5 North Carolina Foods Taste Tested By Californians

Hilarity ensues.

What happens when you give a group of unsuspecting Californians some food from North Carolina and ask them to try it for the first time?
Hilarity ensues. Their reactions are priceless. Livermush? Cheerwine?
So what happens when we try their California food? Do we get to be so picky?
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0 thoughts on “5 North Carolina Foods Taste Tested By Californians

  1. Livermush? Been here in NC since the late 80’s and have lived in the country for over 20 years and have never heard of it! Pimento Cheese? Not my favorite either! The BBQ/Pulled pork (bird) looked shabby. I wasn’t aware Cheerwine was a southern thing…That “sweet potato pie” was made where? I agree that I’ve never seen a white/yellowish sweet potato pie before! Deep orange would be more like it. Out of curiosity, “Where did the people conducting this experiment get the food from? They misrepresented us Southerns & our foods! Get these people samples from genuine Southern restaurants and redo the experiment. I’m willing to bet their reactions will be totally different. Maybe not the hefty fair skinned woman cause she acts like one of those picky types.

    1. You have lived in NC for 30 years and have never heard of livermush? Holy lord, thats a stable at every restaurant and breakfast I attend

    2. Perhaps you will recognize it by another name, liver pudding, as sold by Neese’s right next to the sausage in the grocery store coolers.

      1. Oh no livermush and liverpudding are not the same! I’ve ate both and I prefer liverpudding! Plus neeses make both. It just depends on what part of n.c. you live in & what the store owners order and what the customers want!

  2. Where did you get these people. Damn Red, it is obvious you havent always been so picky. Classic NC foods. Please dont compare Cheerwine to cherry anything. Best soda ever made, diet CHeerwine is worst soda ever made.

  3. I am a OTR truckdriver,the best eatin food out there comes from the South,once I drive over the mason Dixie line the food lose it favor. I know now that God raise me in the South so I have good food.

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