These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Maryland

We used science to determine which places in The Old Line State are the real pits.

Is Maryland a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Old Line State that are lousy.
In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in Maryland are located, we had to measure everything from crime, meth use, the local economy and even the public school funding.
The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Maryland. Enjoy the video below.

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12 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Maryland

  1. Yup, I agree with all of these. The only thing that ticked me off was the crack about pit bulls. Good people own them too!

    1. I agree with you on that one I have 2 pit bulls and they are the most loveable dogs I’ve ever owned people need to stop blaming the breed and start blaming the unworthy owner

    2. Pitts are great dogs, it’s all how you treat them! Any dog can be made to be mean. I had two Pitts lived them as long as you didn’t make a agressive move to hurt one of us, the wurst you would get is licked to death. They loved attention! Miss those sweethearts!

  2. Maryland Is a very bad state just like i have people walking up to me asking me for money and act like i know them all you see down town is people trying to sell you drug’s and people sleeping on the street. And know jobs.

    1. Nothing about this sentence makes any sense. I walk around downtown all the time, and no one has ever tried to sell me drugs. Perhaps it’s how you look? Also, ‘know’ and ‘no’ are two different words.

  3. I lived in PG county and that is the worst of the worst. Whoever did this article was probably too afraid to go there to see how horrible it is!

  4. I am from Maryland. I had a great childhood in Elkton then and my father was the local Ford Dealer. Everyone knew each other and my mother worked for the court system in social services. At that season many years back crime was not big. I hear it has changed some due to growth , divorce and addictions. Job wise Elkton was a bedroom community for thosewho worked in Deleware, Philly, Baltimore and DC. There is more to like about Maryland then not to like once your older. I remember living in Ocean City MD in the summers for work and having a great time. It has gotten more busy and congested now.

  5. Would you do a follow up piece on the 10 BEST places in Maryland to live.I’d like to start with Westminster, in Carroll Co.

  6. I lived in Baltimore most of my life. I live abroad now but come back to visit family twice a year. Baltimore gets a bad rap. It has some bad areas but also has nice areas. There are many attractions, some are even free. You can grip about the traffic but it’s a lot better than places like New York. You can gripe about the bus system but it does get you where you want to go. Go to Baltimore and have a crab cake while you visit!

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