A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In West Virginia

A video summary of the places in West Virginia that are perfect for a redneck to call home.

Is there anything really wrong with being called a redneck?
Typical redneck stereotypes includes uneducated people who work blue collar jobs. We also measured how many places in West Virginia have the most gun stores, fishing shops, tobacco outlets, dive bars and Walmarts.
The result? The 10 Most Redneck Cities In West Virginia. Enjoy.

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Nick Johnson earned his masters in Business Administration from the Drucker School At Claremont Graduate University. He has written for 39 publications across the country and ran the media relations department at Movoto, a real estate portal based in San Francisco. He has been featured in over 500 publications as an expert in real estate and as an authority on real estate trends. .

Nick's the creator of the HomeSnacks YouTube channel that now has over 260,000 subscribers and is an excellent source to learn about different parts of the country.

19 thoughts on “A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In West Virginia

  1. Dear Home Snacks and Nick Johnson, you should be ashamed of yourself. Do you have any concept of what the great state of West Virginia is going through right now. People have lost their lives, family members, pets. So many have lost their homes, and everything in them, some people still haven’t located their cars. The fact that you wrote this ridiculous article makes me sad for you. Is this what you want for yourself? I invite you to come to West Virginia, come see the “rednecks” at work. See us pull together, help our neighbors, give out free food to those in need, shelter ones we don’t even know because they need it. Come see how ALL the communities here have pulled together. I think you need to. You need to see what real compassion is like, you obviously have none.

  2. First of all, that’s not even the Walmart in Wayne. It’s a small community here and Walmart employs around 200 people. Secondly, if living in a town where everyone comes together to help during times of need is “redneck” then I’m happy to live here. Want to know why we have so many places to buy beer and cigarettes? That’s because (once again) we are a small town that consists of a couple gas stations, a Rite Aid, and a Walmart…places that one can normally find beer & cigarettes. As far as “uneducated people who work blue collar jobs” goes, at least we are providing for our families legally instead of stealing and cheating the government. Instead of bashing a town I’m proud to come home, why don’t you visit instead of taking images off of google Earth? You may find that we are nice people trying to make a living.

  3. Your insulting piece is beyond tactless in the wake of what has taken place. Watch the sales of your products zoom–to the bottom.

  4. Nick Johnson, this video really posses me off! With so much political correctness in America today I wonder how easy it is to make fun of a group of people who don’t roit or burn their neiborhoods just because some dumbass chooses to slander them. You would loose your job if this was about blacks, gays, or even Muslims so let’s all just jump on the “red neck” bandwagon. You are truly a piece of crap and this uneducated, white, hillbilly is gonna give you a history lesson. Way back in the early 1900’s if you lived in WV you worked or had family that worked for the big coal companies. Not only did you work for them but they practically owned you because you lived in a company house on their property, got paid not in cash but company scripts that could only be spent at the company store. If you really look at it the labor for the coal companies was free and workers were a dime a dozen, even child labor wasn’t beneath the all mighty coal companies. The nature of the work is very dangerous even today but back then the company only had profits in mind not the well-being of their workers. In 1921 a Union was formed in the northern parts of WV and call companies had to start treating their workers like human beings. Once the word hit the southern coal fields The big coal companies said they weren’t having any of it. Big Coal hired armed thugs and have them badges like they were the law and called them security to hunt down union sempathizers. That’s when the Union banded together and March for the southern coal fields to liberate their fellow miners. To distinguish themselves they tied red handkerchiefs around their necks. That’s were the term “red neck” comes from. I’m not ashamed of it but it makes me mad that an uneducated bunch such as yourselves (including Home Snacks and so many others) have turned it into another “white trash”. Maybe before spouting your mouth off about something you know nothing about, do a little history on the massacre of Matewan, or the battle of Blair Mountain. Many lives were lost to free their fellow miners. Furthermore, as you so boldly included how white each town is (which I find very racist) WV became a state in 1863 for a reason. We were a part of the Confederate State Virginia but didn’t support slavery, so we broke away and became West Virginia. Lastly one of the main criteria for you vision of “red neck” is being uneducated. This state has Mountaineers that even worked for NASA. I know you like your videos Nick, so may I suggest a movie named “October Skies” it’s about a Mountaineer named Homer Hickam who was a literal rocket scientist. I hope this enlightens you because you sure are ignorant.

