If You're From Santa Cruz, This Will Be The Unforgettable Thing You See Today.

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it…

Quite a few people have speculated that Santa Cruz might just be the most underrated city in the entire state of California.
Some local residents took to the skies and proved that speculation might just be a fact with this stunning video. From above, we get to see the coastal or ‘west side’ of Santa Cruz in ways we’ve never seen before.
If you’re from Santa Cruz, get ready to nod with pride. And if you’ve never been there before, this is what you’ve been missing.

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0 thoughts on “If You're From Santa Cruz, This Will Be The Unforgettable Thing You See Today.

  1. Aw heck !It’s the people! Wherever you go the nicest people you meet are “from Santa Cruz”…They’re ‘simpatico’….Now I’m not sure what that means – like, why did they leave?
    are they just happy wherever they live? or?

  2. Born and raised in Santa Cruz I’m proud to say no matter what Santa Cruz has become today I’m truly proud to say Santa Cruz is my home Santa Cruz made who I am today there’s been good and bad times let’s just say I would never forget my home so to all those who talk about the S.C. In a bad way its ok cause true Santa cruzens don’t have time for valleys SANTACRUZ “831” “1903”

  3. I spent summers there at my nana’s home. Went back a couple years ago and my husband won a “Santa Cruz bear” for me. Sooo great.

  4. This post started out sweet, beautiful. Anyone can comment but I agree with Joseph Shannon………..let the video be.

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