37 Pictures of Montana That Will Make You Wish You Lived There

Where you don’t have to die to go to Heaven.

1. Welcome to Montana

Photos of Montana

Logan Pass, Siyah Bend. Source: Flickr user Mark Stevens

2. With peaks like these, we feel on top of the world.

Photos of Montana

Lake Sherburne, Cassidy Curve. Source: Flickr user Steve

3. We all have taken many paths to get here.

Photos of Montana

Eastbound Empire Builder. Source: Flickr user Loco Steve

4. By plane,

Photos of Montana

Bob Marshall Wilderness. Source: Glacierflighttraining.com

5. on four legs…

Photos of Montana

Source: Flickr user Spencer Blake

6. …and on two.

Photos of Montana

Absaoka-Beartooth Wilderness. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

7. Through many feet of snow…

Photos of Montana

Mt. Jefferson. Source: Flickr user MotoWebMistress

8. Sled dogs have the most get up and go.

9. We couldn’t imagine our lives without these captivating views.

Photos of Montana

Swiftcurrent Falls. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

10. Or these organic Montana fish sticks.

11. We always get a front row seat in our favorite theater.

Photos of Montana

Tongue River. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

12. And, our horse power doesn’t need gas.

Photos of Montana

Miles City. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

13. We like to take the road less traveled

Photos of Montana

Triple Arches, Glacier National Park. Source: Flickr user Loco Steve

14. to get to our favorite towns.

Photos of Montana

Whitefish. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

15. Because no river is too deep,

16. No sky is too vast,

Photos of Montana

Browns Lake. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

17. And no road is too long,

18. to keep us from digging in…

Photos of Montana

Hyalite Canyon. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

19. …or flipping over

Photos of Montana

Whitefish Mountain. Source: Whitefish Mountain on Facebook

20. …what makes us smile.

21. Montanans aren’t afraid of anything.

22. And sometimes, that gets us into trouble.

Photos of Montana

Miles City. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

23. This is as BIG as we get.

Photos of Montana

Billings, population 166,000. Source: Flickr user Satsuma 61

24. Because we like it quaint, natural, different and surreal.

Photos of Montana

Cooke City. VisitMontana on Facebook

25. In Montana, we work hard.

26. And play hard.

27. Sometimes, both at the same time.

28. Montanans make time for family

29 …and our Big Sky Country friends.

Photos of Montana

Bannack State Park. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

30. We can’t find enough ways to celebrate each other.

Photos of Montana

Festival of Nations. Source: Festival of Nations on Facebook

31. And we don’t tie ourselves down with too many details.

Photos of Montana

Source: Flickr user born 1945

32. Often, we just like to kick back…

Photos of Montana

Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

33. and watch our babies grow up to be cowboys.

Photos of Montana

Helena. Source: VisitMontana.com on Facebook

34. Montana keeps its heart in the right place.

Photos of Montana

Glacier National Park. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

35. So…

Photos of Montana

Montana Bale Trail. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

36. Stop on by some time.

Photos of Montana

Lone Mountain Guest Ranch. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

37. You’ll feel right at home where the buffalo roam.

Photos of Montana

National Bison Range. Source: VisitMontana on Facebook

Now that you’ve read that story, you HAVE to read what happened when we told a computer to write the same thing about Montana. The results are hilarious! Click here to read that story.

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0 thoughts on “37 Pictures of Montana That Will Make You Wish You Lived There

  1. Wonderful pictures! Yep this is my home and my roots! From Deer Lodge! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have loved Montana since I first got to visit when I was 9. My aunt and dad instilled love for the mountains and camping. I’ve never got the pleasure to get to live here but every time I see pics of missoula and flathead lake makes me wish I could have. U are all blessed to get to see those views every day.enjoy them

  3. We’ll be in Montana’s Miles City, for 3 days during the memorial day weekend, looking forward to seeing as many sites as possible, we’ve go family there and the love it and I can see why. It really is Big Sky Country, the movie Horse Whisperer, got me interested in seeing your wonderful state, lived in New Hampshire for the last 35 years and like the ocean, mountains and the change of the seasons, very much! You folks are very Lucky to have all that natural beauty in your back yard!!!

    1. I love living here in Miles City. My late husband Richard brought me here, and I never want to live anywhere else.
      I love Montana

    2. Too bad you didn’t visit Miles City last weekend for the World Famous Bucking Horse festivities! Best time to be there!

  4. Moved to Montana ten years ago and I love it here….it is home to me. No where else I want to be. The pictures are beautiful. All you have to do is get in the car and take a ride to experience it first hand.

  5. Grew up in Kalispell. I really miss it. There just isn’t any other place quite like it. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. Born in MT many many yrs ago. Have lived all over the US. Montana is wild, beautiful but it is not for everyone. It id not the place for tree hugger gurues, or for those that want to change it to what someone has left behind in another city. Visit the state, but if you intend to live there you live by their rules. This IS the last of the Great Frontier

  7. I really enjoyed seeing all the 37 pictures. I’ve had a brother that lived in Billings MT and we have cousins that live in Malta and Chinook MT. Anytime we’ve ever been there we’ve always enjoyed the different beauty and life style. Farming is on the range there and farming in other places have different ways to raising their animals but they all come out the same if it’s for the same purpose. I live in Tucson AZ now and love it too, but originally was born and raised in Minnesota. The love for all these places is a part of my life.
    Every place has it’s time as a part of my life.
    Thank you for sharing your beloved state touring places in Montana.

