THE 10 MOST Conservative Cities In America For 2020

We looked at voting history data in order to determine the American cities with the largest conservative base.

Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2020. This is our fourth time ranking the most conservative cities in America.

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It’s a good time to be a conservative in America.
A very good time.
Republicans have control of the presidency, senate, and house of representatives. Additionally, most governors are Republican.
But most cities still continue to be holdouts to the conservative wave hitting the US. But most does not mean every — which let us wondering… what cities in America are harbingers of conservative thought?
What are the US cities that have the highest number of Republican voters?
Turns out Lafayette, LA is the most conservative city in America — not the biggest surprise that cities top the list.
We analyzed every single city in America with a population greater than 100,000 — a total of 306.

If you’re wondering, Washington, DC is the most liberal city of all in America.
And to be clear, we didn’t form this list based on our own biases — we relied on the cold hard data. For more on how we ran the numbers, keep on reading. Then we’ll take a closer look at each of our top 10 most conservative cities in the good ole US of A.
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The 10 Most Conservative Cities In America For 2020

Lafayette, LA

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 126,515
Percent Republican: 64.6%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $92.12
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.1
More on Lafayette: PhotosData

Review Of Lafayette by HomeSnacks User

I really liked Lafayette. It was an easy place to live, as the people were very polite.

I loved all of the little mom and pop restaurants that served good Cajun food.

Tyler, TX

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 103,721
Percent Republican: 69.5%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $73.79
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.11
More on Tyler: PhotosData

The Woodlands, TX

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 109,843
Percent Republican: 73.0%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $59.15
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.1
More on The Woodlands: Data

Knoxville, TN

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 185,429
Percent Republican: 58.5%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $91.34
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.08
More on Knoxville: PhotosData

Review Of Knoxville by HomeSnacks User

This is the most wonderful place on Earth. It is near the Smoky Mountains, has lots of lakes, and is the home of the University of Tennessee. It’s easy to get around, the people are friendly, the food is good, and everything is wonderful.

Go to a University of Tennessee football game. Visit a Calhoun’s restaurant. Enjoy yourself!

Frisco, TX

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 165,700
Percent Republican: 55.2%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $164.25
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.09
More on Frisco: PhotosData

Review Of Frisco by HomeSnacks User

I love Frisco, specifically Frisco Square, with its cozy vibe. It’s a small area, but it has great restaurants, a library, movie theater, and senior center to keep it alive. In the winter, the whole place is alive with lights that create a very picturesque scene.

The people and restaurants stand out. The people are nice wherever you go, and there is a diversity of delicious restaurants, whether you’re looking for casual or formal dining.

Carrollton, TX

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 133,438
Percent Republican: 57.1%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $52.34
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.09
More on Carrollton: PhotosData

Murfreesboro, TN

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 130,968
Percent Republican: 60.0%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $31.6
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.09
More on Murfreesboro: PhotosData

Chattanooga, TN

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 177,365
Percent Republican: 55.3%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $43.06
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.08
More on Chattanooga: PhotosData

Review Of Chattanooga by HomeSnacks User

I love Chattanooga Tennessee. It’s such a amazing City. There’s so much to do and great places to eat. We love the Tennessee Aquarium. The city has a small-town feel. We enjoyed riding the transportation system in downtown. One of my favorite places to eat was sticky fingers barbecue. Unbelievably good food. When we go to Chattanooga I we stay in the Sheridan Hotel. It is a great place to stay.

Chattanooga is just a beautiful city. It is so close to the mountains. Awesome river bear by. A lot of attractions in the city. Lookout mountain is not too far off. Rock city is near by. Lots of hiking and camping nearby. It’s a great place to visit.

