If You're From North Carolina, This Will Be The Most Gut-Busting Laugh You Have All Day. No Doubt.

The best two minutes of my day by far.

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Did you know the North Carolina marshmallow crops failed one summer due to a massive amount of rain? It’s true. And we found a news story that talked about what was once almost the biggest crop disaster in North Carolina farming history.
As we know, marshmallow farming is always a gamble. It takes 4 years from the time you plant the tree before you make any money back from it at all.
North Carolina marshmallow farmers are proud, and hard-working, and made it past this disaster.
They will prevail, again. We promise.

After you’re done with this video, you should click and watch this hilarious video of Californians trying out North Carolina food for the first time. Their reactions are priceless!

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