What This Colorado Couple Does One Weekend Will Absolutely Blow You Away.

You’ll probably dust off that bucket list after watching this.

Colorado resident Carl Zoch and his friend Sarah Uhl spontaneously set out on a 36-hour adventure. Their goal: Bike a mountain, hike to the top and then float down. All in their own backyard in the beautiful Colorado mountains.
Many of us have goals we want to accomplish or something we badly want to do. But it’s always put off until tomorrow. We all make excuses why we don’t do what our souls are pining for. I don’t have enough time. Not enough money. Not now.
Why not now? This video might make you a little envious because these two actually did it. A conversation that might have started over a couple of beers became reality.
“Because your life story is still being written,” Sarah says in the video.
The music and the wise words like this which accompany this will stick with you for a while. If you have 5 minutes today, give this a watch.

Source: Last Weekend from Carl Zoch.

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