  5. Proud to be a redneck in Wayne. Shoot you, bury your dumbass and noone finds you. Drink a beer while we’re digging worms over your stupid ass so we can go fishing. We can then go home to our trailers on the hill while you’re lying in our favorite deer hunting spot in the fall. Just sayin’!!!

  6. Uh, this was posted on the 22nd, two days before the flood on the 24th. I mean, yes, it is bad timing, but not intentionally.

  7. If you would go spend time in West Virginia, you would be completely embarrassed of your ignorance. But then, quickly you would be having a good time, because they welcome everyone and just role their eyes at people like you for a second. Most likely, someone’s grandma would feed you. Someone would also probably offer you a Mt. Dew out of sarcasm.

  8. I thought it was funny as hell and he’s pretty much right! We are a bunch of red necks in Wayne! I cew, smoke ,drink, hunt, fish, four wheelen, bon fire, and go to Walmart and the doller store because their right beside each other! O W baby!! (Out Wayne)!!! And proud of it! I read some comments on here! And you all sound like a bunch of cry liberals!! Little hint people !!! If they think we’re all crazy they keep their liberal asses in the city’s! And we don’t have to put up with them!! So be proud to be a red neck! It could be worse!! You could be a liberal!!! PS don’t forget to vote Trump!! And maybe next year we can start turning some towns in America into Wayne’s and Logan’s where good people live!!!

  9. Mr. Scites, being a Mountaineer myself, I agree with everything you wrote, except one: Many people believe that the term “redneck” originated with WV union workers, but there are various theories and the Oxford English Dictionary does not find one more credible than another.
    An equally reasonable origin (where the term was also applied) is with southwestern migrant workers whose necks became sunburned working in the fields. Coal miners began applying the term to themselves in the 1910s, so it likely was already in use and was merely reinforced by them.

  10. You have to admit – some of this is true, I find the humor in it, it’s what molded me into who I am.
    My heart’s still there after being gone 20 years. Although, saddened it doesn’t touch on all the good WV has to offer. That isn’t the intention of this video. Maybe they will make one showing most people from this area are helpful to their neighbors and even people they don’t know. WV’ians are hard working, respectful, resourceful, and genuine. If you want to know the truth about something just ask someone from here…but you better be ready to hear it.
    I’m from #3, Princeton; but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I miss my mountains!
    This was made before the devastating floods so give them a break on that. It is degrading but does give the impression that some people have of us wild wonderful West Virginians. It seems like when the media comes in and asks questions after any major event; they seem to find the ones who were raised on Mt Dew and Milky Ways (not that I don’t partake of these- but I’m just saying) and have never traveled out of the town they live in. Sad, but that’s why there is a stigma amount West Virginians. I mean, find someone who has some sense and interview them!
    I’m proud to say that I’m from WV, I had a great childhood, a lot of exciting adventures, learned great values, and the importance of hard work, wasn’t spoiled, and never felt entitled. I worked my tail off for everything I’ve earned.
    It’s by far the most beautiful state with incredible, breathtaking views (from my back porch on Black Oak Mountain) and I always loved the four seasons and the sense of peace when I go home to visit
    On a sidenote; I will say that I absolutely love big tires
    and jacked up jeeps/trucks with at least 35’s or 37’s and I can shot a bow and 270 better than most men I know. I think this is an asset. Having older brothers, I’m proud to have been raised a tomboy who raced motorcycles, built forts, and loved to get the next addition for my Yamaha or Jeep. I’m don’t consider myself a redneck because I’m from the notorious triangle, I consider myself lucky to have been raised in a place that will never become a rat race, get out of my way, non-caring, bunch of people.
    God bless WV!

  11. You can tell the authors are not from WV or they would know how to pronounce the names of the cities. St. Albans is pronounced St. ALL buns, not St. OWL buns. Buchannon is Buck-ANN-nun, not BUCK-annun. And, I won’t support Miiike’s BBQ!

  12. your a very lucky faget,go back to you 99%queer city and make a video.you for damn sure better get the hell out of here.i am really supprized you still have a head left on your head.

  13. People in Ft. Gay Mountaineer fans? I doubt it considering they are very close (about an hour or less away by car) to Huntington, the home of Marshall University.

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