A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Mississippi

A video summary of the places in Mississippi that are perfect for a redneck to call home.

Is there anything really wrong with being called a redneck?
Typical redneck stereotypes includes uneducated people who work blue collar jobs. We also measured how many places in Mississippi have the most gun stores, fishing shops, tobacco outlets, dive bars and Walmarts.
The result? The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Mississippi. Enjoy.

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17 thoughts on “A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Mississippi

  1. Uneducated? Trashy women? Hmmm, not the majority for Lucedale thank you. You do realize however that people who can’t speak without enunciating and without using profanity in every sentence are looked upon and categorized as having a lack of intelligence. Just a suggestion… Don’t lump people together in one pot based on demographics.

  2. I would take my REDNECK life over a yankee life or any other life any day! Huntin fishin and LOVIN every day!!!! You may not like my life style of bein on the river everyday of spring and summer and huntin thru the winter even if it is in my backyard front yard neighbors yard or in the middle of town mud ridin when going to Walmart bon fires and spending time with family but who are you to down grade people’s life style! I would much rather live in southern hospitality then around people walking down the streets that can’t even smile or just a friendly hey to someone because they don’t know ‘EM. If it ever comes from living off the land and taking care of your family the old fashion way come on down south we will teach you a thing or to! FYI picayune is off of hwy 59 not 95

  3. I got a good belly rolling laugh out of this.
    Here’s some stuff to ‘laugh back at’.
    1. Much of the ‘data’ in this little vid is flat out wrong. Someone needs to learn how to browse a Census Database.
    2. You’ve got establishments listed that do not exist, and highways listed that do not even run through Mississippi, let alone the towns they supposedly run through. As for ‘Walmarts’, those are as common as dirt in every state.
    3. Red-neckdom must not be all bad. You keep quoting statistics that are well ABOVE the national average, yet these communities achive it with small populations and 1/5th the money and resources per-capita as the ‘national average’ (some of the graduation rates, but particularly the constant implications that these towns are ‘uber white’ or something….they are actually among the MOST DEsegregated communities on the entire planet, some of those featured in this ‘list’ with minority populations exceeding %30 or even %40).
    4. You will not see people hunting from deer stands in their front yards in ‘Boonville’. Even if you could hunt in the city limits of these small towns, you wouldn’t need a ‘tree stand’, or even camo. Just sit on your front porch….the deer walk right up and eat the plants on your front porch! Some even have names that everyone in town knows, and will eat right out of your hand.
    5. The number of ’empty beer cans’ in ALL of Luicville over a 10 year period would not even come close what is served in a ‘big city dive’ in a SINGLE night. Rest assured, every can gets recycled once the ‘pile’ surmounts 100lbds.
    6. You should give Kudos to red-necks for driving LAWN CHAIRS when drunk, instead of doing like ‘big’ city dwellers do, and drive their CARS (while also dicking with their $300 a month cell-phones)! At least ‘red-necks’ have sense enough to puke outside in the edge of the tall grass, instead of all over public restrooms, forums, and inside their own homes.
    7. The ONLY reason people living in more densely populated parts of the country do not build crazy ass monstor muscle machines for fun (I.E. The boat on the monster truck frame), just because they CAN, is because they do not have the SPACE for it. You’re just making fun of FREEDOM because you can’t have it in your overpoulated hell hole where a simple parking spot cost more than a ‘MS based manufactured home’.
    8. Ole Miss Rebels? What century are you living in? They are ‘Black Bear/Land Sharks’ now, who don’t even fly the ‘offensive’ State Flag and constantly pass ‘sanctions’ against ‘red-neck students’ at every turn possible. Right?
    Besides…everyone knows any REAL ‘red-neck’ worth his salt is pulling for the ‘Red-neck Capital Cow College in Starkville’ (and is probably actually a student or Alumni)!. Hotty Totty is for them ‘fancy liberal arts folk’ who earn a living endoctrinating folks to make 2/3rds of life a ‘compsory, and choiceless proposition’ while sueing each other over labor and resources produced by the PEOPLE that they endoctrinate folks like YOU to ‘make fun of’. Red-necks would rather grow things, move them around from market to market, and build stuff (including one of the world’s largest wildlife refuges on planet earth). At least a boat on a monster truck frame is creative, fun, and interesting….where as ya’ll liberal/social artists just wanna build these boxy ass SOCIAL ‘sorting’ prisions full of god awful ‘labels’ and ‘sterotypes’ (like ‘redneck’) tattoed to the ass of every human on the planet. Talk about ‘ignorance!’.
    9. MS was the FIRST state to take down big tobacco companies in a settlement worth over 3.4 BILLION dollars. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), Tobacco use hovers between %20 and %30 in the majority of states. KY is the highest at around %30. MS comes in 7th place at %24. The lowest is Utah at around %12. Most states fall in the %20 to %25 range. MS still makes the top 10 because it is a bit reluctant to enforce unconsitutional ‘smoking bans’. Every other state in the union is allowed to ‘bend constitutional law’ and ‘discriminate’ at will….but the day MS takes on the same sort of tactics (sin taxing or banning things like tobacco) that other states get away with, you jack-ass reporters decend on us like a pack of wild dogs to point out how such an ‘institutionalized racist policy like banning smoking’ discriminates against poor and minority groups (that ironically, barely exist in your own states).
    10. Deer hunters do not wear ‘camo’. They wear BRIGHT ORANGE. Is it irony that the only ‘character’ wearig ‘camo’ or waving around a ‘gun’ in the ‘imagry’ of this story is the planted ‘cartoon character’? As for the warm weather attire of the young ladies in the snap shots, they’re showing way less, and aren’t any more ‘taky/skanky’ looking than young folks hanging out in any other warm weather state in America….again I see zero camo, and I doubt that photo is actually from Luceville.

