The 10 Snowiest Cities In Montana For 2021

We looked at the data to see which cities in Montana have the most snow every year.

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Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2021. This is our first time ranking the snowiest cities in Montana.

Sure, a Saturday morning right after a foot of fluffy snow is the best thing ever. But that same amount of snow on Tuesday in Montana can make a commute last forever. So just imagine it's the dead of winter, and the time of year when the ground is frozen, the air is bone chilling, and there are piles of dirty, nasty ice encrusted snow all over the place.

This is about the time of year when you're just about ready for spring -- especially in Evergreen, the snowiest place in Montana.

So, put on your parkas, snow boots and your gloves and let's go outside to see which Montana cities get dumped on the most every year. After analyzing all the cities in Montana with a decent amount of people in them, we came up with this list as the 10 snowiest cities in Treasure State.

What's the snowiest place in Montana with more than 5,000 people? That would be Evergreen with an average annual snowfall of 74.1 inches.

Read on below to see where your town ranked, you snow angels.

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The 10 Snowiest Cities In Montana For 2021

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Population: 6,955
Average Annual Snowfall: 74.1 inches
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Lewistown, MT

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Population: 5,883
Average Annual Snowfall: 73.3 inches
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Bozeman, MT

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Population: 40,319
Average Annual Snowfall: 71.8 inches
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Whitefish, MT

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Population: 6,692
Average Annual Snowfall: 65.6 inches
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Great Falls, MT

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Population: 59,563
Average Annual Snowfall: 61.2 inches
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Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, MT

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Population: 9,211
Average Annual Snowfall: 57.3 inches
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Kalispell, MT

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Population: 21,142
Average Annual Snowfall: 55.8 inches
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Livingston, MT

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Population: 7,136
Average Annual Snowfall: 55.8 inches
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Laurel, MT

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Population: 6,933
Average Annual Snowfall: 50.1 inches
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Billings, MT

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Population: 108,134
Average Annual Snowfall: 49.3 inches
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How We Determined The Cities In Montana With The Most Snow

In order to rank the snowiest cities in Montana, we only had to scrape the database of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to see which cities in the Treasure State get the most annual snowfall.

Before we get too far, here are the annual snowfall rates for major cities:

  • Billings -- 49.3 inches
  • Missoula -- 42.7 inches
  • Great Falls -- 61.2 inches

There's a complete chart at the bottom.

If you're curious, here are the places that get the least amount of snow in Montana with at least snow snowfall:

  1. Glendive -- 20.1 inches
  2. Miles City -- 30.4 inches
  3. Sidney -- 32.5 inches

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Detailed List Of The Snowiest Places In Montana

Rank City Snow (Inches) Population
1 Evergreen 74.1 6,955
2 Lewistown 73.3 5,883
3 Bozeman 71.8 40,319
4 Whitefish 65.6 6,692
5 Great Falls 61.2 59,563
6 Anaconda-Deer Lodge County 57.3 9,211
7 Kalispell 55.8 21,142
8 Livingston 55.8 7,136
9 Laurel 50.1 6,933
10 Billings 49.3 108,134
11 Belgrade 47.2 7,738
12 Lockwood 46.7 7,437
13 Missoula 42.7 69,190
14 Orchard Homes 39.6 5,576
15 Helena Valley West Central 38.9 8,564
16 Havre 38.2 9,790
17 Helena 35.4 29,600
18 Helena Valley Southeast 35.0 7,383
19 Sidney 32.5 6,216
20 Miles City 30.4 8,627
21 Glendive 20.1 5,284

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