If You're From Nebraska, This Will Be The Funniest 30 Seconds Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

Nebraska. Nice?

There are certain words that describe a place to live. How would you describe Nebraska in just one word?
This short, but really funny video by Omaha Live pokes fun at Nebraska. Who knows, maybe it’s accurate. After all, when is the last time you asked someone from out of state what they thought of Nebraskans?

After you watch this, have some more Nebraska fun with this awesome song about living in Nebraska. You’ll tell all your friends.

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0 thoughts on “If You're From Nebraska, This Will Be The Funniest 30 Seconds Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

    1. I have lived in several states(including nice Neb….each has its own “nice,” beauty, and we each love different things. My home will always be my first love and that is Wyoming with its space, its few cities, its glorious mountains, its wealth of natural resources, and its strong people. Isn’t it great that we are all so different and don’t want to live in the same place?

  1. This isn’t a plug for Nebraska.
    As any plug for Nebraska, this is to draw people to Omaha and Lincoln. People seem to forget that there is a whole state west of York, and half a state west of GI. And by the way, North Platte is NOT in western Nebraska.

    1. if you were to disect Nebraska into two halves North Platte would be in Western Nebraska. You’re probably referring to Northwestern Nebraska up by Chadron.

  2. I travel to other places on vacations and I still come home to Nebraska. Yes it is Nice to travel to beautiful places but it is so much Nicer to come back to my home, Nebraska.

  3. Omaha isn’t nice. In 2014 it had the highest black homicide rate in the country. In 2015 it fell to second. In 2016 Indiana took first place. Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers (who said he’d shoot a cop if he had a gun) and is the most bigoted man in the state, thinks the problem is law abiding citizens with fire arms. In 2016 he filibustered a bill that would have forced Omaha and other Nebraska cities to obey state gun laws. Did I mention Omaha has the most restrictive gun laws in the state to go along with the highest crime rate? The bill has been put up again and probably he’ll manage to kill it again because the other state senators are cowards. You see he’s black and they’re afraid of being called racist for standing up to him.

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