The States With The Worst Drivers In America For 2023

The states with the worst drivers are South Carolina and Mississippi for 2023 based on Saturday Night Science.

States With The Worst Drivers

Wow, Americans sure are bad drivers.

We either don’t care. Don’t know how to drive or likely both. I’m a pretty good driver, I must say. But I think most people think they are, too.

Today, we will examine the states with the worst drivers of all. To determine this assumption, we measured four different things. We look at the number of uninsured people, DUIs, tickets, and accidents by state.

Add it all up, and you can tell the states you can drive around safely and the states you need to drive very defensively.

Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Table | Summary

If you’re curious – and I know you are – the states with the highest rates of drunken drivers are BY FAR South Dakota and North Dakota, with Hawaii and Wisconsin a distant third and fourth.

Now, I have friends in North Dakota, and I’ve seen firsthand how inebriated people hop in their cars and drive home almost every night of the week. Monday Funday. Tuesday Funday. Wednesday Funday. It never ends up there.

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The 10 States With The Worst Drivers In America

1. South Carolina

South-Carolina|Sc, SC

Source: Public domain

Population: 5,078,903
Miles Driven (in millions): 57,492
Fatal Crashes: 1,112
Deaths: 1,198
Deaths per 100 million miles: 2.08

Review Of South Carolina by Robert Hamm

Many years ago I was in SC and I loved it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder… After all these years I am finally returning to south carolina – we are moving out of Income tax… all the way from Pa. You will not discourage me in the least… I can’t understand what your goal here is… If you can’t say anything good then why did you feel compelled to say anything at all. If all you can see is the negatives… you will see them everywhere – even in your hometown or neighborhood.

2. Mississippi

Mississippi|Ms, MS

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 2.0

Population: 2,967,023
Miles Driven (in millions): 40,853
Fatal Crashes: 697
Deaths: 772
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.89

These folks are just plain all over the road. And in the ditch. And behind bars. Only 3 in 4 people have car insurance here? What the? They get the 8th most tickets. And Mississippi drivers die in car wrecks the second most often, only behind Kentucky.

The only bright side here is that like in Alabama, far fewer Mississippi drivers get behind the wheel after drinking. Thank God.

If you live in Mississippi you should be ashamed of yourself and you should pull over right now. Cause you’re probably watching this video while on your way to work.

Review Of Mississippi by -Lykoi-

Okay hold up.

So what again makes Mississippi the worst-

Seriously the only reason was weather, unemployment, and


Okay, yeah, screw this guy from the Magnolia State. It’s not that bad here guys. Seriously just shut up dude, we are not the worst state. Our schools are awesome as well! A+ schools and one of the schools in Mississippi got #1 in the nation for 7th Grade math. In my opinion,


Mississippi is the best state to live in. I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t plan on moving.

3. Arkansas

Arkansas|Ar, AR

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 4.0

Population: 3,006,309
Miles Driven (in millions): 38,427
Fatal Crashes: 631
Deaths: 693
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.8

Review Of Arkansas by Robbie Jenkins

Arkansas is beautiful! I’m from Texas and had to leave. Way to crowded! One thing you have in Arkansas less people! Which makes it great! You won’t find a prettier place to live. NW Arkansas is heaven.

4. New Mexico

New-Mexico|Nm, NM

Source: Public domain

Population: 2,109,366
Miles Driven (in millions): 26,823
Fatal Crashes: 427
Deaths: 481
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.79

Review Of New Mexico by Chris Maestas

I live in New Mexico and honestly you described a city. Albuquerque is where majority of the population is and where 1/2 the crime happens. Most places are small towns where not much goes on. And New Mexico is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole country. Lots of Volcanoes. Lates, mountains. Also some of the best food someone could ever have. Except it sounds like you wouldn’t be able to handle even the red chili lol

5. Louisiana

Louisiana|La, LA

Source: Public domain

Population: 4,657,305
Miles Driven (in millions): 54,728
Fatal Crashes: 887
Deaths: 972
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.78

Review Of Louisiana by Marksmans 1013

I live in Louisiana and I love it. Just based on the stuff you used to make the list, like weather and bugs, Louisiana should be #1.

