10 Totally Awesome Things Every Georgia Resident Needs To Own

Here are some amazing things that are uniquely Georgia.

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Is Georgia the best state in the nation? After all, the Peach State consistently ranks among the top 10 in many categories, including quality of life and overall happiness. Maybe it’s the whole ‘southern living’ thing that makes it such an awesome place to live.
So, you can’t blame anyone who wants to swipe up all the cool Georgia gear.
After talking with locals, pouring through Amazon wish lists and making some hard choices, we present the top 10 things that every Georgia resident needs to own.

How we determined the 10 Things Every Georgia Resident Needs To Own

To figure out awesome Georgia gear, we simply needed to see what’s most popular, and unique.
The criteria we used:

  • Great feedback on Amazon
  • Search volume on Google
  • A unique factor
  • Feedback from Georgia residents

The results? Stuff you have to buy if you live in the great state of Georgia.

1. Georgia Beer Bottle Cap Holder

This map of Georgia has holes where you can put in beer bottle caps from not only beers made in Georgia (there are a ton of them), but bottle caps from all of your other favorite beers as well.
Perfect for rednecks and country folks who need one more reason to throw back some cold ones on the weekends. Or on Tuesday night. Or Thursday morning. You get the point. Talk about a conversation piece at the next barbecue you host!
Here’s one review: “Just received the beer-cap map for Georgia. It looks great! The precision of the cuts is amazing. Quality craftsmanship all around, and it appears to be quite study. The finish is quite attractive. Beer caps fit snugly.”
You can get it on Amazon here.

2. Georgia Cookie Cutter

Nothing says home like cookies (or brownies) made of your favorite home state.
Whether grandma needs another unique way to make her favorite cookies, or you want to come up with a clever and memorable way to treat the kids, this cookie cutter in the shape of Georgia would be just peachy.
Here’s one review: “Great cookie cutter. Exactly what I expected. Arrived just in time to make adorable cookies for Georgia Day at school.”
Available on Amazon.

3. State of Georgia ‘Home’ Shirt

Everyone has seen these ‘home’ shirts around. They are never out of style, and are great gifts.
This shirt is great for that person born and raised in the great state of Georgia. You know who they are – they’re never leaving.
Available on Amazon.

4. Straight Outta Georgia T-Shirt

This shirt is straight dope. Get one of these for the crazy redneck dude, the outlandish cousin, or even Grandma That would be straight hilarious.
Perfect for that person who has more Georgia pride than anyone else.
Available on Amazon.

5. Georgia White Dirt

You can own a little piece of Georgia, literally. This one-pound bag of soil comes from Georgia mines.
This might be the most unique gift you’ll ever see of the Peach State, and is great for kids or avid Georgia lovers. You could even hand out chunks to lots of different people so everyone gets a piece of the action.
Available on Amazon.

6. Georgia Cornhole Set

Who doesn’t play cornhole in the state of Georgia?
Don’t be the guy with the beat up, boring set of cornhole boxes and bags. Be the cool guy who gets the barbecue or tailgate going.
The ladies will love you when you pull these babies out. Promise.
Here’s one review: “This exceeded the expectations. Very solid construction, distinctive design, and clean clear finish. This was a present for my brother and it will serve him well for many years.”
Available on Amazon.

7. Georgia State Peach Car Window Decal

Remind everyone why Georgia is the best state in the south. This unique car decal with a ‘peach logo’ inside is cute and clever. Great for people who move away from Georgia too (who would do that??)
Available on Amazon.

8. State of Georgia Sterling Necklace Charm

Here’s a cute way to show off your state pride. This is perfect for kids or adults – and it goes with just about anything. It’s 18 inch chain hangs just below the neckline. This is also home made, meaning it’s original. Your friends will be jealous!
Available on Amazon.

9. Georgia Peach Coffee Mug

This coffee mug says ‘Georgia’ all the way around it – with a peach for the ‘O’. It’s totally unique and great for men and women. Take it to work, church or just make it your ‘go to’ mug at home.
Available on Amazon.

10. State of Georgia Marble Cutting Board

This fun Georgia-themed board can be used as a cutting board or a serving tray. And, it’s made of marble – which makes it stand out even more.
Add some charm to the kitchen or spruce up the barbecue. Everyone will want to know where you got it, meaning once again, you’ll be the coolest cat at the party.
Available on Amazon.

Wrapping Up The Georgia List

If you’re looking for unique Georgia-themed gifts and items that everyone in the Peach State should own, look no further.
You can thank us later.

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