  8. One of my sisters and her family live in Great Falls and I have cousins in Montana as well. I’ve been there in the summer and the winter and have loved both. I grew up in Minnesota, lived in Massachusetts, and now live in Pennsylvania. Montana is my dream. I get there every few years and next year am taking my wife, who has never been there. I may never get to live there but when I die my ashes will be spread in the mountains there!

  9. Montana, just the name in itself stands without equal. It’s prairie stretches forever, the mountains touch the doors of heaven, her sunsets causes one to ponder, “is there an end to this?”, the winds mess your hair incessantly and has it’s own sound as the power lines sing a mournful hum of poetic quality. She has “something” lacking in the other states and those of us who have lived here know what it is. It is called “Soul.”

    1. You’ve hit the ‘nail on the head’! You’ve captured the essence of Montana by describing the soul of our state..Thank you for loving it as we Montanans do….

  10. I grew up in the Southwest and now live in the Northeast. This summer I’m taking my 6-year-old great-grandson (who lives in the Houston, TX, area) via Amtrak from Boston to Shelby, MT, for a 3-day visit with my nephew who lives in Great Falls. I’m not sure which of the two of us is looking forward more to this trip. The purpose of the trip – besides a greatly anticipated visit and exploring Montana briefly – is to open my great-grandson’s eyes to the magnificent scope and diversity of our great country and to widen is eyes to the possibilities ahead of him in life. Can’t think of a better place to start than Montana.

  11. Went to BSHS in the 60s. Now have an apartment in the old Baxter Hotel on Main Street in Bozeman. That could easily be the centre of the world!

  12. Wonderful! However, Billings only has about 106,000 people. Yellowstone County had 156,000 as of 2014.

  13. I grew up in Billings. Miss it. Live on the Oregon coast now, which is cool, too.

  14. I grew up in Eastern Montana, and have lived briefly in Shelby—-I’ve been gone for almost 30 years and still say I’m from Montana. I believe the prairies are as beautiful as the mountains, and love the people.

  15. Grew up in Avon, Griz Grad 1969. Great pictures but it does not show snow in August or 116 degrees the next year or the 40 below zero and feeding cows in Jan.

    1. JIM. . . When I saw your Name and then the home town . . . pretty much figured out I’d found MONTANA’s ORIGINAL LUGE OLYMPIAN. . .Great to have ‘found’ you. Often wondered about you and often recall our trip to NYC/Imst, Austria and subsequent trip to Lake Placid.
      To one up you, I experienced -62°F at Big Sky Winter 1972-73
      You can find me on Facebook ►Mike McCulley Griz Grad 1969.

  16. Looking forward to visiting Montana next year in the autumn. You have some absolutely breathtaking scenery, so much to see!

  17. I moved to MT Sept 2005 from CA, then moved out in Nov 2010. I have such a special love deep in my soul for MT that will never go away. I moved there for the beauty and love of life that only MT offers. I did not try to change it, the only complaint I had was the cold winters but I wouldn’t want it changed for the world. If I could live there again I would do it in a heartbeat. It’s definitely not for everyone and not for those who want to change it into something new and modern. MT is a farming state and always will be. It’s for good ole folk who help each other and are friendly, money doesn’t mean anything it’s just paper. If you want fast paced, modern lifestyle, DO NOT MOVE TO MT, stay where you are or go to NY, CA, etc but stay away from MT.

  18. Love Montana. It is home to me. Lived there for about 14 years in Bozeman. Love hunting, the outdoors, and the awesome summers. Winters can get long and by April we all have cabin fever and are complaining, even though there can be another month or 2 of snow. I would love to live there again someday. I am in Arizona now and hate the summers. Only my second summer here removed from the great state of Montana.

  19. Born in Lewistown and lived in Malta my entire life until Uncle Sam needed me. I live in the south now but someday maybe I will live back in God’s country.

  20. That’s my PA12 float plane.
    Tucked away now, in my hangar on Lower Stillwater lake, where it lives, just north of Whitefish.
    Yes,a great place to live.

    1. I live in England and our population is about 55 times bigger but we are a third of the size, are you sure you can’t take a few more folks?

  21. My family have lived in Montana since the about 1880. Uncle Charlie Babcock came here as an Indian trader. “not that he traded Indians, but then maybe he did”. After uncle Charlie came his nephew Albert Stevenson who founded the town of Lodge Grass, where I grew up. Montana has the big sky and lots of open space. On can ride horseback for miles and never see anyone, just like when this earth was created. One can stop and go skinny dipping in the Little Bighorn just for the fun of it. It hasn’t changed since Custer lost his battle with the Indians.
    We live in Great Falls now and enjoy fishing and canoeing on the Mighty Missouri.

  22. It is a great place to live, but stay out of my fishing holes. If the Fish and Game finds that there is an over population of fish I will let you know.

  23. Lived in Bozeman, on a ranch, for many years. Now in California. Will never stop missing Montana’s beautiful mountains, friendly folk. If you do decide to move there, better be prepared for some cold winters!

  24. Born in Hamilton, lived in Baker, Miles City, and Bozeman. Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and unfortunately have never been able to return. I retired from the Corps with plans to return home with my family but due to physical constraints we are unable to do so. Made it to Colorado but it just isn’t home. Still have plans to make back with my family while we can still enjoy the beauty and the people.

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