Average Rent In South Dakota For December 2020

By Chris Kolmar | HomeSnacks | Updated: 2020-12-07
Average Rent
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What is the average rent in South Dakota?

According to the most recent data from Zillow, the average rent in South Dakota for December 2020 is $1,175. With an averge apartment size of 1,346 sqft, the average price per square foot in South Dakota is $0.872.

Compared to the national average of $1,650, South Dakota rent costs -28.8% less. Read our analysis of rents by state to see how South Dakota ranks.

Here's a look at how average rents have changed over time:

Best Places To Live In South Dakota

How Does South Dakota Rent Compare To The Rest Of The Country?

StatisticSDUSA% Difference
Average Rent $1,175$1,650 -28.8%
Average $/sqft $0.872$1.135 -23.1%
M-o-M Change $25$0 inf%
Y-o-Y Change $62$5 1150.0%
M-o-M % Change 2.2%0.0% -
Y-o-Y % Change 5.6%0.3% -

Median Rent By Bedrooms In South Dakota


As you would expect, the median price for rent in South Dakota increases as the number of bedrooms in the unit increases. Studios rent the cheapest in South Dakota clocking in at $800, while a four bedroom rental will set you back $1,320 per month.

We think the best deal comes in the form of a two bedroom for $887 per month, however, if you don't mind having roommates, the best option on a per room basis is a 4-bedroom rental for $330/room/month.

Read on to find out more or for more on South Dakota check out:

Month Over Month South Dakota Rent Statistics

M-o-M Increase
M-o-M Increase

South Dakota has experienced a $25 change in rent over the past month going from $1,150 to $1,175. That change comes out to 2.2%.

For reference, the US national average rent changed $0 in the past month or 0.0%.

Here's a look at the month over month change for each month since 2010 for South Dakota:

Year Over Year South Dakota Rent Statistics

Y-o-Y Increase
Y-o-Y Increase

Over the past year, the average rent in South Dakota changed $62 from $1,113 to $1,175. A change of $62 means that rents changed 5.6% in a year.

That compares to the US national change of $5 in the past year or 0.3%.

Here's a look at the year over year change by month since 2011 for South Dakota:

The 10 Places With The Highest Rent In South Dakota

Population: 2,285
Median Rent: $1,287
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Population: 1,349
Median Rent: $1,165
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Box Elder, SD

Population: 9,277
Median Rent: $1,081
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Population: 4,866
Median Rent: $936
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Brandon, SD

Population: 9,731
Median Rent: $933
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Population: 1,965
Median Rent: $891
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Dell Rapids, SD

Population: 3,683
Median Rent: $870
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Population: 5,429
Median Rent: $869
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Population: 1,062
Median Rent: $862
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Hartford, SD

Population: 3,043
Median Rent: $860
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