This Dancing Superstar Is From North Carolina. Here's The Whole Video.

This girl dances better than most adults.

Some of you may have seen a short clip on this on the news. But did you know little Johanna is a local North Carolina girl?
Watch as this adorable six year old performs a sassy routine in front of parents at a small recital in Knightdale, near Raleigh. While the other two girls in her routine – all wearing pink tutus with black polka dots – did their part, it was Johanna who stole the show.
Her mom, Elissa, told The Today Show that Johanna is never nervous and won’t ever sit still.
“She dances around the house constantly. I can’t keep her still. She does her sassy dance all over the place,” her mom said.
And, apparently, she picked the song out herself after hearing it on Pandora.
Johanna’s been practicing since she was 2. There’s no doubt that one day, she may be a superstar.

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