San Francisco is that rare occasion when this happens. At the 2:00 mark, you’ll be like, “Damn!”
Producer Roth Rind deserves praise for his artistic ability. It’s called “I Left My Heart.”
It should be called “I Blew My Mind.”

After you watch this, take a drone trip around San Francisco. It’s a fun ride.

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0 thoughts on “A Man Spent A Year Traveling Through San Francisco. What He Captured Will Blow Your Mind.

  1. I agree there is a lot of San Francisco that was missed, but I still appreciated the quick tour that most tourists remember.

  2. I was dreaming of going to San Francisco for a long time.
    After seeing this, i am not so sure.
    It looks busy, and bare. I thought it has soul.
    No green, no trees no charme.
    Mindblowing, indeed.

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