If You're From San Diego, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

This is America’s Finest City at its finest.

Most people in the San Diego area know the beaches and downtown. Some have ventured into the surrounding hills and landscapes. But almost all people outside of San Diego have NOT seen how beautiful and wild the environment is just outside of downtown.
Videographer Jeff Morris spent 10 hours with his drone and GoPro, capturing some breathtaking shots from all sorts of amazing angles.
After you watch this, check out this amazing video of San Diego shot by an Italian filmmaker this summer. It’s a neat look at America’s Finest City that will make you get all warm and fuzzy inside.

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0 thoughts on “If You're From San Diego, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

  1. Jeff,
    Excellent work, Living in San Diego for the last 45 years, I recognize 70-80% of these places, But where is that one arena with all the tiled and bejeweled statues (Mexican Looking) I’d really like to set foot in that place.

    1. Thanks Chuck!
      The location is Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden in Kit Carson Park. It’s located in Escondido,CA.
      Be sure to check the website before visiting. Currently it’s only open one day a month. Unless you have a drone! then it’s always open. haha

      1. So happy you included this place. It has a great story behind its creation and it’s so underrated and scarcely known. Lovely shots. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

    1. No list. let me know which locations you’re interested in and I will tell you how to get to them.

  2. Where is that field located with all those sprouting wildflowers, surrounded by the mountains? I’d love to visit there…

  3. Amazing Video! Where is that hike at during the end of the video? And where is that blue house that looks like it is hanging off the side of another building?

    1. The blue house is on top of the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD, I would also like to know where the hike is!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Growing up in SD I’m learning to appreciate the outdoors more and loving to see more of what this city has to offer. Interested in a few spots if you don’t mind going through and naming then. 0:10s mark , 0:56-0:59s mark pier and water walkway/ and 3:46. Thanks!

  5. Great video Jeff. Canyon tell me where that circular building on the beach is? Lived in SD for 30 years and had no idea that existed!!

    1. The round house is at university beach in La Jolla, a bit south of Black’s beach. Access is from Black Gold drive.

  6. So amazing! I recognize many but is there a way for you to list these locations? That would be incredible!

  7. great job in the video! id like to know where that last scene is at, with the, i guess ranger, jumping up to close the video. looks like a fun hike! thanks!

  8. Awesome video, being a native of SD it was nice to see something that captured all aspects of life.
    I was curious as to where the site of the very end of the video was ? it looks like nice hike up to that rocky peak.

  9. The scene near the end is the Stonewall Peak… a very good and relatively easy hike. There’s some snow on the trail in winter, that gets slippery after mid day high temp and a bit of foot traffic. So hiking poles are good to have. Breath taking 360 degrees view.

  10. What is the building on the side of the cliff? And the building with the ‘house’ jutting out from the corner?

  11. Hi Jeff!
    I was wondering where that house is that looks like it’s hanging off of a building, also where the lake(not sure if it’s a lake) is right after the gas lamp shot, and finally where is that cool trail of you in the end of the video? Beautiful job by btw!

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