If You're From Delaware, This Will Be Best Thing You See All Day. No Doubt.

This is why Delaware rocks.

If you grew up in Delaware, than Funland was certainly a part of your life. Heck, even if you’re not a kid anymore, it’s a place that you probably come back to time and time again.
A summer evening at Rehoboth Beach is like taking a step back into time. It’s been 54 summers and counting since most of you have been coming to one of the nation’s all-time gems. Seriously – 35 cents for a ride?
Here’s a look behind the scenes of what was probably your favorite childhood playground.

Once you’re done with this video, you’ll probably love a hilarious “Visit Delaware” parody we found. Click here to watch it.

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  1. I was fortunate to walk the Broadwalk, see Funland and dip my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Fiest time I went there was in August 2013 and the last on Christmas Eve …just a few shops open. Very very Cold but it was an experience I will never forget as I come from a tropical island called GUAM!!! I Love Rehoboth Beach and I Love Funland!!!

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