Andy Dalton Turned Into Ralphie From "A Christmas Story"

The Red Rifle photoshopped into America’s favorite movie.

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What’s the world coming to?
The Packers can’t win a game, Ronda Rousey gets her butt kicked, and now Charlie Sheen has AIDS.
And JJ Watt is picking on Andy Dalton?
In case you missed it, JJ Watt said the Texans goal was to make the ‘Red Rifle’ (aka Andy Dalton) look like the Red Ryder BB Gun. You can see the interview here.
So, what would Andy Dalton look like if he were in A Christmas Story? Below are a few examples.

1. He’d always be first in his class.

andy dalton ralphie

2. He’d probably get what he wanted from Santa.

andy dalton ralphie

3. His mouth would still be soapy.

andy dalton ralphie

4. He’d look awesome in a bunny pajama onesie.

andy dalton ralphie

5. We know what happens to bullies like JJ Watt.

andy dalton ralphie

6. Are you gonna cry? Cry baby, cry!

andy dalton ralphie

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