If You’re From El Paso, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. No Doubt.

I just got the chills…

Places like El Paso don’t get a ton of national attention, which can make it feel like you don’t live in a world class city. But as this video confirms, you really do.
There is something so beautiful, energetic, and vibrant about El Paso. Local filmmakers did an amazing job of capturing the essence and the heart of the city through the course of everything there is to do in the 915.
This video, called ‘It’s An El Paso Thing,’ shows how easy it is to fall in love with the El Paso. By the 1:40 mark, you’ll be puffing your chests out with pride.
Go Sun City!

After you watch this, check out this awesome video of West Texas.

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0 thoughts on “If You’re From El Paso, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. No Doubt.

  1. Great videography by my buddy Devin and great drone flying skills. But I’m sorry, that does not make El Paso a world class city nor does it give me chills as the author mentions. I saw mostly a bunch of non exciting aerial footage of a lot of dirt areas that makes El Paso look like a little dusty town in the middle of nowhere. Not being a hater here, simply being honest.

    1. “What we do see depends mainly on what we look for. … In the same field the farmer will notice the crop, the geologists the fossils, botanists the flowers, artists the colouring, sportmen the cover for the game. Though we may all look at the same things, it does not all follow that we should see them.”
      ― John Lubbock, The Beauties of Nature and the Wonders of the World We Live in

    2. Why give a halfhearted compliment to your friend Devin, and then go and smash it to pieces? You ARE hating, and I’m not being a hater on you, just being honest here. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Thiago … you see what you want to see.

    1. I d k Estela but I agree with her… Nothing compares to the 915. Its a city anyone can be happy in and call HOME.<3

  2. I lived in elpaso my whole life and I moved out here to lad Vegas. And las Vegas still ain’t better then elpaso . elpaso people are respectable. Just saying. Have a blessed day.

  3. Thank you for a beautiful look of what El Paso has become since I left in 1979. It has grown leaps & huge bounds. Good job guys. Thank you for the beauty of El Paso.

  4. There lots to do in El Paso, Texas. Like barely this week the Kermess or Bazzars that start in all the Catholic Church grounds are awesome. Every weekend in a different church around town,the music, the food, like Gorditas, Enchiladas, Flautas, Aguas Frescas, Raffles tickets to win a car or a truck n many more prizes. Games for the children, you need to know El Paso to know what we are talking about.

    1. I was born and raised in El Paso and you just hit on one of the many aspects I miss El Paso….thank you for putting it so eloquently


  6. El Paso could be a great place but it is lacking a great deal. There are so many national companies that won’t go there and all the city council cares about is having a double A baseball team. Whole Foods is finally putting a store here. They started in Texas and have hundreds of stores.

    1. Big difference between “double A” (read San Antonio, Midland, Corpus Christi, Frisco, etc) and “triple A”, which is what the City Council helped facilitate in El Paso. Like most city government everywhere else, the El Paso City Council has its petty political differences. But, the advances the City Council helped initiate over the past twelve years with implimentation of a tremendously insightful downtown development plan are truly remarkable. The award-winning Southwest University Park where the AAA Pacific Coast League champion El Paso Chihuahuas play is just another jewel in the crown of this wonderful sun-splashed multi-cultural down-home city… El Paso has plenty to be proud of!

  7. I was born and raised in El Paso and moved out for work purposes over 5 years ago. There’s more to El Paso than just what you can capture on camera. The people, the food, the diversity are but a few things I miss. I hope one day I can return to the motherland. #elpaso

  8. I worked in El Paso ! I have nothing bad to say about this beautiful city! I would work all day and go through downtown numerous times and see a lot of stuff people throw down ! I went to work at 4am and would drive through downtown before going in and it was spotless! The nicest downtown I have seen in any city! Now, the food ,was excellent, the people,were more than i expected, I made a lot of friends and are still friends with them today, things to do were in abundance ! I actually tried to transfer there but my job would not allow! El Paso is number one in my book !

  9. My beautiful Sun City. I was born and raised here (still living here) and I have never, ever wanted to live anywhere else. I love El Paso. Always have, always will.

  10. I lived in Elpaso from from 1965 to 1968. This was a difficult time for the city due to Vietnam and new recruits entering the service
    I remember watching the military personal pull up to tell students that family members had died. It was horrible. I cried with many of my classmates.
    I rember morning announcements of classmates love ones who had died
    I rember our President JFK being shot and dying.
    What i have taken away from this is one clear thing. “We cannot look into the past with regrests if we are happy today”. We are who we are because of these events.
    I rember leaving ElPaso to go to college and feeling a loss of history and friends. I feel i grew up in an era that made me a stronger
    person. I feel the time, city and Fort Bliss made me a proud American
    My dad fought in WWW 2 Korea and Vietnam
    Dad is long gone now but the pride I have for him and many of my classmate will live on forever
    I am ElPaso strong. ElPaso and Fort Bliss help to provide are freedom but were never appreciated as current Vetrans are today.
    This makes me so sad!

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