The 10 Most Liberal States In The United States For 2023

The most liberal states in the United States are Vermont and Massachusetts for 2023 based on Saturday Night Science.

Liberal States In The United States Map
America is becoming more and more divided on politics every day.

When you’re on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or even if you watch lamestream news, it’s pretty clear — the Democrats and Republicans are further apart than ever before.

So, where are all the most liberal states at anyways?

We thought it would be interesting to see which states have voted Democrat most often, and who has been most supportive of liberal agendas since the Democratic Party first formed in 1828.

So put down your petitions to stop oil drilling as we take a cruise around America’s most liberal states.

The 10 Most Conservative States In America For 2023:

  1. Vermont
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Maryland
  4. Hawaii
  5. California
  6. New York
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Connecticut
  9. Delaware
  10. Washington

What’s the most liberal state? Vermont ranks as the most liberal based on the data we examined. If you’re wondering, Wyoming is the most conservative state in America of all those we measured.

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The 10 Most Liberal States In America For 2023

1. Vermont

Vermont|Vt, VT

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Total Votes: 367,428
Democrat Votes: 242,820
Percent Democrat: 66.1%

If you’re a big fan of leftist beliefs, you’ll love it in Vermont. In Vermont, a whopping 39% of residents claim they are liberal, which is by far the highest rate in the country.

This guy’s from Vermont. A self described socialist, he got 71% of the vote in Vermont when he ran for president.

Vermont has among the highest corporate, individual, and property taxes in the nation. While conservative states typically have right-to-work laws, Vermont went the opposite direction and passed a “fair share” law that forces non-union workers to pay union dues. Ironically, Vermont is soft on guns, however, because of low crime rates.

Did you know Vermont has the least number of people who attend church in the entire US? It’s true.

Vermont wasn’t always so liberal. In fact, it was very republican back in the old days. But an influx of out of state residents as well as an emerging number of lower paying jobs has shifted the political landscape, some say, for a long time.

Where’s our most far left place to live in the entire country? The answer is Massachusetts. Or, taxachusetts as its called up here.

2. Massachusetts

Massachusetts|Ma, MA

Source: Public domain

Total Votes: 3,631,403
Democrat Votes: 2,382,202
Percent Democrat: 65.6%

Now, Vermont and Massachusetts were close. The Bay State ranks second when it comes to self identified liberals, but there are also less conservatives in Massachusetts as well, which mean, technically, Massachusetts is more liberal than Vermont.

There’s a whole list of famous politicians from Massachusetts including the Kennedys (show video), Jill Stein, Elizabeth Warren and Michael Dukakis. Currently, Currently, every Congressional delegate from Massachusetts is a Democrat. Democrats also occupy all constitutional offices in the Commonwealth’s state government other than the governor and lieutenant governor.

Massachusetts is a coastal state in the northeast with a high number of urban areas and an educated population. It has a history of dissent and labor union activism. All of these add up to a very liberal bastion.

3. Maryland

Maryland|Md, MD

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 2.0

Total Votes: 3,037,030
Democrat Votes: 1,985,023
Percent Democrat: 65.4%

We’re going out to the east coast this time as we take a stop in the state of Maryland.

Despite the fact that Maryland has a recent history of electing a republican governor, Maryland is one of the fastest growing liberal states.

Recent imposed tax increases, the repeal of the death penalty and green energy subsidies have all made waves in Maryland recently. Additionally, Maryland has legalized gay marriage, pushed for major gun restrictions, and started allowing illegal aliens to collect government benefits.

If you’re a conservative living in Maryland, you gotta be pissed about all that legal stuff.

55% of Maryland voters identify as liberal, and as we’ve noted earlier, typically, liberal polling is lower than what is actually reality. So it’s possible that 2 in 3 Maryland residents are libs.

60% of Maryland voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016

Most of Maryland’s hard core liberal base is in the DC metro area and in the Baltimore area where there are large concentrations of minorities and government workers. These are the types of residents who rely on the governemnt, and who will vote for democrats without even knowing who the candidates are.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii|Hi, HI

Source: Public domain

Total Votes: 574,469
Democrat Votes: 366,130
Percent Democrat: 63.7%

Hawaii just might have the highest number of liberal voters in the entire country. In a recent primary election, 88% of voters voted for the democratic candidate.

That’s like really high. And Hawaii has the second highest income tax rate in the entire country, behind California.

There were more Clinton supporters in Hawaii than anywhere else outside of DC.

Here’s a picture of their democratic governor, an aging hippie.

Teamsters, unions and teachers are all well organized in Hawaii as is the gay community, and the animal and environmental rights advocates. However, a large homeless population is wearing on this state’s patience.

