How Smart Is Each State Compared To Other Countries?

This Surprising Map Shows All 50 States Renamed For Countries With Similar Education Levels

Americans like to think they’re the best when it comes to just about everything, when measured against other nations. While we’re certainly the richest, most freedom loving, and pretty much the bodyguards for the poor and defenseless, we’ve known for years that we’re certainly not the smartest country on earth.
Recently, we ranked 28th when it came to math and science scores, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
We’re really smart, people. Just not the smartest. And we’re working on it.
We thought it would be cool to align each state’s educational attainment to a country of similar intelligence.
We used the U.S. Census to get the numbers on each state’s high school graduation rate, and then compared those numbers to the education index of each country in the world, provided by the United Nations Development Program/
Many things stand out. For instance, most of the northeast – considered the ‘smartest’ region in the United States – is very similar to Europe’s education levels. Check out the map below.
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0 thoughts on “How Smart Is Each State Compared To Other Countries?

  1. err, the UNDP’s ed index isn’t the same thing. It’s based on expected vs mean years of schooling in each country, and the expected years of schooling is significantly higher in the US (15) than in many other countries on the map, like Ghana (12) or Tanzania (9)

  2. Not sure how this makes sense – since the above link to the data is not working – per the article, they mention the data is retrieved from the UN Education Index.
    Per the UN Education Index and the above map, if you average out the graduation rates based on the correlating countries to each state, the US average falls between Iran and Qatar at .681%. Even if you weight these averages by state population, it comes out to .695%. However, the UN Education Index has the US set at 5th in the world at .890%. How is this possible?

  3. What do you mean by “census”? The last census data released in the US are from 1940, using those would make little sense?

  4. Census data vs actual census rolls are two different things. The anonymized census data is usually available within a couple of years. The census rolls with names ages and birthplaces on them are kept back to preserve privacy.

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