If You're From Detroit, This Video Will Be The Most Inspiring Thing You Watch Today. No Doubt About It.

Involved citizens like this taking back the streets can get Motor City back to its glory days.

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Detroit residents have had more than their share of frustration over the years. We don’t need to go over the list of things that have gone downhill. Instead, its time to focus on the positive.
I have friends who live in Detroit, and they swear to me that things are slowly starting to change. The downtown area, especially, is starting to make a turnaround, as a younger, devoted generation has picked up the pieces from a wrecked city to make it great again. Their version of Detroit.
This short clip is an example of a small, but strong and devoted citizen involvement group in Detroit, which is taking things into their own hands. Because remember, it’s not the size of a movement, it’s the heart of a movement.
If you have four minutes today, it’s definitely worth watching.

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