This guy’s from Hawaii….supposedly.

No Trump! He’s not okay. We wish he’d go away!

5. California

California|Ca, CA

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Total Votes: 17,500,881
Democrat Votes: 11,110,250
Percent Democrat: 63.5%

The next stop on our progressive pursuit of the US stops in California. Libs be like “that’s my boy!”

Now I’m sure many of you are surprised that California isn’t the most liberal state in the country, and rightfully so. After all, The golden state Is one of five states in America that is minority majority. Which means In California, the minority population of blacks, Latinos, asians and other races is the majority of the population. And California is never going to be Caucasian again.

And since minorities vote heavily democratic, you can expect California to one day fall off into the ocean under the weight of all the welfare checks.

You can’t even buy plastic bags in California anymore.

Californians are the type of people who will waste a ton of gas to drive 1000 miles to an oil protest

California gets the most electoral college votes too, which means this is going to be a pretty big deal for all future U.S. elections.

California also has the nation’s 5th highest tax rate – a sign of socialism creeping into America.

Other important milestones in California’s liberal history: California recently became the first state to make community college free. That’s cool. they were one of the first states to vote for legal recreational weed. And why they say you’re n

6. New York

New-York|Ny, NY

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY 3.0

Total Votes: 8,594,826
Democrat Votes: 5,230,985
Percent Democrat: 60.9%

Just up the road, there are a bunch of liberals in the state of New York. But you probably knew that already.

The state of New York ranks dead last in “freedom” categories including levels of taxation, gun rights, right-to-work status, government debt and spending, business and personal regulations AND criminal laws. New York also ranks towards the very TOP on regulations on tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.

Have you ever purchased a pack of smokes in New York? Holy cow, that’s like two hours pay for lots of people. And politicians in New York have even tried taxing soda in the past.

You know who is from New York? Haven’t seen her much lately.

Just over half of all registered voters vote Dem in New York, and 60% of New Yorkers voted for Clinton.

But New York is split. Upstate areas vote reliably conservative, while the large metro areas vote heavy left. New York State has the highest percentage of workers who are union members of any of the 50 States.

New York currently has 27 members in the house, and only 9 are republican seats.

You know who else is from New York? This lady.

7. Rhode Island

Rhode-Island|Ri, RI

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 2.0

Total Votes: 517,757
Democrat Votes: 307,486
Percent Democrat: 59.4%

We’re going back up to the northeast where we’re going to remain for the rest of our blue cruise through the USA. Our first stop is in Rhode Island.

Liberals outnumber conservatives 3 to 1 in Rhode Island.

With 63% of the vote, President Obama easily won re-election here, and even Hillary Clinton mustered 54% of the vote.

Like New York, Rhode Island has high taxes on things like alcohol and tobacco, candies, soft drinks, fast food and gambling. North Rhode Island is basically suburban Massachusetts, and Providence is more than half minorities. Unions are a big deal in Rhode Island and gay marriage is legal.

Rhode Island has a high cost of living and a high unemployment rate – two issues the state hopes to solve in the near future. But Many Rhode Islanders say that at least you don’t have a prevalent nanny state mentality here like in other New England states.

8. Connecticut

Connecticut|Ct, CT

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY 2.0

Total Votes: 1,824,280
Democrat Votes: 1,080,680
Percent Democrat: 59.2%

One of the wealthiest states in America, Connecticut is also one of the most liberal.

All those consultants and bankers that work in New York live in Connecticut where they support liberal cause in multi-million dollar homes.

Over 55% of voters went for democrats in the last election and even more went for Obama.

Fair to say that there won’t be a Trump Hotel in Hartford anytime soon.

9. Delaware

Delaware|De, DE

Source: Public domain

Total Votes: 504,010
Democrat Votes: 296,268
Percent Democrat: 58.8%

Delaware’s strong Democratic leaning in the last presidential election can be attributed to its urban and suburban demographics, with cities like Wilmington and New Castle County being Democratic strongholds.

Additionally, the state’s progressive policies on issues such as healthcare, education, and environmental regulations have resonated with a majority of its voters, contributing to its status as on of the most liberal states.

Oh yea, and Biden calls Delaware home.

10. Washington

Washington|Wa, WA

Source: Wikipedia User | GFDL

Total Votes: 4,087,631
Democrat Votes: 2,369,612
Percent Democrat: 58.0%

Welcome to Washington, our final west coast state that’s really liberal. You can practically hear the whining all the way over in Idaho.

Washington is a cold state with snowflakes.