We have over 50% of the entire country’s wetlands, which makes it a major hotspot for mosquitoes, Crime rate is pretty high, and poverty is really high. Drugs are also a problem.

6. Montana

Montana|Mt, MT

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Population: 1,077,978
Miles Driven (in millions): 13,482
Fatal Crashes: 222
Deaths: 239
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.77

7. West Virginia

West-Virginia|Wv, WV

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY 2.0

Population: 1,801,049
Miles Driven (in millions): 16,079
Fatal Crashes: 257
Deaths: 280
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.74

Review Of West Virginia by Kim Stubblefield

Wtf everything this guy said about West Virginia is completely false I bet he didn’t even go to WV…it’s practically always sunny…and no there are rarely and houses for sail and even though I live in Pennsylvania,my fam lives there and I see them 5x a year and it’s so awesome to be there

And Florida is also amazing I love Florida

And u didn’t put cali on there well u got a big thumbs down from me

8. Florida

Florida|Fl, FL

Source: Wikipedia User | GFDL

Population: 21,339,762
Miles Driven (in millions): 217,566
Fatal Crashes: 3,451
Deaths: 3,738
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.72

Hey I’m driving my car in Florida now. Looking for a Publix and country music party. Man the weather is fairly nice. Look at that pretty sunset.

Of course Florida ranks high on this list. When’s the last time you drove here? Every time I drive to Florida, it’s immediately clear when I’m IN Florida – like as soon as I cross into Florida from Georgia the driving gets really interesting. Like crazy people going 100, going across 4 lanes at a time…tons of people here drivin in like they stole it. Or the opposite.

Numbers wise, it ain’t purty. Florida has the MOST uninsured drivers in the nation at 27%. But, conversely, Florida has the 8th lowest number of DUI cases each year, which is interesting. Floridians drivers also get the 10th most traffic tickets every year.

You could say that Florida drivers are mostly transplants and old people. None of which really abide by or even understand local traffic laws.

Review Of Florida by kwistin uwu

Honestly i dont get why people say Florida is bad i live in Florida and there arent as many ask mosquitoes as people think there are! i really hate the media!

9. Oklahoma

Oklahoma|Ok, OK

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 2.5

Population: 3,948,136
Miles Driven (in millions): 44,760
Fatal Crashes: 681
Deaths: 762
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.7

Review Of Oklahoma by Jordan Rhea

So I live in Oklahoma and I can see why property theft numbers would make it a bad place to live, but why would number of health uninsured and female prison population make this a bad state to live- More to the point it would be nice if you would mention why living in Oklahoma City or Tulsa would be bad. You make it seem like Oklahoma is only rural areas,

10. Kentucky

Kentucky|Ky, KY

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Population: 4,494,141
Miles Driven (in millions): 48,111
Fatal Crashes: 734
Deaths: 806
Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.68

Review Of Kentucky by Johnny Hawkins

I live in Kentucky in a little hick town that’s only about twelve miles from the Ky tenn state line and am in a rural area and you call the sheriff for whatever reason,they might come and then they might not!!!!!!!!!

Methodology: How did we determine the states with the worst divers for 2023?

Deaths Per 100 Million Miles Driven By State

To determine the states with the worst drivers in the United States, we used Saturday Night Science to look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Summary of Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes. This report provides data on the number of miles driven by state, fatal crashes by state, and total deaths from crashes by state.

We divided their total deaths from crashes by the miles driven to get the deaths per mile driven rate. Finally, because that number is so small, we multiplied it by 100 million to get the number of fatalities per 100 million miles driven. We then ranked each state on this metric from highest to lowest.

What state has the worst drivers? The state with the worst drivers is South Carolina based on deaths per 100 million miles driven.

Wrapping Up The States With The Worst Drivers In America

So that’s it – the states with the worst drivers. If your state isn’t on here, congrats. Though, I’m sure every day you’re out there it feels like your state SHOULD be on this list. And if it seems like your state has GOOD drivers, then likely, YOU’RE the problem, mister.

