37 Pictures of Montana That Will Make You Wish You Lived There

Where you don’t have to die to go to Heaven.

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1. Welcome to Montana

Photos of Montana

Logan Pass, Siyah Bend. Source: Flickr user Mark Stevens

2. With peaks like these, we feel on top of the world.

Photos of Montana

Lake Sherburne, Cassidy Curve. Source: Flickr user Steve

3. We all have taken many paths to get here.

Photos of Montana

Eastbound Empire Builder. Source: Flickr user Loco Steve

4. By plane,

Photos of Montana

Bob Marshall Wilderness. Source: Glacierflighttraining.com

5. on four legs…

Photos of Montana

Source: Flickr user Spencer Blake

6. …and on two.

Photos of Montana

Absaoka-Beartooth Wilderness. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

7. Through many feet of snow…

Photos of Montana

Mt. Jefferson. Source: Flickr user MotoWebMistress

8. Sled dogs have the most get up and go.

9. We couldn’t imagine our lives without these captivating views.

Photos of Montana

Swiftcurrent Falls. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

10. Or these organic Montana fish sticks.

11. We always get a front row seat in our favorite theater.

Photos of Montana

Tongue River. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

12. And, our horse power doesn’t need gas.

Photos of Montana

Miles City. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

13. We like to take the road less traveled

Photos of Montana

Triple Arches, Glacier National Park. Source: Flickr user Loco Steve

14. to get to our favorite towns.

Photos of Montana

Whitefish. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

15. Because no river is too deep,

16. No sky is too vast,

Photos of Montana

Browns Lake. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

17. And no road is too long,

18. to keep us from digging in…

Photos of Montana

Hyalite Canyon. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

19. …or flipping over

Photos of Montana

Whitefish Mountain. Source: Whitefish Mountain on Facebook

20. …what makes us smile.

21. Montanans aren’t afraid of anything.

22. And sometimes, that gets us into trouble.

Photos of Montana

Miles City. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

23. This is as BIG as we get.

Photos of Montana

Billings, population 166,000. Source: Flickr user Satsuma 61

24. Because we like it quaint, natural, different and surreal.

Photos of Montana

Cooke City. VisitMontana on Facebook

25. In Montana, we work hard.

26. And play hard.

27. Sometimes, both at the same time.

28. Montanans make time for family

29 …and our Big Sky Country friends.

Photos of Montana

Bannack State Park. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

30. We can’t find enough ways to celebrate each other.

Photos of Montana

Festival of Nations. Source: Festival of Nations on Facebook

31. And we don’t tie ourselves down with too many details.

Photos of Montana

Source: Flickr user born 1945

32. Often, we just like to kick back…

Photos of Montana

Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

33. and watch our babies grow up to be cowboys.

Photos of Montana

Helena. Source: VisitMontana.com on Facebook

34. Montana keeps its heart in the right place.

Photos of Montana

Glacier National Park. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

35. So…

Photos of Montana

Montana Bale Trail. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

36. Stop on by some time.

Photos of Montana

Lone Mountain Guest Ranch. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

37. You’ll feel right at home where the buffalo roam.

Photos of Montana

National Bison Range. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

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