If You're From Vermont, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

Forget Fantasy Island. This is Fantasy Vermont.

London-based Skyworks did an absolutely amazing job capturing the essence of Vermont in this video, which soars above the Green Mountain State.
Cute, quaint, and very real, this video is as sugary sweet as the maple syrup that comes from Vermont trees.

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0 thoughts on “If You're From Vermont, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

  1. Lived in VT several years, and still think it’s the best, still love going there – the best except for their liberal views.

  2. I was born and raised in Vermont. I love the scenery and the countryside where I grew up. I miss the fall colors. Have not seen anything that full of color anywhere else. I miss the real VT made cheddar cheese! I miss the real maple syrup! I also miss some of the wonderful food that Vermont is known for. I now live in South Dakota. It is much cheaper living here. There is no way I could afford to move back to VT. My family and several friends are still there. I know there are negative things in every state. We have to make the best of what God gives us to work with, where ever we are. If not, then we relocate. So I would say, if all you can do is complain about where you live, leave! Some of us would love to come back. I am thankful for what I do have and take one day at a time. If God sees my coming back to Vermont in the future than so be it. If not, that is okay also. He knows best what is right for me. Enjoy your day and life! May God bless you all!

  3. Lived there for 60 years such a beautiful state. Very expensive living there but it is still beautiful.

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