If You're From Iowa, This Will Be The Absolute Funniest Thing You See Today. No Doubt.

This puts Iowa’s attitude in a whole new league.

There are misnomers and misunderstandings about what Iowa truly is. Last fall, HomeSnacks did the research and Iowa is the 2nd best state – after Nebraska – in the entire United States.
It’s not just the economy and the friendly nature of Iowa that’s superb.
In 90 seconds, this video does a picture perfect job of showing us what makes Iowa so awesome. In a hilarious way.
How accurate is this? We’ll let you debate it in the comments. As soon as you stop laughing.

After you watch this, check out how This Famous Actor Reveals How He Really Feels About Iowa. The Result Is Nothing You’d Expect.

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5 thoughts on “If You're From Iowa, This Will Be The Absolute Funniest Thing You See Today. No Doubt.

  1. A lot of good info about Iowa, but the rude language/attitude of the ‘actor’ doesn’t represent the attitude or class of any of the Iowans I grew up with. So, if that is what represents humor to you, you have my sympathies.
    I was born on a farm outside of Hornick Iowa, just south of Sioux City…maybe the folks in that area of Iowa are just classier…

    1. Just relax. It’s only humor. I haven’t met too many Iowans that worry about being classy. In fact, some of the friendliest and nicest working class Iowans I’ve known have included some that occasionally used swear words and crude humor.

    2. The amusing part is that the video was lightheartedly making fun of those who want to stereotype Iowans. Your response is to tell us Iowans that we should stay within stereotype. Good Iowans don’t act that way because we are all simple farm folk, according to the stereotype.
      But the reality is most Iowans didn’t grow up on farms or in small towns. Where most Iowans live is in urban areas, largely the bigger cities in Eastern Iowa.
      Even among rural Iowans, not all of them have sticks up their butt. To some extent, it might be a generational thing. Maybe if most old rural Iowans are like you, no wonder so many young Iowans have left those places. With an arrogant condescending judgmental attitude like yours, I wouldn’t stick around either.

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