10 Things To Know Before You Move To The Triangle

Great weather, little traffic and awesome schools. And did we mention great food?

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1. The Triangle is filled to the brim with technology companies

Research Triangle Park. Wikipedia

Whether you’re looking for savvy tech startups that are making the next big app that will change countless numbers of lives, or biomedical research looking for ways to cure cancer, there are literally hundreds of technology based companies in the Triangle.
They don’t call it the “Research Triangle” for nothing.
Recently, both Forbes and Fast Company called Raleigh the ‘next big center for technology’ in the nation, comparing this part of North Carolina to California’s Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas.

2. Traffic here doesn’t suck


When you compare the commute times that North Carolina residents have to ‘endure’ to other states, they’ve got it pretty easy. Triangle residents spend about 23 minutes in the car each way, which is the 23rd lowest number in the nation, and only about 90 seconds away from the 10th shortest.
If you want a shorter commute time, you’d have to live in Iowa, Alaska, Wyoming or the Dakotas. And we know, there’s a lot more to do here than there is in those states.

3. It’s really affordable in the Triangle

Cary, NC. Active Rain

The metro area of the Triangle region has more than 2 million people currently living here. And, in case you haven’t noticed, there are homes and businesses being built every day. Why? Not only is it just plain awesome there, but it’s relatively cheap.
If you a family brought in $75,000 a year, it would be like you made $80,000 a year if you lived in the Triangle. But that $75,000 a year would seem like $60,000 or less if you lived in other large metro areas such as those on the upper east coast or in California.
People in the Triangle have beaches, mountains and awesome people just like California. But they don’t pay an arm and a leg for it. And, the Triangle is the only place in the country where you can buy a home without paying a commission, thanks to companies like SoloPro.

4. What you get for $250,000 in Raleigh vs. San Francisco

You get a one bedroom loft in San Francisco in a bad area

You get a 4-bedroom dream home in a great suburb in Raleigh

5. There’s amazing health care there

UNC Medical Center. Wikipedia

Between Duke Medical Center, UNC Medical Center, you’d be hard pressed to find an area with better health care for a major metro area.

6. The education in the area is top notch

Duke University. Wikipedia.

When you look at the quality of public schools, North Carolina is about average when compared to other states in the nation. But when you look at the public schools in the Triangle versus the rest of the state, there’s no comparison.
Not only are the public schools in the Triangle far superior to those in the rest of the Tar Heel State, there are three leading institutions of higher learning here: North Carolina, Duke and NC State.
We don’t have to tell you how awesome these programs are, both in the classroom and in the gym.

7. It’s a lot safer in the Triangle than anywhere else in the state

Chapel Hill, NC. Wikipedia.

North Carolina is the 17th most dangerous state in America, which isn’t something Tar Heelers are proud of. But within the state, all of the safest cities are located in or close to the Triangle, according to the FBI’s statistical data, which was featured on RoadSnacks.

8. The weather there is fantastic

The Outer Banks. Wikimedia

In the Triangle, you have the best of both worlds. You get some off-shore breezes at times, but you also don’t have the harsh cold that comes with living in the mountain region on the western part of the state.
At about 12 inches a year, you get just enough snow to make it enjoyable. And, two days after a snow, the sun is out, and it’s gone!

9. Beach? Mountains? You can have both

Blue Ridge Mountains. Wikipedia

One of the most redeeming qualities of living in the Triangle is you can get to the beaches in two hours, and the base of the mountains in two hours. Sure, you can get that in other coastal states, too. But other states don’t have our Outer Banks, nor do they so close to the Smokys and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

10. You’re in the South and East at the same time

Nags Head. Wikipedia.

There are tons of people moving to the Triangle from the upper East Coast. Why? Not only the reasons above, but they can also be close to their families and friends.
And in the Triangle (and North Carolina in general), you can get the southern feel without having to live in the hot, humid south. It has great food, southern charm and hospitality. Without the bugs and sweaty armpits.

Bonus: 11. This is the only place you can buy a home and not pay a commission

Google Maps

SoloPro is based in Durham, and the Triangle area is the only place in the nation where you can currently purchase a home without paying a commission. That means that right off the bat, you save 3% on every home purchase.
That, friends, is fantastic.

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