Eleven Secret Castles In Georgia That You Never Knew Existed

France? Ireland? Nope. Nope.

Georgia is the heart of the south, and has some awesome castles most people don’t know about. Here are eleven of them.

1. Rhodes Castle: Located in Atlanta, this castle was wired for electricity and has over 300 light bulbs in it.
georgia castles


2. Werner Castle: This castle is absolutely massive and is priced at around $5 million.
georgia castles


3. Oakhurst Castle: A beautiful castle, this place was on sale during 2012 for $600,000.
georgia castles


4. Covington Castle: This is a respectable sized castle with five different towers and five different floors.
georgia castles


5. Castlehawk Estate: This castle can be bought for about $2.5 million. It has seventy acres with trails and an indoor pool, too.
georgia castles


6. Bonnie Castle: Supposedly haunted, this castle is absolutely, fantastically cool.
georgia castles

Flickr user steveartist

7. Cagle Castle: This castle is a bit on the smaller side with only two bedrooms, but it also has a moat that doubles as a swimming pool.
georgia castles


8. Bisham Manor: This ivy covered castle is a wedding hosting place, perfect for that special day.
georgia castles


9. Ogechee Castle: This old castle located on Old Ogechee Road, in Savannah. This castle is rumored to have been built by an Irish team who then abandoned it to go back to Ireland.
georgia castles


10. Chickamauga Castle Tower: This castle is actually a monument built in memory of the Civil War battle of Chickamauga. The tower provides a great view of the area that the battle was fought in, and is sometimes open to the public.
georgia castles


11. Eagle Owl Castle: This castle is being built as a retirement project by a former professor. At some point it will be open to the public for several days in a week.
georgia castles

Eagle Owl Castle Facebook Page

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