These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In New Jersey

We used science to determine which cities in the Garden State are the real pits.

Is New Jersey a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Garden State that are lousy.
In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in Jersey are located, we had to measure everything from crime, meth use, the local economy and even the public school funding.
The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In New Jersey. Enjoy the video below.

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20 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In New Jersey

  1. This article is disgusting! !! Good people actually live there their whole lives. I’ve been in contact with some trying to make a difference. It’s people like you, who probably have silver spoon, that have no idea how people end up like this. You didn’t mention anything about people who live there that are trying to make a difference. Thats sad , the facts. I get that but to put it on blast ,when there are good people trying to make a difference in those communities, they don’t get the credit they deserve. I know people who live in these areas and they are good ,honest, hardworking and caring people. These facts are wrong, obviously your research wasnt done correctly.. New Jersey has been known to twist the numbers. Lol. Your article blatantly sucks!!!!

  2. Bunch of lies west new York and Union city Schools are one of the best in North Jersey. This oerson trully doesn’t know what he is talking about

  3. sorry Shameekah but your own words validate by default whatever point you were trying to dispute – when arguing that the schools are good – at least do some proofreading of your statement . and as a lifelong resident of cites in NJ – have to say – when i got off the lightrail that goes from Trenton to the NJ State Aquarium – but due to flooding near the river was let off in downtown Camden two stops before the Aquarium – even at that hour – around noon – the place was scary as all get out – everyone looked heavily drugged out – they were eying me up just waiting or me to turn down a side street – no thanx – you can keep that place – for my money the hype appeared true

    1. Joe jacovino shameekah is taking about a whole different section in New Jersey therefore not only is your statement invalid but also irrelevant….and who cares about proof reading specially on an article like this, the replys are meant for people to understand a point or an opinion. If you for someone reason didn’t understand her statement or opinion than you my friend should t even have the dignity to even comment! Have a bless day!!!

    2. And this is what the kid was talking about you are not from any city in Jersey if you where then the people at the stop wouldn’t scare you. majority of them are harmless and just sit there to keep there self’s busy but as a out sider like ur self it would scare you .. you prolly some white kid that grew up in a small town in the woods lmfaoooo so go on some where else with it ur judgmental mind

      1. I’m white, I grew up in Paterson, #5 on b the list. While there are good and bad in every city, some are just worse, and I could vouch for half on the list. It says the worst places to live in NJ. So they judges crime schools etc… And I guess if you never lived anywhere else then you would not know how right they are about Paterson, Newark, Camden, union city and just about all of them mentioned. I wouldn’t want my children growing up there. So it had nothing to do with color, it has everything to do with character. And let’s face it, fellow jerseyians they are right. Camden and Newark are the worst cities and they both suck to live in. Hey going outside your area and see why they say it’s the worst. It’s because it’s true!

  4. ive lived in camden when it was mostly white im 48 now scum ball people destroyed this once beautiful town so whether you live there now only you can make a difference so dont bitch what others are saying make a difference get off your butts and clean it up and do something with your life!!!

  5. The whole state is an ass backward ces pool of degenerates with lowest possible quality of life. If your lucky and smart enough to make it out you’ll see. God bless all you assholes in the garbage state.

    1. How dare you talk bout Jersey…watch your mouth…Not every one is what you think..where your fro m or live doesn’t determine where you’re going or will end up….i love JERSEY

    2. From your mouth to God’s ears…Please God! Get me out of here! And I live in a pretty sound area, but there is so much that is wrong w/ Jersey, politically and otherwise, there isn’t enough time and space here to list it all. Apparently they also tax the crap out of you when you move out of state too. I know people that have moved out, and they were hit w/ such taxation and what-nots, they will never step foot in the state again.

    3. Yes you’re right Jersey is such garbage that you have acts like Eddie Murphy living in New Jersey…Seriously where do you people come off talking about places you know nothing about. I was born and Raised in West New York and the only problem there is that it is over populated. So spare us all of your idiotic comments.

  6. Guttenberg and West New York are beautiful. He conveniently showed only what he wanted, and manipulated that. Of all the pictures one could take of the Galaxy, how convenient he used a distorted angle pic, ignoring the breathtaking cliffside views. And the Galaxy towers in Guttenberg he also described as dirty? Ridiculous. He’s just mad he can’t afford a studio in one of those luxury towers. I lived next door for 16 years in The Versailles Building. Best neighborhood, nicest, cleanest, with sweeping views of Manhattan and gorgeous old town houses. I think the co-op boards of the buildings must have denied him and this is his revenge.
    He also conveniently ignored the luxury waterfront homes and their views of Manhattan.
    I can’t take him seriously after his incredibly ignorant and false depictions of Guttenberg and West New York.
    The area is densely populated and largely Hispanic. Maybe that’s the real issue that troubles him.
    I loved living there.

  7. Nothing new. People don’t want to talk about it because they will be accused of racism. One thing you can count on are democrats running these towns. Incompetent and corrupt leadership and so never improves. Too bad for the citizens. The big factor to make a good school is the student body itself. These people are getting cheated and they need to wake up. Kids on drugs don’t learn, no matter how much money the state pours them. Sad!

  8. I grew up in Camden back in the 60’s, it was pretty bad back then. We lived in Polock Town which was relatively safe, stray a few blocks away and you took your life in your hands. My grandmother was the last to leave, everyone else started to leave in the mid 70’s after the riots. Crime was the main reason most left, followed by jobs. Sad to say it’s only gotten worse over time. We still go back for functions at St. Joe’s Polish, strictly a daytime venture, though.
    Bridgeton, Vineland, Lindenwold are also very accurate.

  9. Did the creator of this video take into consideration that actual people live and raise families in these towns and his degrading, insulting commentary is just plain hurtful and serves no purpose? Not to mention, many of his so-called facts are inaccurate. Union City, for example, has a vibrant history and is a microcosm of Latin American culture. Trying to sound witty by insulting people says a lot about a person.

  10. I used to live in Maplewood also I went to columbia high school, lived across from De Heart park and now lives in ocean county. Before I used to go to seaside heights to see bands play, but since these dope fiends live in seaside heights thanks to the board of social services! I don’t even like going on the boardwalk because of hurricane Sandy and the fire

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