Scottsdale, AZ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 246,026
Percent Republican: 47.7%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $101.6
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.12
More on Scottsdale: PhotosData

Plano, TX

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 284,579
Percent Republican: 55.2%
$ Republican Amount Per Capita: $102.32
# Republican Contributions Per Capita: 0.05
More on Plano: PhotosData

As you can imagine, we’re going to see quite a few cities in the heart of Texas on this list. We begin our list of cities in Texas in the conservative, wealthy Dallas/Fort Worth suburb. This is home to football, churches and money. It’s very middle class, white, and suburban.
As a whole, Texas is the 10th most conservative state in America, although when you’re in most of the rural areas, you’d think you were in Ronald Reagan’s living room.
Collin County, where Plano is, overall, leans republican, and Plano proper is 55% conservative. This city of 270,000 is exploding population wise, but there are rumblings that this once very right leaning haven is getting more and more blue over time.
It will be interesting to see if that really happens.

Review Of Plano by HomeSnacks User

It was an awesome place to visit. I felt totally safe and the weather could not have been any better.

The food was outstanding. Getting around the city was easy and the roads were in perfect condition.

How we determined the most conservative cities in America for 2020

We started by making a list of every city in America over 100,000 people based on the 2014-2018 American Community Survey (The most recent data). That left us with 306 big cities.

We then measured the voting record and donation data to determine which cities lean the most rightward in their allegiances by:

  1. Percentage Of Registered Republicans
  2. # Of Contributions To Republicans Per Capita
  3. $ Amount Contributed To Republicans Per Capita

Next, we ranked each city from 1 to 306 for each of the criteria where number one was the most conservative.
The winner, Lafayette, LA, is “The Most Conservative City in America For 2020”. You can download the data here.

Summing Up All The Conservative Gun Toters

Well there you have it, the big cities in America that have the highest number of conservative per capita, with Lafayette, LA ranking as the least liberal in the entire country.
If you’re curious, here are the most liberal cities in America:

  1. Daly City
  2. Newark
  3. Fremont

For more reading, check out:

List Of The Most Conservative Cities In America For 2020

City Rank Population % Conservative
Lafayette, LA 1 126,515 64.6%
Tyler, TX 2 103,721 69.5%
The Woodlands, TX 3 109,843 73.0%
Knoxville, TN 4 185,429 58.5%
Frisco, TX 5 165,700 55.2%
Carrollton, TX 6 133,438 57.1%
Murfreesboro, TN 7 130,968 60.0%
Chattanooga, TN 8 177,365 55.3%
Scottsdale, AZ 9 246,026 47.7%
Plano, TX 10 284,579 55.2%
Huntsville, AL 11 193,663 54.8%
Midland, TX 12 135,134 75.1%
Shreveport, LA 13 193,785 46.3%
Billings, MT 14 109,431 58.1%
Metairie, LA 15 143,481 55.3%
Denton, TX 16 133,661 57.1%
Tulsa, OK 17 402,223 58.4%
Birmingham, AL 18 212,021 44.3%
Sugar Land, TX 19 118,182 44.8%
Broken Arrow, OK 20 107,500 58.4%
Odessa, TX 21 118,582 68.5%
Costa Mesa, CA 22 113,198 42.3%
League City, TX 23 100,832 60.0%
Lewisville, TX 24 104,789 57.1%
Roseville, CA 25 133,049 51.1%
Peoria, IL 26 114,512 45.0%
Baton Rouge, LA 27 225,362 43.1%
Clarksville, TN 28 150,602 56.1%
Reno, NV 29 242,633 45.1%
Irvine, CA 30 265,502 42.3%
College Station, TX 31 110,782 57.6%
Columbia, MO 32 120,248 43.2%
Fort Worth, TX 33 855,786 51.7%
Springfield, IL 34 116,459 50.8%
Pearland, TX 35 117,867 60.1%
Provo, UT 36 116,146 50.2%
Vancouver, WA 37 178,413 44.3%
Paradise, NV 38 233,689 41.7%
West Palm Beach, FL 39 108,365 40.9%
Greeley, CO 40 103,773 56.6%
Mckinney, TX 41 173,460 55.2%
Amarillo, TX 42 198,773 68.1%
Enterprise, NV 43 164,314 41.7%
Houston, TX 44 2,295,982 41.6%
Round Rock, TX 45 120,157 50.9%
Tallahassee, FL 46 190,180 35.0%
Cincinnati, OH 47 300,357 42.4%
Centennial, CO 48 109,505 38.6%
Colorado Springs, CO 49 457,502 56.2%
Clearwater, FL 50 114,015 48.1%
High Point, NC 51 111,035 38.1%
Grand Rapids, MI 52 197,081 47.7%
Cary, NC 53 163,266 37.2%
Charleston, SC 54 133,762 42.8%
Norman, OK 55 121,090 57.1%
Sandy Springs, GA 56 105,411 26.8%
Stamford, CT 57 129,026 38.0%
Thousand Oaks, CA 58 128,481 37.2%
Orange, CA 59 139,873 42.3%
Overland Park, KS 60 188,687 46.7%
South Bend, IN 61 102,233 46.5%
Oklahoma City, OK 62 637,284 51.7%
Raleigh, NC 63 457,159 37.2%
Highlands Ranch, CO 64 105,147 54.7%
Henderson, NV 65 291,346 41.7%
Chandler, AZ 66 248,631 47.7%
Sioux Falls, SD 67 174,151 53.7%
Springfield, MO 68 166,633 59.8%
Lakeland, FL 69 105,958 54.9%
Peoria, AZ 70 164,572 47.7%
Little Rock, AR 71 198,135 38.3%
Dallas, TX 72 1,318,806 34.3%
Carlsbad, CA 73 113,670 36.6%
Las Vegas, NV 74 626,637 41.7%
Fort Wayne, IN 75 264,052 56.5%
Surprise, AZ 76 132,904 47.7%
Green Bay, WI 77 104,818 52.1%
Bakersfield, CA 78 375,699 53.1%
Evansville, IN 79 118,952 55.2%
Lakewood, CO 80 153,522 42.0%
Mobile, AL 81 191,485 55.1%
Fort Lauderdale, FL 82 178,783 31.2%
Alexandria, VA 83 156,505 17.5%
Wilmington, NC 84 118,094 49.5%
Port St. Lucie, FL 85 183,762 49.5%
Davie, FL 86 103,132 31.2%
Fargo, ND 87 120,209 49.3%
Arlington, VA 88 231,803 16.6%
Abilene, TX 89 123,676 72.7%
St. Petersburg, FL 90 259,041 48.1%
Pasadena, CA 91 141,246 22.4%
Waco, TX 92 133,964 61.0%
Fullerton, CA 93 139,866 42.3%
Tampa, FL 94 376,345 44.2%
Naperville, IL 95 147,411 38.6%
Beaumont, TX 96 118,632 48.9%
Richardson, TX 97 114,402 34.3%
Louisville, KY 98 617,032 40.7%
Dayton, OH 99 140,782 47.7%
Boulder, CO 100 107,360 22.0%

Conservative Places By State

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  1. Nick, lets work on something else. This fake news is getting old. Now is not a good time to stop taking your meds.

  2. Alexandria and Arlington Virginia… seriously folks Berkeley has a stronger conservative presence than these VA cities!

  3. I agree with Gracie, need to put down the crack pipe..
    you have the cities in Florida reversed these are Democrat strong holds

  4. what would be great if someone did a real comparison of all taxes that we the people have to pay. Personal property, auto registration, fuel, property taxes, income all the little taxes that add up and break the bank for most people.

  5. So many problems with this. You are taking these three metrics to be correlated to “conservative-ness”. Why these metrics, specifically? Surely there are better predictors of conservativeness. Also, why are these three metrics weighted equally? Why are you using a rank-order list to compare metrics that are not comparable in this fashion for this purpose? Why are Tyler, TX and Lafayette, LA tied in “conservativeness”, with a rank-score of 26, yet you label Lafayette, LA as #1 without saying it is actually tied for 1st. Sure the data is available but to not include this in your report is disingenuous, at best. The methods of this comparison top to bottom are a mess. I would seriously consult someone with a better understanding of data analysis before you write your next edition (or anything involving data for that matter).
    “Torture the data and you can make it say whatever you want.”
    * Don’t rank order metrics for this type of comparison
    * Weight your variables
    * #1 and #2 cannot be #1 and #2 if they are the same. They are tied for first, with an identical score. In fact, Tyler has the highest absolute single score so it hardly make sense to have Lafayette as #1.

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