The 10 Most Conservative Cities In The United States For 2024

The most conservative cities in the US are Corpus Christi and Oklahoma City for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

Most Conservative Cities To Live In The United States Map

Most major cities still continue to be holdouts to the conservative wave hitting the US.


Most does not mean every. Which left us wondering. What are the most conservative cities in the United States?

Specifically, the US cities that have the highest percentage of Republican voters.

Turns out Corpus Christi, TX is the most conservative city in America. It’s not the biggest surprise that many cities top the list.

We used Saturday Night Science to measure the Republican turnout in the 100 most populus cities in America.

Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Summary | Table

If you’re wondering, Washington, DC is the most liberal city of all in America.

And to be clear, we didn’t form this list based on our own biases — we relied on the cold hard data. For more on how we ran the numbers, keep on reading. Then we’ll take a closer look at each of our top 10 most conservative cities in the good ole US of A.

The 10 Most Conservative Cities In The United States For 2024

Corpus Christi, TX

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Population: 317,804
Percent Republican: 75.2%
More on Corpus Christi: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Oklahoma City, OK

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Population: 681,088
Percent Republican: 70.3%
More on Oklahoma City: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Hee haw. It’s time for our next most conservative city in America. We don’t have to go too far. In fact, I’m foreshadowing when I tell you we’re only leaving this general area of the country two more times.

Here in Oklahoma City, it’s about 52% conservative here. Trump took about 56% of the vote in Oklahoma County in the latest presidential election. But Bush carried 74% of the vote in 2000. So it’s far less conservative than it once was, as more liberals flock into the state’s capital. But look at those pretty shades of red…

Of course, Oklahoma City is rich in cowboy culture, and the area is awash in oil and gas money, something that keeps the unemployment rate low and ensures it’s the most recession proof city in America.

Tulsa, OK

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Population: 411,938
Percent Republican: 68.8%
More on Tulsa: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Alrighty then, who is our second most conservative city in America? That would Be Tulsa, Oklahoma. The second-largest city in Oklahoma, Tulsa was known as “the oil capital of the world” for most of the 20th century.

However, sadly, Tulsa is becoming less conservative. Tulsa County supported Bush at a 74% rate in 2000, but Trump only got 58% of the vote here in the latest election.

What are they putting in the water in Tulsa? Snowflakes and butterflies?

However, as you can see from this map, Oklahoma ain’t goin anywhere when it comes to its own shade of red.

Fun fact: There’s a place called Woodward Oklahoma that’s basically 90% conservative. I’ll bet they’re a real delight over supper.

Lubbock, TX

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Population: 258,190
Percent Republican: 65.3%
More on Lubbock: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Review Of Lubbock by HomeSnacks User

Lubbock Texas is a small West Texas city that is flat and dusty. The university Texas Tech is there along with a large medical center. There is the depot district in downtown Lubbock that hosts many bars and places to eat. Lubbock is a large cotton growing region.

The good about Lubbock is it is one of the most friendly places is America. Everybody loves to talk and wave on a lonesome road. The bad is there is a very limited amount of activities and fun things to do in this city.

Review Lubbock

Kansas City, MO

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Population: 505,958
Percent Republican: 64.8%
More on Kansas City: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Wichita, KS

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Population: 395,951
Percent Republican: 54.7%
More on Wichita: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Review Of Wichita by HomeSnacks User

As someone from Wichita KS I call BS. Most of the towns you have on here are tiny and don’t have much to do. Kansas City KS is a small portion of KC. It goes into Missouri and there is a TON to do there!

As for Wichita, sure there is crime but not as much as they are saying. Wichita has small pockets of bad neighborhoods but what city doesn’t.

Wichita has a thriving art and music scene. Always something to do here!

Review Wichita

Fort Wayne, IN

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Population: 264,514
Percent Republican: 54.5%
More on Fort Wayne: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Okay so our last stop before we head back down to the south central US for good brings us to our 4th most conservative city in America – Fort Wayne Indiana. Here in this I still care about values and keeping America great’ part of the midwest, conservatives rock the conservative vote to the tune of 57%.

However, George Bush 2 had 72% of the vote back in 2000. So is Fort Wayne becoming less conservative or was Al Gore just a big jerk?