And in case you’re wondering which state gets the most and least traffic tickets – South Carolina, Iowa and Wyoming people get caught speeding the most. Kentucky and Connecticut people drive the slowest I guess?

In terms of age, younger people clearly have more car accidents than any other age group. But in terms of traffic deaths, the elderly die at a much higher rate. Makes sense.

Finally, which state is the one with the best drivers? – Massachusetts is. Along with Nebraska, Vermont, New York (what), Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire. So like almost all of New England except Nebraska has the best drivers? Why do Nebraskans drive so well? That’s weird.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the video and you learned something. Now SLOW DOWN!

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States With The Worst Drivers

Rank State Population Miles Driven (in millions) Fatal Crashes Deaths Deaths Per 100 Million Miles
1 South Carolina 5,078,903 57,492 1,112 1,198 2.08
2 Mississippi 2,967,023 40,853 697 772 1.89
3 Arkansas 3,006,309 38,427 631 693 1.8
4 New Mexico 2,109,366 26,823 427 481 1.79
5 Louisiana 4,657,305 54,728 887 972 1.78
6 Montana 1,077,978 13,482 222 239 1.77
7 West Virginia 1,801,049 16,079 257 280 1.74
8 Florida 21,339,762 217,566 3,451 3,738 1.72
9 Oklahoma 3,948,136 44,760 681 762 1.7
10 Kentucky 4,494,141 48,111 734 806 1.68
11 Oregon 4,207,177 36,842 552 599 1.63
12 Tennessee 6,859,497 82,596 1,229 1,327 1.61
13 Arizona 7,079,203 73,760 1,063 1,180 1.6
14 Texas 28,862,581 285,028 4,068 4,498 1.58
15 Georgia 10,625,615 120,685 1,670 1,797 1.49
16 South Dakota 881,785 9,994 131 148 1.48
17 Nevada 3,059,238 27,077 360 385 1.42
18 North Carolina 10,367,022 117,734 1,535 1,663 1.41
19 Idaho 1,811,617 19,308 244 271 1.4
20 California 39,455,353 310,823 3,983 4,285 1.38
21 Illinois 12,821,813 97,530 1,210 1,334 1.37
22 Delaware 981,892 10,152 132 136 1.34
23 Kansas 2,932,099 31,693 381 424 1.34
24 Colorado 5,723,176 53,840 638 691 1.28
25 Missouri 6,141,534 79,791 931 1,016 1.27
26 Alabama 4,997,675 79,569 885 983 1.24
27 Virginia 8,582,479 80,102 906 973 1.21
28 Pennsylvania 12,970,650 102,686 1,153 1,230 1.2
29 Ohio 11,769,923 112,923 1,242 1,354 1.2
30 Indiana 6,751,340 78,640 863 932 1.19
31 Michigan 10,062,512 96,744 1,072 1,136 1.17
32 Alaska 735,951 5,752 59 67 1.16
33 Washington 7,617,364 57,797 603 670 1.16
34 Vermont 641,637 6,625 69 74 1.12
35 North Dakota 773,344 9,256 85 101 1.09
36 New York 20,114,745 106,870 1,099 1,157 1.08
37 Iowa 3,179,090 33,039 329 356 1.08
38 Maine 1,357,046 14,560 135 153 1.05
39 Nebraska 1,951,480 21,210 192 221 1.04
40 Connecticut 3,605,330 28,989 283 298 1.03
41 Maryland 6,148,545 56,601 522 561 0.99
42 Wyoming 576,641 11,097 102 110 0.99
43 Utah 3,231,370 33,638 293 328 0.98
44 Wisconsin 5,871,661 64,983 572 620 0.95
45 New Jersey 9,234,024 73,673 669 699 0.95
46 Hawaii 1,453,498 9,972 94 94 0.94
47 New Hampshire 1,372,175 13,130 106 118 0.9
48 Minnesota 5,670,472 57,171 451 488 0.85
49 Rhode Island 1,091,949 7,526 61 63 0.84
50 Massachusetts 6,991,852 59,115 397 417 0.71

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