24 Ridiculously Awesome Images Of Boston From The Last 365 Days

Boston is really rad. Here’s proof.

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1. The police department doesn’t mess around in Boston.
2. This was on a highway 93 sign one morning.
3. Here’s a great picture of fall in Boston.
4. Patriots fans are hard core.
Most of the people on this flight watched the Pats playoff game in their seats. And then stayed in their seats until the game was ovah.
5. Mount Cambridgeminjaro.
6. Boston cares.
7. Someone was really optimistic.
8. Skiing to Dunkies.
9. Boston sarcasm on Craigslist.
Aweome things about Boston
10. The MBTA keeps going no matter what. Typical Boston.
11. Everyone is such good sports about all the snow.
12. But…when you steal a shoveled parking space, Boston doesn’t around
13. Someone snuck in and took a picture of Fenway in the snow. Lucky!
14. Snowpocalypse 2015. Waiting for the T.
15. This is what people bought at Chansky’s in Brighton after one of the storms.
16. Boston Aquarium statue covered in snow.
17. How to get tips at a Boston Dunkies.
18. Is there a better seat for a ballgame than this?
19. Really puts into perspective how intimate Fenway Park is.
20. We all know who the real winner here is.
21. Don’t EVER forget this.
22. A Fenway groundskeeper waters your favorite outfield grass.
23. A view of Boston from above. This is why you live there, people.
24. If you don’t like Boston, you know what they’ll say.

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