    1. Damn right, bunch of damn Yankees, for those who don’t know where that comes from, it’s Yankees who came to the South and STAYED down here.

  4. This ‘fellow’ obviously is talking through his hind parts. Needless to say there has been more genius in the arts born out this ‘backward’ state than any other state of the union!!! More artists, musicians, actors, writers, have come from here per capita than anywhere else in the nation. I’d rather be from Mississippi than from somewhere with no more morality than a cur dog, and just as confused. If push comes to shove and things ‘went South’ in this nation’s economy so that he had to do without those things he insinuates puts him into a place so far above Mississippians, I’ll bet this ‘superior’ human being wouldn’t last a week compared to the average Mississippian! Be careful blue butte – you never know when you might have to depend on one of these ignorant ‘rednecks’. Unbeknownst to you, you may actually find yourself looking over the desk at one of them as your boss someday (and I hope he remembers to connect you with this article), not realizing your stereotype is so far off the mark as to what is on our inside in judging us by the outside. From your mouth to God’s ear, I’m certain without a doubt your words will come back to grievously haunt you one day. He has a way with irony like that. We have our own opinions of blue buttes like you – but we here in the South were taught it’s impolite to say such things.

  5. Bless your heart! I was born and raised in Mississippi and I’m very proud of it. You should be thankful for your freedom to spew ignorance. Here’s a suggestion for future consideration…..it’s better to remain quiet and let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth, or in this case type, and remove all doubt!

  6. I am proud of Mississippi and would not trade the mutual respect of other Mississippians for anything. Keep up the great work Mississippi!

  7. This is the most rediculous article I’ve ever read. See, yanks are the first to believe media like this. They have no clue. Just being spoonfed by their government. “Y’all” can complain bout it all you want but we all know you’re just jealous…

  8. Well we consider Corinth and Naw Albany Yankees where I’m from! But of course we from the Deep South. LOL!

    1. Same here. Anything above Jackson is just North MS. Everything below is either the South or Gulf Coast. I married a Yankee from Virginia and lived there for a while. Most people there consider Virginia to be part of the South and are self proclaimed rednecks…..its really sad. They also don’t integrate minorities in schools. Now living in Pensacola….oh my. More backwoods rednecks (worse than AL rednecks) than I’ve ever seen and they love to believe they are high class Yankees. Now I’ll admit I am the least stereotypical redneck ever, but I do have southern manners and hospitality…nothing like MS. It’s always my true home.

  9. I’m a born & raised Mississippian, having worked in administrative level of healthcare for the past 30 years. I’ve traveled and worked dailey with people of all nationalities, religions & sexual, as well as, political orientations. My opinion – stop defending us, stop arguing, stop and realize if you convince them how wonderful our southern world really is they’ll all come down here & ruin it for us!

  10. I was born and raised in Baxterville, Mississippi. Left when I was 18 years old. Been trying to move back ever since. I married a DAM YANKEE, he has been in the south for 40 years, he will NEVER be a good ole southern boy. (Got shead of him a while back)

  11. My wife once visited relatives in New York and they asked her if she beat her slaves daily and had to sweep the alligators off the front porch!

  12. FYI …. LUCEDALE doesn’t have a Paulus St. So that’s bogus. This false information video was made long before Lucedale was even a wet City ( been wet only a year or two). So That info was Bogus as well!! You actually sound more like a Redneck ” and I am not referring to Country person, there is a difference” than most Rednecks I’ve encountered in my lifetime. I bet you have little man syndrome if you had to resort to bashing a whole State !! Mean mean Spirit!

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