If You're From Cleveland, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See All Day. Guaranteed.

“Heartwarming” doesn’t even begin to cover it…

Cleveland is one of those places where you have to live there to get it.
Of all the midwest cities, it’s probably the most unique in terms of the edginess, in terms of the the attitude of the people and the overall vibe.
This video, called “Cleveland: A Million Stories,” does an amazing job of capturing not only the essence of the city, but it also shows a side of the people that anyone who lives there will feel all warm and fuzzy about.
You go, Cleveland. We’re huge fans of yours.
The same guy did an awesome Cleveland Browns fan video that you might also love. You might even tear up a bit.
After you’re done watching this, you might enjoy this hilarious parody of the city of Cleveland’s ‘Tourism Board’.

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0 thoughts on “If You're From Cleveland, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See All Day. Guaranteed.

  1. For a city thats known to be multicultural, you sure only showed one culture. Clevelands a melting pot. As a life long resident for 43 years, this sure isnt the “Cleveland” i know and love. Shame on you. Smh…

      1. There is no positives in the city of Cleveland. Sports teams suck, if it wasn’t for Lebron the Cavs would be right with the rest. Housing us run down. The lake us terrible, fish come out with huge sores on them. Showing just certain parts of Cleveland’s landscapes and or parties and festivals don’t make the city a positive.

        1. Yes and neither do you make anything positive. So how about helping out and moving somewhere else. You know like Detroit or Chicago maybe even new York and if nothing else California would love to have a positive person like yourself.

  2. That was the most depressing video I have ever seen. That is not the Cleveland I know at all. The whole thing was grey, lonely, ugly, and sad. And, as another person said, there was little diversity shown when we actually have more than 60 ethnic groups in this city! Lastly, where were all the bright beautiful scenes of nature? Basically this was a commentary on the filmmaker’s life — not Cleveland.

  3. David as a longtime resident of Cleveland it’s the Cleveland I know esp around the west side of Cleveland , the market the street party’s and Edgewater Park , down town Cleveland , what you would rather see the gangs on the Eastside or the hookers on Prospect yep that’s a way to get good ppl to visit Cleveland melting pot yes but I think that describes the west side near the market you have all kinds Greeks, Italians, so many from diff countries that’s the melting pot to me and I love em all great ppl esp on the west side and the family businesses in the market 5 or 6 generations and the nicest ppl you could ever meet ! I love Cleveland west sider in my heart ! ❤️ But transplant in Florida now lol

    1. You say “gang members and prostitutes”, I guessing your referring to the larger population on the west side of Cleveland of African Americans, Latino Americans, Chinese Americans, Arabic Americans and Indian Americans. Class act. Enjoy Florida. smh…..

  4. I could not agree with you more, David. I love Cleveland, as well, for its wonderful assets, burgeoning entrepreneurial infrastructure, wonderfully diverse neighborhoods, local foods movement, good folks, and “Work hard, Play hard” mentality. Yet, perhaps not intentionally, but certainly obvious, was the lack of diversity represented. No reflection of the great organizations I have volunteered or worked for recently: the Asian American Festival, Global Cleveland, US Together, CAAO, Neighborhood Connections, and a variety of vital Indian-American groups. Not even Esperanza or other Latino/Hispanic groups I have been so proud to note the progress of. Is not the talented filmaker, Mr Lopez aware of they? It is a lovely vid and a beautiful show of our awesome assets. Perhaps you may create a second video showing a DIVERSE and positively-changing Cleveland: one that embraces innovation, spreads sustainable solutions, supports community development, welcomes and supports refugees, and drives social justice in great ways. Here’s to a progressive inclusive, and celebrated Cleveland culture!

  5. because there are no non-white people here in Cleveland, apparently… (how was this not noticed when the film was being made?) Besides that, the music makes me want to make a cup of tea and cry.

  6. Born and raised in Cleveland and although this is a beautiful video, its lack of diversity stands out quite a bit. This isn’t the Cleveland I know and love. This just looks like the suburban wishlist. Do over please. Show the breadth and depth of the people who live there. In terms of capturing the “people” this is a disappointing exercise which does little to tell the world who and what makes Cleveland special.


  8. This is his Cleveland, his Social peers. I love it. If you don’t like make you own video. Show how you see Cleveland.

  9. After growing up in Cleveland I have lived in Seattle, the Oregon Coast, northern California, the central California coast, Southern California and the central Florida coast.
    Cleveland is Cleveland. It is what it is

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