Also on our list of ‘new’ blue states, Washington has been slowly leaning left for years now. It’s been since 84 that Washington picked a republican president. And In the most recent election, nearly 70% of voters in Washington picked the democrat on the ticket.

Washington is home to Seattle, perhaps the fastest growing liberal bastion in the entire country outside of San Francisco. But like Oregon and other left leaning states, there are big discrepancies where the left and right vote. The reason Washington leans left now is that the large population centers vote left. The rural areas vote right.

Many Washington residents complain of the liberal slant of late. Homelessness is out of control, as is drug use. Public funds are being mismanaged here as well. While there is no income tax in Washington, liberal leaders in Seattle are trying to change that. Seattle leaders have also pushed for minimum wage increases, the unionization of for hire drivers among other things.

It’s enough to make the hard core republicans in Washington go bonkers.

How We Determined The Most Liberal States In America For 2023

Percent Liberal By State In The United States Map

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about determining the most liberal states is the number of hippie, pro-choice, diversity loving people — you know, Democrats.

Unfortunately, not every state lists the exact number of registered Democrats and Republicans on their secretary of state website, so we had to dig a bit deeper.

Using Saturday Night Science, we decided to look at data from the Federal Elections Committee and MIT for the 2020 elections results:

  • Percent of Voters That Went Democrat In The 2020 Presidential Election

We ranked each state from 1 to 50 for the criteria, with 1 being the most liberal. The state with the largest share of liberal voters has been crowned the ‘Most Liberal State In The US For 2023.’

We updated this article for 2023. This report is our tenth time ranking the most liberal states in the United States.

Skip to the end to see the rankings for every state, including which states are the most conservative.

There You Have It — The Most (Big D) Democratic States in the US

After measuring every factor that makes sense, it’s eve more clear that the coasts are where are the liberals live in America.

Liberal areas are liberal for many reasons.

Traditionally, many liberal areas are places in America where people have gone in search of creating a better life. In contrast, places like the Midwest have had little immigration, and have gradually become conservative and concerned with preserving the past.

Is America becoming more divided?


And as a new generation steps up and begins to vote and change our future, we’ll have to see if these trends continue heading in the same direction.

God Bless the USA.

Here’s a quick look at the most conservative states of the list:

  1. Wyoming
  2. West Virginia
  3. North Dakota

For more reading, check out:

Ranking The Most Liberal States In The US For 2023

Rank City Total Votes % Liberal
1 Vermont 367,428 66.1%
2 Massachusetts 3,631,403 65.6%
3 Maryland 3,037,030 65.4%
4 Hawaii 574,469 63.7%
5 California 17,500,881 63.5%
6 New York 8,594,826 60.9%
7 Rhode Island 517,757 59.4%
8 Connecticut 1,824,280 59.2%
9 Delaware 504,010 58.8%
10 Washington 4,087,631 58.0%
11 Illinois 6,033,744 57.5%
12 New Jersey 4,549,353 57.3%
13 Oregon 2,374,321 56.5%
14 Colorado 3,256,952 55.4%
15 New Mexico 923,965 54.3%
16 Virginia 4,460,524 54.1%
17 Maine 819,461 53.1%
18 New Hampshire 806,205 52.7%
19 Minnesota 3,277,171 52.4%
20 Michigan 5,539,301 50.6%
21 Nevada 1,405,376 50.1%
22 Pennsylvania 6,915,283 50.0%
23 Georgia 4,997,716 49.5%
24 Wisconsin 3,298,041 49.5%
25 Arizona 3,387,326 49.4%
26 North Carolina 5,524,804 48.6%
27 Florida 11,067,456 47.9%
28 Texas 11,315,056 46.5%
29 Ohio 5,922,202 45.2%
30 Iowa 1,690,871 44.9%
31 South Carolina 2,513,329 43.4%
32 Alaska 359,530 42.8%
33 Kansas 1,372,303 41.6%
34 Missouri 3,025,962 41.4%
35 Mississippi 1,313,759 41.1%
36 Indiana 3,033,121 41.0%
37 Montana 603,640 40.6%
38 Louisiana 2,148,062 39.9%
39 Nebraska 951,712 39.4%
40 Utah 1,488,289 37.6%
41 Tennessee 3,053,851 37.5%
42 Alabama 2,323,282 36.6%
43 Kentucky 2,136,768 36.1%
44 South Dakota 422,609 35.6%
45 Arkansas 1,219,069 34.8%
46 Idaho 868,014 33.1%
47 Oklahoma 1,560,699 32.3%
48 North Dakota 361,819 31.8%
49 West Virginia 794,652 29.7%
50 Wyoming 276,765 26.6%

Liberal Places By State

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