Bakersfield, CA

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Population: 404,321
Percent Republican: 53.9%
More on Bakersfield: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Colorado Springs, CO

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Population: 479,612
Percent Republican: 53.5%
More on Colorado Springs: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Our next stop along our R train in America stops in the only other state where republicans don’t have a stronghold from our list today. We’re stopping in Colorado, and in particular, Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is one of the largest hubs of Evangelical Christianity on Earth. This, in addition to the extreme military presence, makes Colorado Springs a stronghold for conservative and traditional thinkers.

Now, Colorado Springs has a much higher conservative population than many of the other cities we’ll talk about – at 57%. However, Colorado Springs has been leaning very heavily left of late, so we ranked it much lower than many other cities for this video.

Check this out. In 2000, Bush crushed the general Colorado Springs metro area with 72% of the vote. But only 16 years later, Trump barely won the county with 47% of the vote. That’s a huge difference. Colorado is also the only state we’ll mention for this report that Hillary Clinton took in 2016.

It’s pretty obvious that the very left city of Denver is impacting the voting patterns nearby.

Review Of Colorado Springs by HomeSnacks User

I love Colorado Springs. My son and his family live there and I visit four times each year. I don’t like winter, but in the summer we can hike and visit the zoos. Their neighborhood is at the bottom of a mountain, so there is plenty of wildlife.

I love the Garden of the Gods. And I kissed a giraffe at the zoo! Both so much fun.

Review Colorado Springs

Fort Worth, TX

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Population: 924,663
Percent Republican: 53.2%
More on Fort Worth: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

We’re going to round up our most conservative cities in America tour with three more cities all in the same general area. Our first stop is Fort Worth Texas, population 880,000.

Here in Fort Worth, it’s 58% conservative. That’s a lot for a large city. In 2016 nearly 6 in 10 voted for Trump. Back in 2000, nearly 80% voted for Bush. But that’s understandable since he’s from Texas and they love Bush in Texas so much.

Fort Worth, and the surrounding Tarrant County, eek conservatism. I mean this is home to Texas Christian University. Two of those words put the R in right. Fort Worth is the “5th Most Bible-Minded Large City” and over 46 percent of residents identify as “highly religious” The city’s famed Fort Worth Stockyards are an example of the locals pride in its western heritage, as well as its cowboy and cowgirl past.

Review Of Fort Worth by HomeSnacks User

Low crime. Great schools with great teachers who get paid well. Plenty of things to do whether it’s night life or family oriented. Cost of living is great.

Restaurants. Lots of great places to eat. Also a lot of places to shop.

Review Fort Worth

How we determined the most conservative cities in America for 2024

Using Saturday Night Science, we created a list of the 100 biggest cities in America based on the 2018-2022 American Community Survey.

We then measured the voting record and MIT election data to determine which places rock the most rightward in their allegiances by:

  1. Percentage Of Votes For The Republican President In 2020

Next, we ranked each city from 1 to 100 for each criterion, where number one was the most conservative.

The winner, Corpus Christi, TX, is “The Most Conservative City in America For 2024”.

We updated this article for 2024. This report is our tenth time ranking the most conservative cities in America.

Summing Up All The Conservative Gun Toters

Well there you have it, the big cities in America that have the highest number of conservative per capita, with Corpus Christi, TX ranking as the least liberal in the entire country.

The most conservative cities in the United States are Corpus Christi, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Tulsa, OK, Lubbock, TX, Kansas City, MO, Wichita, KS, Fort Wayne, IN, Bakersfield, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, and Fort Worth, TX.

If you’re curious, here are the most liberal cities in America:

  1. Baltimore
  2. San Francisco
  3. Richmond

For more reading, check out:

Most Conservative Cities In The US For 2024

Rank City Population % Conservative
Corpus Christi, TX 1 317,804 75.2%
Oklahoma City, OK 2 681,088 70.3%
Tulsa, OK 3 411,938 68.8%
Lubbock, TX 4 258,190 65.3%
Kansas City, MO 5 505,958 64.8%
Wichita, KS 6 395,951 54.7%
Fort Wayne, IN 7 264,514 54.5%
Bakersfield, CA 8 404,321 53.9%
Colorado Springs, CO 9 479,612 53.5%
Fort Worth, TX 10 924,663 53.2%
Columbus, OH 11 902,449 52.6%
Dallas, TX 12 1,300,642 51.4%
Plano, TX 13 284,948 51.4%
Garland, TX 14 244,026 51.4%
Boise City, ID 15 234,192 50.4%
Spokane, WA 16 227,922 50.3%
St. Petersburg, FL 17 259,343 49.3%
Arlington, TX 18 393,469 49.1%
Phoenix, AZ 19 1,609,456 48.1%
Mesa, AZ 20 503,390 48.1%
Chandler, AZ 21 275,618 48.1%
Gilbert, AZ 22 267,267 48.1%
Glendale, AZ 23 248,083 48.1%
Scottsdale, AZ 24 240,537 48.1%
Jacksonville, FL 25 950,203 47.4%
Reno, NV 26 265,196 46.3%
Virginia Beach, VA 27 457,900 46.1%
Miami, FL 28 443,665 46.1%
Tampa, FL 29 388,768 46.0%
Chesapeake, VA 30 249,377 45.7%
Fresno, CA 31 541,528 45.1%
Riverside, CA 32 316,076 45.0%
Lincoln, NE 33 290,531 44.9%
Anaheim, CA 34 347,111 44.4%
Santa Ana, CA 35 311,379 44.4%
Irvine, CA 36 304,527 44.4%
Las Vegas, NV 37 644,835 44.3%
Henderson, NV 38 318,063 44.3%
North Las Vegas, NV 39 264,022 44.3%
Enterprise, NV 40 225,461 44.3%
Houston, TX 41 2,296,253 44.1%
Austin, TX 42 958,202 43.6%
Omaha, NE 43 489,201 43.3%
Portland, OR 44 646,101 42.9%
Baton Rouge, LA 45 225,500 42.5%
Winston-Salem, NC 46 249,571 42.3%
Stockton, CA 47 320,030 42.0%
Buffalo, NY 48 276,688 41.4%
Cincinnati, OH 49 308,870 41.3%
Toledo, OH 50 269,962 40.8%
Aurora, CO 51 387,349 40.4%
San Antonio, TX 52 1,445,662 40.0%
Tucson, AZ 53 541,033 39.9%
Pittsburgh, PA 54 303,843 39.2%
Louisville/jefferson County Metro Government (Balance), KY 55 629,176 39.0%
Lexington-Fayette Urban County, KY 56 321,276 38.5%
Orlando, FL 57 307,738 37.9%
Laredo, TX 58 255,293 37.9%
Greensboro, NC 59 297,202 37.7%
San Diego, CA 60 1,383,987 37.5%
Chula Vista, CA 61 276,103 37.5%
Albuquerque, NM 62 562,551 36.6%
Sacramento, CA 63 523,600 36.1%
Urban Honolulu, HI 64 348,547 35.7%
Indianapolis, IN 65 882,006 34.4%
Memphis, TN 66 630,027 34.0%
Irving, TX 67 254,962 33.4%
Cleveland, OH 68 370,365 32.4%
Alexander , TN 69 684,103 32.4%
El Paso, TX 70 677,181 31.6%
Charlotte, NC 71 875,045 31.6%
Detroit, MI 72 636,787 30.3%
Milwaukee, WI 73 573,299 29.3%
Minneapolis, MN 74 426,877 27.2%
Los Angeles, CA 75 3,881,041 26.9%
Long Beach, CA 76 462,293 26.9%
Santa Clarita, CA 77 225,850 26.9%
Jersey City, NJ 78 287,899 26.3%
St. Paul, MN 79 308,806 26.1%
Norfolk, VA 80 236,973 26.1%
San Jose, CA 81 1,001,176 25.2%
Chicago, IL 82 2,721,914 24.0%
Madison, WI 83 268,516 22.9%
Seattle, WA 84 734,603 22.2%
Newark, NJ 85 307,355 21.9%
Denver, CO 86 710,800 18.2%
Raleigh, NC 87 465,517 18.0%
Durham, NC 88 284,094 18.0%
Philadelphia, PA 89 1,593,208 17.9%
Oakland, CA 90 437,825 17.7%
Fremont, CA 91 228,795 17.7%
Boston, MA 92 665,945 17.4%
Arlington, VA 93 235,845 17.1%
St. Louis, MO 94 298,018 16.0%
Atlanta, GA 95 494,838 15.7%
New York, NY 96 8,622,467 15.7%
New Orleans, LA 97 380,408 15.0%
Richmond, VA 98 227,171 14.9%
San Francisco, CA 99 851,036 12.7%
Baltimore, MD 100 584,548 10.7%

Conservative Places By State

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